Built-in lamps for stretch ceiling: LED, photo, ceiling concealed lighting

Increasingly popular are recessed luminaires on suspended ceilings Recessed luminaires on suspended ceilings are becoming increasingly popular on tension ceilings Stretch ceiling is a sought-after design that helps decorate the room and disguise all unevennesses in the ceiling. When installing a stretch ceiling, it is very important to choose the right lighting fixtures that will harmonize with the overall design.

    • How to choose the built-in luminaires for the suspended ceiling
    • Stylish and exquisite recessed LED luminaires for suspended ceilings
    • Which fixtures are better for the suspended ceiling( video)
    • What is the hidden coverage of the suspended ceiling
    • There are types of luminaires for tension ceilings
    • Installing lighting in a stretch ceiling( video)

How to choose the built-in luminaires for tension

With the help of properly selected lighting devices, it is possible to emphasize individual attention to certain areas of the room, changing its perception.

When choosing lighting devices, it is worth to focus on such parameters as:

  • Material from which they are made;
  • Product design;
  • Technical characteristics of each type of lamp.

For stretch ceilings, various ways of installing lighting are used, because the lamps can be fixed to a special fixture pre-installed on a ceiling, or integrated into a ceiling sheet.

Many are wondering how to choose the most suitable lighting fixtures for the tension type of the ceiling and what are the best recessed luminaires to use. When choosing luminaires it is worth immediately abandoning the bulky crystal pendants and forged elements.

Lighting is the main function of the built-in lamps. Different pendants and curly elements will be superfluous on suspended ceilings Lighting is the main function of the built-in luminaires. Various suspensions and curly elements will be superfluous on suspended ceilings

Recessed luminaires used for suspended ceilings should be compact and discreet. Their main function is to illuminate the room.

Even with the most modest and unassuming design, spotlights used for stretch ceilings can create a certain atmosphere in the interior, while not attracting unnecessary attention.

To date, there are many different versions of lamps, made in different styles, which harmoniously fit into the interior of the house.

Kinds of fixtures

Depending on the shape, lighting pattern and depth of embedding, they are divided into:

  • Panel;
  • Spot;
  • Broken light;
  • Directional light;
  • Fully recessed;
  • Embedded part.

An interesting solution is an invisible luminaire, which is not noticeable at the background of the general tension ceiling, and you can see it only when the lighting is turned on.

Stylish and exquisite recessed LED luminaires for suspended ceilings

LED lights have many advantages over other types of lighting: durability, low power consumption, the ability to adjust the lighting level and much more LED lamps have many advantages over other types of lighting: durability, low power consumption, the ability to adjust the lighting level and much more

Beautiful and unusual looking LED lights, Which are ideal for stretch ceilings and create a unique enchanting atmosphere in the house. LED lighting is mounted in pre-prepared stands, which consist of legs and a retaining ring made of heat-resistant plastic, which is not afraid of high temperatures.

There are many options for performing LED backlighting. For rooms with high ceilings and massive ceiling cornices, the illumination made of LED tape is the most suitable.

Special features

This type of luminaire is characterized by:

  • High brightness;
  • Economical;
  • Uniform dispersion of light.

Such lamps can be used as the main source of lighting in an apartment.

With the help of lighting for a false ceiling, you can transform the interior beyond recognition Using backlight for a suspended ceiling can transform the interior unrecognizable

main advantage LED strip is that it can illuminate a number of different colors that can be switched depending on the desired lighting level.

Thanks to this illumination with built-in LED modules, it is possible to illuminate the ceiling space from the inside, it is enough only to install the LED lights behind the stretch ceiling. For the installation of such lighting devices, ceiling height is of great importance, and is mainly used for high ceilings, giving the room a unique elegance and a special charm.

What better lighting for ceilings( video)

What characterizes concealed lighting stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings have recently become increasingly popular option processing facilities, because they look beautiful and practical to use. One way to arrange lighting in a room with stretch ceilings is concealed lighting, which means by itself embedding the lighting in the ceiling overlapping under the canvas.

To perform such a project, you must first embed the backlight and only after that you can proceed to install the most tension ceiling.

Additional illumination will help to give the interior a special comfort and attraction, while the main light sources are turned off.

Recessed luminaires in the stretch ceiling are located in the space formed by the ceiling cap and the stretch ceiling recessed in the suspended ceiling arranged in a space formed capital ceiling base and web tension ceiling

Decorative Subfam branch ceiling structures can be accomplished in:

  • Hoc alcove made of plasterboard;
  • Ceiling foam polystyrene cornice.

house structure made of drywall, it turns out pretty strong and, consequently, very reliable, because the fixtures during assembly attached directly to the profile of the carcass. In addition, in the niche can be laid and various communications.

What types of lamps for suspended ceilings

Stretch ceilings virtually since its inception have become popular, because of their simplicity of design and decorative qualities attract many consumers. However, when installing a stretch ceiling, special attention should be paid to the installation of recessed luminaires.

There is a large number of lighting devices that differ in their design and installation method.

In particular, these are options such as:

  • Suspended chandeliers;
  • Chandeliers are waybills;
  • Outdoor spots;
  • Internal spotlights;
  • Decorative lighting.

Outdoor lamps are in demand on the market. At installation they are not closed by a cloth, therefore do not overheat Outdoor lighting is in demand on the market. When installing it does not close the canvas, so do not overheat

stretched canvas for the ceiling is made of organic materials, which is why the choice of luminaires need to pay special attention to their power, because how much powerful light sources can lead to the fact that the fabric will beginmelt.

It is important to remember that for suspended ceilings, you can not use lighting sources with a power exceeding 50 watts.

When assembling false chandeliers, it is worth remembering that they should not have bubbles and other light elements aimed at the canvas, because this can lead to burnout of the ceiling color. The decorative cup should not contain sharp elements that can tear the fabric.

It is worth remembering that the hanging and overhead chandelier of the stretch ceiling should not be heated, even under the condition of long work.

Installing lighting in a suspended ceiling( video)

A properly selected lighting device will help make the interior more comfortable, which is why this issue should be given special attention. In addition, a well-designed design ensures a long service life of the suspended fabric.