Suspensions for Armstrong ceiling: suspension system kit, edges and guiding profile, frame device

Suspended ceilings Armstrong allow you to realize the boldest design ideas and are able to decorate the interior of any style Suspended ceilings Armstrong allows you to realize the boldest design ideas and can decorate the interior of any style Armstrong suspension ceilings are very popular. To date, these products are made from various materials. Original systems will help create a cozy and comfortable environment in your room. Suspended ceilings are functional and practical products, they will help decorate the interior of the room in a modern fashionable style. The complete set of ceiling construction includes such details as suspenders, which will be discussed later.

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Suspension for ceiling Armstrong: what is this

Armstrong ceiling hang-ups include metal bars 6 mm in size thatE are connected together by a curved spring with holes. These bars can be moved, while adjusting the height of the product. If it is released, then it fixes them very tightly. The upper part of the reinforced suspension bar is profiled, in order to securely fix it in the fastening unit.

Special ceilings for ceilings look like metal bars, connected by a spring Special ceilings for ceilings are in the form of metal rods connected by a spring

Correct installation of the Armstrong ceiling means hanging behind the guide profiles at intervals of 1.2 m. From the wall, the nodes should have a distance of no more than 450 mm. In this case, the line of the suspension device is located along the length of the room with a shift in one and the other direction, so that the suspension units are staggered. Accessories are supported by additional elements, which are located diagonally from the main one. The massive liners of the system are reinforced at the corners and are as close as possible to the wall.

Armstrong ceilings are installed from perimeter mounting. A qualified specialist of the company will calculate the cost of the construction per m2 in your premises. The original ceilings will be harmoniously combined with the decoration of the room, helping to decorate the room in a classic or romantic style.

What is Armstrong

ceiling mount kit

Armstrong ceiling is considered a stable system, the cost of installing a suspended ceiling device on a galvanized profile will depend on many factors.

The Armstrong suspension ceiling includes metal profiles, which are a framework for fastening elements The Armstrong suspension ceiling includes metal profiles that are the framework for fastening the

  • Dimensions, type of room;
  • Ceiling heights;
  • Type of selected ceiling;Number of operating units.
  • .

Ceilings specialist who installs a false ceiling Armstrong will be able to advise on any issue that may arise. Masters of the company will develop a drawing of the planned design.

Suspension system for Armstrong ceiling

For ceilings that are made of mineral fiber on an invisible suspension structure, it is possible to install brackets, on them the edge: SL2 or K2C2.

If you choose a semi-hidden system, then the best choice is the plates:

  • Mineral fibers;
  • Metal;
  • Tree with an edge vector.

The Armstrong ceiling fixing system is different in type and can be hidden, half-hidden, etc.

Armstrong ceiling construction

Suspension system includes a steel frame that includes fixed guides, assembled in a square shape or as a rectangle. The main side of the guide profile has a white coating, which is produced on the process equipment. In the suspended system, luminaires are built in, which are suspended to the base. Important guide rails of the suspension device are equipped with vertical slots along the length through a certain gap to secure the slats. Suspension system can be used for installation of metal, mineral fiber, fiberglass tiles.

The T-shaped profile is made of android aluminum, the ceiling design using the suspension system is of good quality and is durable in use, as well as corrosion-resistant construction. Aluminum corner wall is used for installation in many rooms.

The profiles of the Armstrong ceiling suspension system are equipped with special locks for more reliable fixing of the structure Armstrong ceiling system profiles are equipped with special locks for more reliable fastening

For the false ceiling, the wall corners are used, which give the product a complete look. The frame of the false ceiling is made on steel suspensions, also locks are used, which are designed for strong attachment to the rail.

The wall corner is considered a horizon-forming component of the frame, which provides the product with an attractive appearance. Suspensions allow the level of the suspended ceiling to be adjusted from the main, closing the damaged places, they create the ceiling surface levels.

They can be of the following types:

  • Rods with springs;
  • Brackets;
  • Wire.

One of the most popular suspension options are products consisting of rods and spring clips with holes.

For the installation of the suspension structure, a standard circuit is used, allowing the masters to install quickly and accurately the product. Suspended ceiling will serve a long period of time, it is distinguished by its durability in use.

Suspension system installation for Armstrong ceiling( video)

Suspension system components Armstrong

Suspension systems are mineral fiber elements of different thickness and length that are mounted on Armstrong guides, they can be fixed by fastening element to the ceiling base. Armstrong accessories are offered in our company in a wide range. These products provide easy installation and prompt execution of the installation of the ceiling. As components for suspended ceilings, it is possible to note such elements, by means of which a supporting frame is formed.

Ceiling plates, attached to the suspension system, are made of different materials and have a variety of design options Ceiling plates fastened to the suspension system are made of various materials and have a variety of design options.

Armstrong guides are products that provide a strong installation of a false ceiling. For their reliable fixation under the ceiling, wall angles are used, on which the metal profile is installed. To impart a stiffening structure to the structure of the components for the ceiling, there are suspensions.
Metal construction is completed with slats, they are required to ensure reliable fixation of mineral fiber slabs.

Metal kits for ceiling structures are made of aluminum and steel, which have good characteristics. This allows the manufacturer to provide a warranty on the components for years to come. The components for the ceiling of this manufacturer presented on our website have certificates confirming the high quality of the material.

Suspension for ceiling Armstrong( video)

Suspended ceilings are of good quality and durability. A wide range of accessories Armstrong gives an opportunity to emphasize the refined interior style in the room, they help to decorate the room in an elegant style. If you choose the Armstrong ceiling, then make the right decision!