Figured ceiling from gypsum cardboard photo: how to do, video, design pictures, beautifully with your own hands

Using gypsum cardboard as a finishing material allows creating amazing curly structures use drywall as a finishing material makes it possible to create amazing curly design possibilities offered by the use of drywall, truly endless. Thanks to this finishing material, it became possible not only to level the surface of the ceiling and walls, but also to create original and exclusive multi-level ceiling structures. The creation of fantasy relief patterns is an art of implementing design ideas and is available to everyone.

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Fantastically beautiful curly plasterboard ceilings

Univrsalnost ceiling figure is undeniable. Simplicity, elegance and practicality of curly ceilings make it possible to hide the curvature of the base overlap and engineering communications, visually increase and zonate the room, adjust the degree of illumination.

Figured ceilings from plasterboard can be used in any style of premises: from classics to minimalism curly plasterboard ceilings can be used in rooms of any style: from classics to minimalism

Curly ceilings perfectly fit into the interior, designed in any style - from classic to hi-tech.

The Empire style requires clear and strict lines, round and smooth shapes. Angles are best decorated with a simple completion on the wall. From the color scheme, give preference to pastel shades.

Baroque chic will help to convey distorted shapes, an abundance of details. For inspiration, see the photo of the decoration of the palace halls.

The classic interior most harmoniously emphasizes the beauty and elegance of the lines of the figured ceiling. Having chosen this style, adhere to the creation of a ceiling of symmetry, brevity, rigor and restrained luxury. Use a minimum of lighting, highlighting only the general forms of levels, but allows you to include in the design of the ceiling an elegant chandelier.

In the interior of the classical style, the curly ceiling looks particularly exquisite The interior ceiling of the classic style, fashioned looks particularly elegant

The asymmetric arrangement of the figures and the levels of the ceiling accentuate the interior dignity in a minimalist style. The rigidity of geometric shapes and as few decorative elements as possible. The backlight smoothes out excessive severity, giving the lines velvety and softness.

High - tech has common features with minimalism. Therefore, the ceiling can be decorated accordingly, but giving lines more rigidity and using a bright light.

As you can see, shaped ceiling is able to emphasize the dignity of any style in the interior, and use the appropriate color combinations and forms, playing with light allow room to always look for - different!

Unique curly ceilings:

design project Thanks to modern technologies it became possible not only to shorten the repair time, but also to make the most daring design ideas a reality. An important role in this is played by the creation of figured ceilings from plasterboard. Fantasy ceiling structures emphasize the dignity of the room and look beautiful.

Before you start building a ceiling, you need to create a design project with an indication of the exact size of the future design Before you begin to build a ceiling, you need to create a design project indicating the exact dimensions of the future design of the

Before embarking on a figure ceiling, careful design of the ceiling design is required, preferably in 3d format, consideringAll the features of the room. If computer programs are not available to you - just create a sketch on paper.

The design project will help draw a drawing, mark all the transitions from level to level, the places where the figures and luminaries are fastened, and also not be mistaken when calculating the required amount of material. You can develop a sketch yourself or ask for help from specialists.

Variants of figures

Do not aim to overload the ceiling with decorative elements and an abundance of lines. It is better to use different shapes that fantasy, sense of proportion and overall interior design will tell you.

Correctly selected lamps will complement the overall picture of the design of the figured ceiling from plasterboard Properly chosen lighting complement the overall picture of the design of the ceiling plasterboard figure

Experts note popularity:

  • geometric shapes;
  • Various waves;
  • Vegetable topics;
  • Clouds and stars;
  • Butterfly.

An impressive finishing touch to the design of the ceiling plasterboard will be properly chosen color scheme and placement of spotlights and chandeliers.

We mount curly ceilings from plasterboard with our own hands

The individuality and originality of the design of the room is gradually coming to the fore. Thanks to the abundance of assortment on the market of finishing materials, it is possible to easily make a figured ceiling from the GCL independently or to invite a specialist.

Before installing the ceiling figure with his own hands, experts recommend View photos already embodied ideas and video tutorial for installing drywall multi-level structures.

If you have the necessary materials and tools, you can install the figure ceiling yourself With the necessary materials and tools assembly of figure ceiling can be carried out independently

Tools and materials

clear idea of ​​the shape of figures can help you acquire the necessary materials. It is better to buy with a margin.

For work you will need:

  • Drywall;
  • Ceiling and wall profiles;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Profile extensions;
  • Connectors;
  • Anchor - wedges;
  • Suspension;
  • Dowel - nails;
  • Level;
  • Rule;
  • Rotary hammer;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Construction knife.

Step-by-step installation of

When everything is ready, review the sketch and drawing once more.

Work on the construction of a figured ceiling must begin with the marking of the base and fixing the frame elements for the construction works of the ceiling figure to start with the marking base and mounting frame members

Getting laborious, but surprisingly creative process:

  1. According to the figure put on ceiling layout. Determine the height of the first, then apply the constraints of the second level;
  2. Install the framework - the foundation of the first level;
  3. We fasten the applied suspension markings;
  4. Using screws to fasten suspensions profile:
  5. sheathes first level plasterboard according to a second design;
  6. Prepare a basic profile where there will be curved lines and bends;
  7. Cut the base profile every half a meter and start gently bending;
  8. Depending on the complexity of the picture, repeat the magical actions with the profile again.

When installing a curly ceiling, pay special attention to the rigidity of the ceiling structure. The harder you fix the frame and ensure the tightness of the gypsum boards to the profile, the longer the ceiling will last.

As you can see, the presence of patience, creativity and diligence will help save the budget and decorate the room with a luxurious exclusive ceiling.

create shapes of plasterboard on the ceiling: how to bend

sheets creating your own bulk shaped ceiling, you're bound to come across the need to bend a sheet of plasterboard. How to do it right?

When creating shapes and shapes, the strength of the GCR must be taken into account.

Gypsum plasterboard, previously moistened with water, is easier to impart the desired shape plasterboard, a pre-wet with water, it is easier to shape

If not provide strong bending, it is possible to cut the strip and attach it to the frame without sharp pushes fixing screws. In other cases, it is better to use other methods of creating shapes and shapes.

When doing more complex shapes - do not bend the dry sheets!Before bending the GCR in the required radius, arm the needle roller and water.

When folding the sheets, follow the following procedure:

  • Apply an unlimited number of holes on the inside of the workpiece, approximately half the thickness, with a roller or a screw;
  • Dampen the punctured side so that it is well soaked, but not through;
  • With the wetted side, bend the part inwards to the desired radius.

For complex bends and compositions, another method is used. It is commonly called "typing".

How to make figured ceilings from gypsum board( video)

Its essence is to cut the gypsum plasterboard sheet into several small pieces and fasten them in turn to the frame. Unevenness can then be hidden with a putty.

You can make a figured ceiling from plasterboard each. It is enough only to show accuracy and accuracy, patience and imagination. Do not rush - creating a masterpiece does not tolerate fuss.

Embodiments Figure ceiling plasterboard( photo)