How to glue a ceiling skirting to a stretch ceiling video: how to glue the ceiling, installation and fixing, installation

After the replacement of the ceiling coating, it is necessary to make a marking on which the material will be applied. To do this, use a pencil or cord. If you first fix the wallpaper on the wall, and the skirting board does not have a small weight, then by making a line for the location of the product, you need to make small incisions. To be more precise, the cutting of the wallpaper fabric will be performed above the notch.

Installation is carried out from the corner of the room, where you need to attach a prepared corner.

Be careful when using the adhesive, as sometimes it is required to wait a few minutes after application to the canvas, and only then press the part against the surface of the wall Be careful when using adhesive, as it sometimes requires waiting a few minutes after applying to the canvas, and then pressing the part against the wall surface

There is a special insert in the inner and outer corners. For the independent production of such a construction, a chair is used, a special device with different levels of slope. Mount the skirting board by gluing only on the end part, which will be applied to the wall surface. The opening between the ceiling and the product to be installed must be as small as possible. If necessary, you can increase the opening to 2 cm, provided that there will be subsequently mounted backlight or other lighting devices.

It is necessary to carry out the installation very carefully, since it is theoretically possible to insert and remove the plinth, but this can cause the glue to form on the wall, which will damage the appearance of not only the paintings, but the entire room. Products are installed in a series of circles around the room.

Specialists prefer to fill in the corners at first, so that they all look the same and evenly, and then fill the remaining perimeter of the room. The length of one edge of the baseboard insert in the corner should be at least 7 cm.

If the walls have irregularities, then in addition to pressing it is necessary to press, but so as not to press the plinth, and also wait for the time for the two coatings to adhere to each other. Not rarely on top of the plinth apply paint tape to as closely as possible to fix it on the wall. Remove it immediately after completely drying. Painting Scotch tape is unique in that it leaves no residue, even the smallest, and so the work will not be spoiled.

Adhesive skirting to stretch ceiling polyurethane variety

Polyurethane skirting board has such excellent properties as elasticity, flexibility and strength. Despite this, it is not always possible to clearly repeat the contour of the wall along the perimeter of the ceiling. This causes the formation of completely unnecessary apertures between the wall surface and the decorative product. The defect also leads to the formation of a far from neat line, which spoils the general appearance.

You can eliminate this blemish by using silicone sealant, which has a strong composition, and most importantly has no color.

To avoid stains and blemishes, it is necessary to apply exactly as much glue on the surface of the polyurethane skirting, so that the surplus does not come out from behind the edges of the part To avoid stains and stains, it is necessary to apply exactly as much glue on the surface of the polyurethane skirting that the surpluses do not show up because of the edges of the part.

Some masters apply immediately a sealant for installing a skirting board in order not to carry out additional installation work afterwards. If coloring is required after the plinth has been installed on the wall, it must first be allowed to dry completely, so as not to dislodge the product from its location. Ideally, the dyeing should be carried out 24 hours after fastening.

When carrying out work as a master without experience, it is often possible to find cracks in places where the skirting details are joined. Before they need to be removed, wait until the drying time, and as already said - this is a day, and only after that start all subsequent actions. This is required in order for the material to cease to expand under the influence of the glue, and it is entirely possible that the cracks will be filled on their own.

How to glue the ceiling skirting to the tension ceiling( video)

As soon as everything has dried out, it is worth using a special docking adhesive. Frozen, it will turn into foam, which is then cut with a knife. In the end, grinding joints is required to create a perfectly flat surface.