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Armstrong raft cellular false ceiling Armstrong - the most common type of false ceilings Despite the huge number of advantages of the ceiling, he has significant drawbacks. For example, non-resistant models will not survive flooding. But of all kinds of suspended ceilings, this is perhaps the most compromise option. However, about everything in order.

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ceiling type Armstrong: description

Of what is this podshivnoy ceiling?This is a combination of a system that is attached to the ceiling and ceiling slabs that are mounted in the frame cells. The advantages of the ceiling can be listed for a long time, but the main thing is its completeness. That is, you immediately get everything you need for the ceiling - the design you already see, only buying the details. The ceiling will not require additional finishing.

Advantages of the Armstrong ceiling can be listed for a long time, but the main thing is its completeness Benefits Armstrong ceiling can be listed for a long time, but the main thing - is its completeness


  • Quick repair;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Huge selection of accessories;
  • Good technical characteristics, good functional characteristics;
  • Decorability.

The Armstrong ceiling has good technical and functional characteristics Armstrong Ceilings has good technical and functional characteristics

In the end, it meets international standards. Acquiring such a design, require a certificate of compliance.

Absolutely all products Armstrong complies with fire safety standards. The ceilings are characterized by good light reflection. The ceiling has excellent acoustic properties.

If you can not remember where you saw such a ceiling, remember the office or school - there the ceiling of Armstrong Baikal is installed very often.

Ceiling construction device Armstrong

Of particular importance in this design is a suspended system that is mounted in the under-ceiling space.

The Armstrong ceiling is made of various metallic materials, for example, from a bearing profile Armstrong ceiling made from various metallic materials, for example, of the carrier profile

system is produced of the following metallic elements:

  • carrier profile;
  • Transverse profile;
  • Corner profile;
  • Wire adjustable suspension.

On the front side profile hangers are coated with a polymer coating, well, and its color is selected for the general style of the room. Most often there are white matte suspensions.

Armstrong ceiling texture:


The texture of the Armstrong ceiling is diverse.

Select the following texture:

  • Ceilings with embossing;
  • Ceilings with perforations;
  • Ceilings with a combined common geometric pattern;
  • Ceilings with a complement of decorative elements.

Perforated panels will look good in spacious rooms, and in small Perforated panels will look good in both spacious rooms and small

Especially popular today are black and white ceilings with perforated modules. In the interior of commercial buildings, such a decorative move is very profitable. Perforated panels will look good in spacious rooms, and in small ones. Often such a ceiling adorns medical premises - it's beautiful, and economy class repairs are always pleasing to the owners.

Technical characteristics of the Armstrong ceiling design

It is technically possible to characterize typical modular ceilings.

So, the standard Armstrong is:

  • Frame made of aluminum, less commonly used plastic;
  • The main color is white, but contrasting black, and bright colors, and noble gold, chrome, metallic are used;
  • One ceiling plate weighs 4-6 kg;
  • The sizes of the plates are as follows: 600 x 600 mm, 600 x 1200 mm.

Usually, for the production of Armstrong ceiling tiles, white or black colors are used Usually, to manufacture ceiling tiles used Armstrong white or black color

carcass technology is that raw material costs provide minimal resistance due fiznagruzki system. The cassettes are fastened with suspensions to the base, and this allows the design to be installed on a seriously deformed surface.

Group of flammability of such a ceiling G1( that is, a material of low combustibility).

Types and shapes of the Armstrong ceiling

The very composition of the ceiling panels can be different, the customer chooses from the list of materials what the elements of the ceiling will be.

In most cases, the following applies:

  • Polycarbonate;
  • Mineral fiber;
  • Wooden material;
  • Aluminum;
  • Steel.

Design ceiling panels can be patterned or create a transparent effect on designer ceiling panels can be applied to a picture or create a transparent effect

Tile Armstrong, in turn, is divided into certain:

  • Ceilings type Prima - they are characterized by fire, fine structure, high resistance toDamage;
  • Armstrong moisture resistant ceiling is used to decorate rooms where temperatures often change, or simply high humidity( swimming pools, baths, laundries, hospitals);
  • Acoustic ceiling is needed for decorating rooms with a high level of sound absorption, for the hospital, for example, a special medical ceiling Armstrong;
  • Design ceilings differ from the classical designs of office - on the ceiling surface, they create a unique pattern, and can be transparent effect, and rather extravagant( suitable for the decoration of the ceiling area in a building);
  • Hygienic ceilings - when they are manufactured, all requirements of GOST are taken into account, they are installed more often in medical and food industry premises.

It turns out that one type of ceiling is used for the so-called wet rooms( there are ceilings on color and texture resembling the shape of bath), the other type is used where the need maximum sound insulation, ceiling draws the third zone in an apartment. Varieties, as they say, for every taste, and can arrange the filling of virtually any ceiling space - and in the office, and in the bathroom, and in the medicine room, and in the bar, etc.

Panels for ceiling Armstrong: description

Panels can also be different. For example, the rack ceiling consists of long and narrow bars( plastic or aluminum ceiling).The straps are attached to each other, and then to the suspended structure.

Raster false ceiling - this is the classic Armstrong Raster ceiling - this is a classic Armstrong

Net ceiling - a panel of expanded metal mesh. In the classical sense, this panel represents a metal grid with a three-dimensional cell structure. Sound insulation coefficient of these panels is 0,85-0,1, which allows to make such a ceiling in premises with high sound insulation - bars, discotheques clubs, cinemas.

Raster suspended ceiling - this is the classic Armstrong. After all, what is a raster is a segment of a design, it can be square, rhomboid, rectangular. The size of these segments is typically raster-multiple of 600.

acoustic ceilings Armstrong features

For these devices need ceiling materials with a porous, mesh or loose structure.

This can be the following:

  • Mineral component( cotton wool) or basalt wool;
  • Polyurethane foam board;
  • Panel made of cork;
  • Glass wool;
  • Cellulose wool.

For the installation of Armstrong acoustic ceilings, materials with a porous, cellular or loose structure device for acoustic ceiling Armstrong need materials with a porous, mesh or loose structure

acoustic Armstrong is very light frame( and the weight is set), consisting of an aluminum alloy. In this frame, sound-absorbing panels are mounted. They are made of mineral wool, differ porous structure.

Mirror ceilings Armstrong: guide the choice

Particularly popular tape and rack mirrored ceilings Armstrong. Installation is simple, maintenance is also a washable ceiling, which is difficult to find an analogue. Mirror plastic panels are not glass, it's more flexible design, so they can trim any curved element of the ceiling.

Especially popular are cassette and rack mirror ceilings Armstrong Particularly popular tape and rack mirrored ceilings Armstrong

Instead of using glass elements, you are invited to a panel of polystyrene, covered with a special mirror film. The surface of such panels can be smooth, and maybe ribbed.

When you finish the installation of mirror plates, the layout will be as follows: individual segments will become an effective mirror surface with small intertice seams.

This is a good and office version, but also the institutions that require more decorativeness, it is also not bad in all senses.

Mounting ceiling Armstrong( video)

Choosing the ceiling, look at the models of Armstrong, have proven to be expensive, but aesthetically pleasing, easy to install ceiling coating that can serve as premises for various purposes.

ceiling Armstrong( photo)