Corner fireplaces in the interior of the living room photo: hall with an electric falsh-fireplace

Angled fireplaces fit well into any interior, occupying with this minimum of space Corner fireplaces are well suited to any interior, occupying with this minimum of space Each owner wants to feel warm and cozy in his house. To do this, you need to create an appropriate interior. Comfort in the house is created as separate elements of the decor, and the overall situation. Curtains, furniture textiles, colors - all this plays a very huge role in creating a warm interior. Also it is necessary to think about the fireplace. Since ancient times, the fireplace has always been considered a hotbed. Modern fireplaces perform more decorative function than heating, but still bring heat. Also, fireplaces create a certain entourage and atmosphere.

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Main types of fireplaces

The market offers its customers a very large selection of fireplaces. You can choose a fireplace in accordance with any conditions and parameters. It is only necessary to correlate your requirements with the given criteria of the fireplace and the result will surpass all expectations.

Fireplaces are classified:

  • In appearance;
  • By location;
  • By type of fuel.
For finishing the fireplace you can use tile, natural stone or decorative brick For finishing the fireplace you can use tile, natural stone or decorative brick For finishing the fireplace, tiles, natural stone or decorative bricks can be used.

In appearance, fireplaces can be brick, ceramic, marble and plastered. For the classic interior fit the first three types. They create an atmosphere of antiquity and luxury. They come to living rooms and offices in private houses with a large area.

The plaster fireplace is created thanks to a special solution of the latest generation. Working with modern technologies, it becomes possible to create compositions in different styles.

In terms of location, fireplaces are external, open, angled, closed. The first type is very convenient, since it can be installed after the construction of the house. The only negative, the roof will have to be disassembled to install the chimney. An open type is also called an island type, since it is located in the center of the room. Suitable for country houses, hunting lodges. The closed type is convenient in that it is built into the wall space. A fireplace of this type is installed at the time of construction of the house. This requires knowledge of specialists.

Special attention should be paid to the angular type of fireplaces, it is quite popular among fans of this piece of furniture.

Corner fireplace in the interior of the living room

Angular fireplaces are varied in form and differ in their model range. Also, to create a beautiful design for them using a variety of finishing materials. Angular fireplaces are installed in different living rooms. They differ in their compactness and are the best option for installation in the interior of the living room.

To install such a fireplace, you must first determine the style, location, prepare the installation permissions, invite the master.

Near the corner fireplace is often located furniture, which is nice to spend evenings near the fire A corner fireplace is often furnished with furniture, where it is pleasant to spend evenings near the fire.

Angular fireplaces distinguish not only by type of fuel, but also by other external differences. Before installing the fireplace, the main characteristics should be studied.

Angular fireplaces come:

  1. Unbalanced. Most often they are used to allocate a certain zone, which allows you to abandon unnecessary partitions, cumbersome structures, doors and walls. Installation of such a fireplace can be performed with an open and closed firebox.
  2. Symmetrical. The very name speaks for itself. This type of fireplace differs in that its side is a complete mirror image of the opposite. Symmetrical fireplaces have a sufficient volume, and its installation requires more space. Designers recommend, if this type is chosen, then when designing the design, the main emphasis is on the fireplace.
  3. Bio-fireplaces suitable for urban apartments. Its main feature is that there is no need to install a chimney. The system of its operation is based on the combustion of ecological fuel. Good fit in the interior with a minimalistic style or high-tech.
  4. Brick angular fireplaces can be considered immortal classics. Such fireplaces are distinguished by their unique design, strength of the base, and the return of real warmth and coziness. The only drawback can be considered a complex installation and a certain care.
  5. Decorative type. False fireplaces are installed only for decorative purposes. Its main function is in light.

Living room with corner fireplace

The hall with a fireplace in the corner creates a pleasant atmosphere for evening gatherings with the whole family.

The corner fireplace should be located in the opposite corner from the door The corner fireplace should be located in the opposite corner from the doors

Therefore, it makes sense to think over its location and the general interior of the room:

  1. First of all, the fireplace should not be covered with furniture, the visibility of the flame should cover the entire space.
  2. Near the fireplace you can place a strong rocking chair or an original pouf, located side by side to the fireplace.
  3. The room can be decorated in cooler colors, so they are in better harmony with the warm look of the fireplace.

The corner fireplace can be decorated with a shelf, on which you can place various figurines or family photos.

In general, the interior of the fireplace should match the general picture of the stylization of the room. For apartments it is best to purchase bio-fireplaces or electric. They are safer, and also take up less space.

Electric corner fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are a good answer for owners of small apartments where the installation of a fireplace is prohibited according to the technology. For the living room, such fireplaces are used for different purposes: as an additional source of heat, for decorating the interior and additional lighting.

Electric corner fireplace is recommended to place in the living room, made in the style of minimalism, modern or high-tech Electric corner fireplace is recommended to be placed in the living room, made in the style of minimalism, modern or high-tech

The electric fireplace has a good list of advantages:

  • Small size;
  • Large overview of the flame;
  • Heat output is approximately 30% more;
  • Increased security;
  • Original design;
  • Variety in the model range;
  • Savings.

It is also worth noting that electric fireplaces are very easy to install and maintain. To do this, just install it on the selected wall and plug it into the power grid. Also, fireplaces of this type have a temperature regulator from weak to strong, which is very important for a constant change of weather.

There are models of electric fireplaces in which the built-in supplementary function of the firebox with wood. This function is very useful for emergency power outages.

Fireplaces working on electricity are also of different types. They can be placed in the center of the room, set on a wall, equipped in a corner or hidden in a wall. Regardless of the type, the fireplace introduces its original note into the interior. Electric fireplace is the most convenient and interesting way to bring a special charm to the interior, add warmth and emphasize the pleasant atmosphere of the room.

Stylish corner fireplaces in the living room interior( video)

In summary, it can be said that the fireplace is a universal element of the decor, which has many useful functions. In addition to the spread of heat, the flames flickering in the fireplace furnace have a soothing effect on the emotional state of a person. Quite often, fragrant dry herbs are placed in the fire to spread a pleasant smell in the room. Modern technology allows you to install fireplaces not only in suburban homes, but also in urban apartments.

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