Bedroom-living room: photo how to make of the room, decoration in Khrushchev and in the attic, the decision to create, doors 2 in 1

The bedroom-living room is the place where you can both receive guests and relax at night The bedroom-living room is the place where you can both receive guests and relax at night time. In small apartments it is very important to use the space competently, so that not one meter of the room is idle. In solving this difficult task, we will be helped by the transformation of the room into a bedroom-living room. The transformation of the bedroom into the living room and back is often done in small apartments, where each meter counts. In order to ensure that these two rooms do not interfere with each other, many different tricks are invented. In this article, we will look at the most effective ways of zoning rooms and designs that will suit both the bedroom and the living room. If you decide to combine your bedroom and living room in your apartment, but leave them in separate rooms, use the methods below.

    • How to make a room and a bedroom and a living room: photos and zoning methods
    • Design of a living room-bedroom: zoning methods for introverts
    • Bedroom-living room in Khrushchevka: photo, selection of lighting and colors
    • How the bedroom-living room looks in the attic
    • How to combine the bedroom and living room
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How to make a room and bedroomyu, and the living room: photos and ways to zoning

actually make the room combined bedroom-living room is quite simple. The main thing is to follow certain rules that will help to keep the privacy of the bedroom, even with a large number of guests.

Bedroom-living room - an excellent option for those who live in a small apartment, for example in Khrushchev, one or with someone.

As a rule, it is considered that the bedroom-living room is the priority of one-room apartments. Although, there are cases when such a solution is used in multi-room apartments. Making a room for a bedroom-living room needs to observe some rules, if there is a desire to keep some privacy in the room.

When combining in one room a bedroom and a living room, zoning with a partition If you combine a bedroom and a living room in one room, you should perform zoning with a partition

These rules apply:

  1. Preliminary space calculation: draw a plan in advance where and what will standpartition.
  2. It is necessary to pay special attention to the zoning method and prepare in advance all that is necessary to implement the plan.
  3. Both the bedroom and the living room should be allocated an equal amount of space: for example, if the room has an area of ​​20 square meters. M, each zone should be allocated 10 meters. Exceptions are cases where a transforming furniture is used.

Now, more about each rule. If we create a bedroom-living room, make a preliminary sketch, what the final version will look like - it's just necessary. Some mistakenly make repairs without having a complete result before their eyes, as a result of which the repair drags on for years. In the preliminary draft, you need to include the color of the room, the light and its location on the ceiling and on the walls. Determine where the chandelier will hang, and where on the walls the lamps will be installed, and whether they will be at all.

It is very important to know exactly where the doors will be located. Proceeding from this, a place will be planned for the bed, sofa, table, etc.

If you plan to zonate space using a partition, draw in advance on the plan where it will be. Once you have decided on the location for the partition, you can proceed with its selection. This is important to do in advance, because some zoning methods need to be pre-prepared during the repair.

It is very important that the two zones - bedroom and living room, occupy about the same amount of space. This will not only help to effectively use every meter of space, but also make sure that these zones will look great together. Of course, if you plan to use furniture-transformer, for example, a sofa bed or a wardrobe-bed, you can pay a little more attention to this or that zone.

Design of living room-bedroom: zoning methods for introverts

Introverts are also people, and they too can live in small apartments. How do they isolate themselves from the outside world, that is, the living room, if it was in their bedroom?The following tips are suitable for ordinary people, too.

As a separating element between the bedroom and the living room can act as sliding doors

can be used as a dividing element between a bedroom and a living room

There are all known methods of zoning using a screen, sofa or chest of drawers, but they all do not fit, because with these tools you can not retire.

But here are the options that will help to make two secluded spaces in one room:

  • Sliding partition;
  • Large rack-shelf;Blind curtain or curtain.
  • .

To make the room cozy and secluded, it is recommended to decorate its areas with a sliding partition. This zoning idea is not new, very effective and will really help make two secluded areas in one room. The ideas of the design of sliding doors are completely diverse. It can be decorated with various elements, and can have a solid frosted glass that does not miss curious looks.

A large cabinet-rack is also a good option for zoning, it can hide the view of the bed, but will miss all the noise. Therefore, if you are a lover of silence in the midst of gatherings, this option is not for you.

If you are the most important to save space, this option will perfectly cope with your task and will play two roles at once: partition walls and storage space.

A long curtain or curtain is able to hide the sleeping area from other people's eyes completely, but it will not save you from noise. Budget option, suitable for the first time. As a curtain, you can use a conventional curtain made of cotton or velvet, or a bamboo curtain.

Bedroom-living room in Khrushchevka: photo, selection of lighting and color

Lighting and colors are one of the main components of a beautiful and stylish room. Suitable chandeliers and lamps, plus a properly selected shade of the room - is equally a cozy and spacious bedroom-living room. This is not the dream of every apartment owner.

In the living room area in front of the sofa it is recommended to lay a carpet to increase the degree of comfort In the living room area in front of the sofa, it is recommended to lay a carpet to increase the comfort level.

The bedroom-living room is essentially a studio, only with a separate kitchen. To make the room look spacious, you should choose the right colors, which can visually expand the space.

These include:

  • Blue colors;
  • Beige;
  • White;
  • Light variations of all colors except orange;
  • Yellow shades.

Which shades are right for you?Any that you like. Please note that color can be used to divide the room into zones. For example, a white bedroom and a turquoise living room will perfectly coexist together in one room.

The combination of beige and yellow will give a warm and spacious room, where it will always be pleasant to be. Entrance to the room can be done in beige tones. A narrow room needs bright lighting and bright walls, as well as a large number of mirrors or mirror surfaces.

How does the bedroom-living room in the attic look like?

In one bedroom, the bedroom can be made in the attic, where a double bed is perfectly located. To equip even such a small area you can do it yourself, without attracting designers. A square attic, albeit narrow, but adds a free space that allows you to use the space in the room under the living room.

With a rational arrangement of furniture in the attic, there is enough space for a bedroom-living room With a rational layout of the furniture in the attic, there is enough space for a bedroom-living room.

For small but useful meters, you can come up with your own design, for example, the style of Provence is perfect. The room itself can be made even more cozy with a fireplace and other decor items.

Functional attic can accommodate the following pieces of furniture:

  • Bed;
  • Bedside table;
  • Chair.

A bit, but it's an attic. It is small and a set of furniture there is not put, but with the function of the bedroom, it does a good job, especially if it is pre-insulated. Decorate the remaining space in the room at your discretion, but it is desirable that the color of the walls was in beige or light colors, and the decor was not fanciful, not loading space.

You can connect the attic and the room, but you do not need it. It is enough that they were simply decorated in one color scheme. By the way, between the two windows in the attic you can make a workplace or put a TV, well, or a flower.

How to combine the bedroom and living room

Furniture-transformer - this is what will make your room functional and convenient. Many suffer, where do they put the bed in their bedroom-living room?

Divide the bedroom and living room by installing a plasterboard partition You can divide the bedroom and living room by installing a gypsum board

Here's the ready plan for arranging the furniture in the room:

  1. If you have a niche or podium in the room, Can be of different sizes, but it will save space exactly. Installing this design in a niche will make your bed invisible to other people's eyes, because it will be hidden in the closet.
  2. We decided to use the podium?There you can put an ordinary bed, and it can be fenced off from the outside world with a screen or partition.
  3. If you are not a fan of going to bed during a party, buy yourself a corner reclining sofa. A great design that will save space for other furniture. The only negative - you go to bed only when all the guests are gone.
  4. Convenient piece - a sofa bed, can have different variations. The square shape, typical for a sofa, can be round too, for fans of unusual forms.

With a fireplace, the bedroom-living room will look even more cozy. It can be installed in the living room area or in the bedroom. There are real fireplaces with real fire, there are fake and electric ones. For an urban apartment is more optimal electric fireplace.

Modern bedroom-living room( video)

Bedroom, combined with a living room in an apartment or in the country, can be separate. Remember this when you make repairs in your new apartment.

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