Living room in Scandinavian style: interior and photo of kitchen, Ikea design, small furniture with fireplace, minimalism

Make the living room modern and stylish with the help of a Scandinavian-style room Make the living room a modern and stylish design, you can use the rooms in the Scandinavian style Scandinavian style decor for apartments will be enjoyed by admirers of light, vacant space, comfortable furniture, natural materials, rationality and versatility. Simplicity of lines, monumentality of designs, comfort, coziness and ease made the style popular among owners of both spacious and small apartments. In addition, the Scandinavian style is easily adapted to modern trends, which makes it always relevant and desirable in the design of any premises.

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What distinguishes the Scandinavian styleЬ in the interior of the living room

The Scandinavian style is distinguished by practicality, simplicity and thoughtfulness. The main palette in the interior is classic beige, gray, brownish-yellow shades.

The main feature of Scandinavian style is the use of white in interior design main feature of Scandinavian style is the use of white in the interior

Design guest Scandinavian style has some nuances:

  1. For the walls in the Nordic living room using interior paints, smooth the wallpaper without patterns. The original solution will be to decorate one of the walls of the rooms with lining, block house, rough wild stone, white brick, black or dark gray color, large geometric pattern.
  2. The ceiling for the Scandinavian drawing room is painted white. Glossy gloss, tension structures are not allowed. If the height of the ceiling allows, you can install systems of white beams, wooden floors.
  3. For a Nordic-style flooring, natural oak, ash, maple, birch white boards, sand colors are suitable. A more affordable option would be the flooring with parquet, laminate, lining, deck boards. A practical and stylish solution will be the lining of the place under the fireplace with black tiles.

Designers do not recommend the use of plinths with relief decorative patterns for finishing ceilings and floors.

Living room Scandinavian style: lighting elements

Light is one of the key features of the interior, made in the traditional Scandinavian style. Lighting for Nordic living rooms should be as natural as possible. In addition, the light in the Nordic living room should be as much as possible.

In order to create a cozy and homely atmosphere in the room, it is necessary to choose high-quality and original lighting devices To create the room a cozy and homely atmosphere, you should choose high-quality and original lighting

as lighting devices, designers are advised to use:

  • Spotlights built into the ceiling design;
  • Devices for additional illumination of furniture elements;
  • Floor and wall lamps;
  • Suspended chandeliers with round shades or open bulbs.

It is recommended to use twin light fixtures and place them parallel to each other. Such a decision will emphasize the geometry of the room, the distinctive Scandinavian style of clarity of lines.

Provide the living room with plenty of light can be, abandoning the thick curtains.

living room decor in Scandinavian style

Design living in the Scandinavian style is impossible to imagine without textile: cold Nordic climate has made a warm blanket, cozy carpets, and natural, fur cape for upholstered furniture - a forced necessity. Expressive, designer textiles can effectively dilute monochrome, minimalist design, make the interior cozier. Classic ornaments of textiles in Scandinavian style - plant motifs, cage, simple geometric patterns.

Particular attention is paid to designers decor and textile elements Special attention is given to designers to give decor and textile elements

For carpets and blankets, upholstery upholstery is recommended to choose natural fabrics: linen, cotton, wool.

For the decoration of rooms in the Scandinavian style, a variety of products from metal, glass, porcelain, photographs in wooden frames of unusual shapes, green plants are perfect. If the room parameters allow, you can arrange a cozy fireplace made of stone.

Spectacularly and in Scandinavian will look like a fireplace, for the laying of which was used a wild stone of various sizes and shapes.

Fit and floor, cast iron fireplaces in the style of minimalism. Firewood for kindling will also be able to act as decorative elements in the Scandinavian spirit.

Fittings for living room in Scandinavian style

Furniture for Scandinavian living rooms is natural materials, natural, warm colors, comfort and multifunctionality.

If you decide to design a living room in Scandinavian style, then for finishing the room it is better to use only natural materials that are environmentally friendly and safe If you decide to decorate a living room in a Scandinavian style, then it is better to use only natural materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for finishing the room.

The furniture elements of the Nordic lounge are characterized by:

  • Simple geometry;
  • Ergonomic and environmentally friendly;
  • Deaf facades, emphasizing the wooden texture of the modules;
  • No decorative elements;
  • Plug-in construction of tempered glass.

The main thing in the furnishing of the hall in the Scandinavian style is not to clutter up space: as practical furniture, practical essential modules, sofas-transformers should be used as furniture. Designers are advised to give preference to fittings made from bleached oak, birch, ash, pine, spruce. For upholstery upholstery - choose natural fabrics of restrained tones: white, blue, gray, sand tints.

If the dimensions of the space allow, for the organization of a zone for rest and communication it is possible to use wicker chairs, chairs with wooden frames.

A strong, perfectly suitable for Scandinavian style furniture can easily be found in Ikea stores.

Kitchen-living room in Scandinavian style: distinctive features of design

The kitchen in Scandinavian style combined with the guest area is a modern, highly functional room. Thanks to the use of light colors and active lighting in the design, the style is perfect not only for decorating a small kitchen-living room, visually expanding a small room.

Many prefer to design an adjacent kitchen-living room in the Scandinavian style, since such an interior is characterized by simplicity, conciseness and functionality Many prefer to design the adjacent kitchen-living room in the Scandinavian style, because this interior is characterized by simplicity, conciseness and functionality.

The kitchen in the Scandinavian style is distinguished by the rational use of space, fittings and household appliances. Often the role of the kitchen set is performed by the lower modules, successfully combining roomy drawers for storing cutlery and solid working surfaces.

The upper cumbersome elements replace practical shelves in a minimalist style. As a dining table, the bar stands, which are also an element of the zoning of space. If the area of ​​the premises allows, for the dining area you can choose solid tables and chairs from wood materials. The original decision will be benches and tables from the downed, deliberately careless, timber. Kitchen furniture for the Scandinavian kitchen-living room has a well thought out storage system, and household appliances are often built into the modules. In addition to classic white, in the design of the kitchen-living room in the Nordic style actively use blue colors, shades of coffee with milk, butter, peanuts.

Comfortable living room in Scandinavian style( video)

In the Scandinavian style, the quality of the fittings and decor elements is valued above the number: here aesthetics and comfort are skillfully intertwined with clear geometry and minimalism. The living room in this style remains relevant regardless of the fashion trends. And natural materials used in decoration and decoration, serve the owners on the conscience for many years. When organizing a Scandinavian drawing room, the main thing is to stick to the key points of the style. And you will get a cozy, bright and comfortable room!

Design of living room in Scandinavian style( interior photo)