The wardrobe is small in size: small coupe photo, small corridor, design and ideas, mini for Khrushchev

There is a wide variety of wardrobes that differ in form and price, so choosing the right option is not difficult There is a wide variety of wardrobes, which differ in shape and price, so choose the appropriate option is not difficult Compact hall - an island of despair. You can, of course, treat it like this, but you can also conceive a design on a very small footprint that will impress and will not be devoid of practicality. Most often it is necessary to puzzle over the arrangement of the hallway in Khrushchev, but small hallways are found in other typical buildings.

    • Ideas for a small hallway
    • Built-in small-sized hallway: why not
    • Alternative: a small closet in the hallway
    • Decorative closet into a small hallway: photo
    • Corner cabinet in the hallway
    • rules for the choice: small closet in the hallway( video)
    • Examples of small-in closets in the hallway( photos in the interiors)

Ideas for a small hallway

Before we talk about the choice of the cabinet, it is necessary to give NESCOko important tips on organization of space a small hallway. The main principle of this space is minimalism. A tiny corridor does not involve a large number of details, including decorative elements.

One of the common mistakes is when the hall is cluttered with small things like vases of casket, photo frames, pictures, podstavochek. In any room of a small size from a large number of such knick-knacks should be discarded. Open hangers will create the same effect, because in a small space they should be avoided.

If the hallway is small, then you should choose the appropriate cabinet, which will harmoniously fit in one of the corners If the hallway small, it is necessary to select the appropriate case, which harmoniously fit into one of the corners

bulky furniture, which is logical, too, will have to give. That is, the depth of the cabinet is 45 cm - this is the norm for such conditions. It turns out that the most compact version in a small hallway is a closet. But the standard cabinets with swinging doors only exacerbate the situation of lack of space.

Cabinets in the corridor are small: why not

And do you really need a large, long wardrobe in the hallway?Sometimes it's a tribute to fashion or the famous "like everyone else", but in reality there is no need for a large closet. So think, suddenly the mini-cabinet will be a good compromise solution.

What can be a small closet in the hallway:

  • Fixed cabinet with two divisions - one door and bar for hangers, the second part of the cabinet open with hooks for clothes. Typically, the doors at the bottom with shoe cabinets and shelves at the top. Keep in this closet will only seasonal outerwear.
  • Cabinet with closed shelves at the top and bottom. That is, the doors as such in this cabinet are not - only small divisions from below and from above. And in the center is a plane with hooks for clothes.
  • A narrow two-door cabinet. Usually it is combined with a chest of drawers or a curbstone. It is used strictly for outer clothing - there are almost no shelves in it.

Despite the small size, almost all the wardrobes are equipped with a mirror Despite its small size, almost all closets equipped with a mirror

small wardrobe - it is also an option. But such decisions are still resorted to less often. And all because a small stationary cabinet usually comes complete with a cabinet, mirror, shelves, chest of drawers( not all together, but variably).Another reasonable solution is a corner closet in a small hallway. It allows you to use the so-called "dead" space.

Alternative: small closet in the hallway

It's great if you have the opportunity to come up with the contents of the closet. And if you make it to order, then such a decision is usually possible. You can draw what will be the design of the closet inside - how many shelves, how, how they are placed. After all, only you know how you intend to use the cupboard.

If you take a wardrobe, then in a small hallway will look good option with mirror facades. Yes, their brilliance and purity have to be watched constantly. But such inconvenience compensates for the visual effect of the mirror surface - it will visually enlarge the small entrance hall. Besides, it can be not just a mirror smooth surface, but various decorative techniques - like engraving, patterns, spraying and so on.

In addition to the closet, it is recommended to purchase nightstands and hooks for outerwear In addition to the wardrobe, it is recommended to purchase nightstands and hooks for outer clothing

Doors in the form of frosted glass are also a frequent option. And you can not see the inside of the cabinet( only very contour), and the same lightness, airiness, which is so necessary for a small space, is created. Try to find interior roll calls - the cabinet should match the color of any other element of the hallway.

Decorative cabinet in the small hallway: photo

And if you still push off the idea that the closet in the small hallway does not carry a large practical load?That is, you will not be there to store a lot of clothes, shoes, things, boxes and so on. Then such a cabinet can be called decorative, and such solutions are also not so rare.

How can such a cabinet look?Imagine a small closet, a non-standard height with shelves in one division and a bar in the other?If the family is small, and it is enough for seasonal outerwear and all sorts of little things.

Wooden decorative wardrobe, painted in white, fits perfectly into the classic interior Wooden decorative cabinet, painted in white, fits perfectly into the classic interior

It happens that the cabinet is not used for clothes. Have you ever seen a library in the hallway?There were times when such a decision would not surprise anyone. There was a hanger in the hallway, and then cabinets for books and various small items.

Corner cabinet in the hallway

Corner cabinet with swing doors - do not rush to abandon this option, it is quite successful under the given conditions. The most important thing is that he does not give in to his usual cupboard. It is noteworthy that it does not require additional space when opening it, because the door leaves will go to the side.

For a small hallway, an excellent option is a compact corner cabinet For a small hallway, the compact corner cabinet

is an excellent option. Plus, you are using a corner that is not normally used in any way. If the layout of the hallway allows, this option will be very convenient. In the remaining space, you put a cabinet or chest, as well as a mirror. It turns out that the place was found literally everything. And the "not attached" angle will not touch visually.

And next to the corner cabinet you can put a high wicker basket. It will be used as a container for umbrellas and simply as an interesting decor. Remember that small decorative things in a small hallway should be avoided, well, one large decorative will only be to the place. Especially if it is not sandwiched between furniture, then there are significant gaps that preserve free space.

Selection rules: the closet in the small hallway( video)

Small - does not mean uncomfortable. Beautiful and roomy cabinets can still be placed in a small living room. Look at all the options, try them on your hallway, and choose the best one.

Good solutions!

Examples small wardrobes in the hall( photo interiors)