Wardrobe from the pantry in the Khrushchevka: photo, how to do, the closet in the hallway, the project with their own hands, a small room

Wardrobe from the pantry in Khrushchev - it A cloakroom from a pantry in a Khrushchevka is a great option for storing things and shoes Khrushchevka is a small apartment with a characteristic layout. The uncomfortable arrangement of small rooms makes comfortable living almost impossible. The only advantage of such a layout is the availability of a storage room, which can be adapted to suit your needs. For example, take away the storage of things. Whether it's a built-in wardrobe or a whole shelf system depends on the size of the room and its position in the apartment. Thanks to a well-designed project and simple actions, the wardrobe from the pantry in the Khrushchevka is easily constructed by oneself.

    • Make a spacious wardrobe hallway in Khrushchev
    • How to Make a dressing out of the closet in the Khrushchev: take into account the particular layout of the apartment
    • Dressing in Khrushchev instead of closet: Components of the project
    • Make a dressing room with his own hands: Features installation
    • Dressing in Khrushchev: finishing work and
    • coverage How to make a dressing out of the closet in the Khrushchev( video)
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Make a spacious closet in the hallway Khrushchev

Built-in wardrobe - a perfect solution for a small storage space, the depth of which is 60 centimeters or less. Most often this niche has a vestibule, which allows you to use it for storing outerwear and seasonal shoes. A capacious wardrobe can be made with your own hands, having built it out of simple components.

The first step is to prepare the room: to get inside and remove the partition, instead of which to install the door-compartment. Walls and ceiling can be wallpapered or decorated with water-based paint.

A capacious wardrobe for the hallway in the Khrushchev can be made by hand, but for this it is necessary to prepare the necessary materials and tools spacious closet in the hallway Khrushchev can do with your hands, but you should prepare the necessary materials and tools

Do not use the whitewash. This method of decoration, although it is one of the most budgetary, but it has the property to leave a mark on the contiguous surfaces. To protect things from contamination, you should take a material that does not have this feature.

To manufacture a simple sliding cabinet, the following parts will be needed:

  • Ready-made shelves or chipboard sheets;
  • Support and fastening elements;
  • A rope for outer clothing.

In this case, the construction of a special design is not required, becauseThe niche is small. Shelves and the rod will be laid on the supporting elements, which are fixed directly to the wall. The number of shelves and the distance between them depends on the height of the ceiling and personal wishes.

How to Make a dressing out of the closet in the Khrushchev: take into account the particular layout of the apartment

planning the location of the shelves and drawers in the dressing room of the future, it is important to take into account its size and location of the apartment. The most convenient for the arrangement is the room, the width of which is equal to the size of the bedroom. The input is centered. This type of planning allows you to install a supporting structure around the perimeter of the entire room. The dressing room in such a pantry is able to accommodate a large number of things.

Arrangement of the passage room can begin with the alteration:

  • Divide the pantry in half, which will allow you to get just two wardrobes;
  • Close one of the openings, leaving the most convenient entry.

To ensure that a room with a small area does not seem too cumbersome, you can use open structures instead of racks. They are easily mounted by the type of the designer, allowing to make the space as functional as possible.

In a small dressing room, you can use open-type structures to avoid blocking the space The dressing can use a small open design type, so as not to clutter the space

Storage area whose width is less than 1 m, is very inconvenient to use. In this case, the supporting structure is installed only on the wall, which is located opposite the entrance. The remaining space can be used as a changing place.

If the width of the room is 1 - 1, 5 meters - the filling is located on two walls, which are adjacent. The most convenient to use is the design in which the shelves are located next to the entrance. A bar for outer clothing is installed in the depth of the dressing room in the entire wall.

Cloakroom in a Khrushchev instead of a pantry: we draw up the

project. After thinking over the alteration of the pantry, first of all it is necessary to draw up a project. In the schematic diagram it will be clearly shown how it is planned to arrange the filling of the future dressing room.

Setting several levels of zoning will make the room as functional as possible. Ease of use will depend on the availability of different types of filling: shelves, rods, boxes.

Depending on the frequency of use, the areas of the dressing room are divided into active and passive. In the first are things that are worn all the time. Therefore, shelves and linen boxes are located at a height of 1 - 1, 5 meters from the floor, rods for long clothing - at a distance of 1, 5 - 2 meters.

To the wardrobe in the Khrushchev was functional, it should place a pantograph, a knuckle and a trouser In order for the cloakroom in the Khrushchev to be functional, it is necessary to place a pantograph, a knuckle and a trouser in it.

. In the active part, the elements should be installed that will make the room more functional:

  • Pantograph( descending barFor storing outer clothing);
  • Necktie( for convenient arrangement of male accessories);
  • Trousers( to preserve the perfect look of the suit trousers).

The shelves are considered to be the passive zone of the dressing room, which are located below 0, 5 and above 2 meters from the floor level. As a rule, there are seasonal things, bags and an economic warehouse.

We make the dressing room with our own hands: the features of the

installation. The installation of a cloakroom instead of a storage room involves the installation of a special frame, which will then be secured with shelves and drawers. The first stage is the creation of structural blanks and the selection of suitable hardware.

Next, the carcass mounts are installed, which can be performed in two ways:

  • Using dowels;
  • Using the corners.

After this, the bearing parts of the structure are erected and the shelf fasteners are installed. Further, the edge lines are cut. Shelves, rods and boxes are then installed.

You can mount the frame fastening by means of corners or using dowels It is possible to install the frame fastener with corners or using dowels

To ensure that the shelf structure is flat and neat, every step in packing the filling elements should be checked with a laser level.

The final step is to carry out interior lighting and installation of doors.

Dressing room in Khrushchev: finishing works and lighting

To ensure that the dressing room harmoniously blends into the interior of the apartment, the room can be decorated in the same style. However, most often the room is finished taking into account practicality, not design. To decorate the walls used wallpaper, panels or paint;The floor is covered with a material that is easy to clean: linoleum or laminate.

When arranging the dressing room, do not forget about the lighting, and be sure to install the fixtures Arranging the dressing room, do not forget about the lighting, and be sure to install the fixtures

A prerequisite is the installation of several luminaires. One source is not able to fully illuminate a room without windows.

The dressing room should be equipped with a mirror in which you can see yourself in full growth. It will not be superfluous to have a soft pouf that will make the dressing process more comfortable. The dressing area should be decorated with separate lighting. For this purpose, you can use small light bulbs or LED strip.

How to make a cloakroom from a pantry in a Khrushchevka( video)

Remaking a pantry in a dressing room is an excellent option for rational use of space in a small Khrushchev. Various types of fastening and filling, offered by stores, allow you to install a functional design that fits perfectly into the room. The creation of a dressing room does not require special financial costs, and easy installation allows you to do the work yourself.

Design of a dressing room in a hruschevka instead of a pantry( photos of examples)