Shelving for the cloakroom: metal system for storing in the room, assembled by myself, Ikea and Leroy Merlin, modular cabinets

Make the wardrobe comfortable and functional with practical shelving Make the dressing room comfortable and functional with the help of practical racks The filling of the dressing room is varied and individual. However, it is difficult to find a dressing room in which there would not be a convenient and attractive shelving that can accommodate everything from bed linen to street shoes. Shelving can be made of different materials, and be of different shapes, sizes, and also have other specific features. So do not think that choosing a shelf does not take you to its diversity!

    • Where to use rack storage
    • Shelving system for the wardrobe
    • How to use prefabricated racks for the wardrobe
    • Shelving unit: metal wardrobe shelf
    • How to choose and place the shelving for the wardrobe( video)
    • Examples of racks for the dressing room( photo)

Where to use rack storage

What is the rack system?It is a convenient, light and beautiful open storage system, universal in its function!The racking system for a wardrobe in its structure is hardly different from those that can be used in other rooms.

The most common racking system is used to store books and other accessories The most common racking system is used for storing books and other accessories.

The racking systems can be used for the following purposes:

  • In the bathroom, you can make a small wardrobe branch, for convenient placement of towels and bathrobes. If your bathroom is maintained at a normal level of humidity and there is good ventilation, then the racks with things will fit into your bathroom. For this purpose, wide racks are used with large spacious shelves.
  • For books. The most common way to use shelving is to place books. The rack is good for this purpose, since it is open, and anyone willing can easily find the book that is needed. Bookshelves are usually tall and narrow: it saves space, and frequent shelves allow you to place a large amount of literature.
  • Shelves for TV.Near TV it is convenient to place various items accompanying rest and relaxation: curly cushions, magazines, a plate for chips, a game console and so on. The rack, inscribed in the dimensions of the room, will perfectly complement the TV.
  • Under the shoes in the hallway it is also not necessary to select a special cabinet: a small rack system will easily satisfy your needs for placing shoes. A low wide rack with shelves of different heights will accommodate both boots and Czechs.
  • In the dressing room. To place stacks of jeans, bed linen, sweaters and other things not intended for hangers, you can use open rack systems. Remember only that an open system should look appropriate: always keep things and shelves clean and tidy.

The racks can be used for a variety of purposes, so the rack that is not topical for a wardrobe can easily be used for other purposes in another room or even in a garage.

Shelving system for wardrobe

Shelving systems can be used differently even within the wardrobe. So think about what kind of things you prefer the rack, and which ones will be placed in closed systems and on the bars.

Shelving perfect for both large and small dressing rooms The shelving is perfect for both large and small walk-in closets

Why can I use racks in the dressing room:

  1. Bed linen and towels. These things are easy to fold and put on an open shelf. Perhaps, that is why bed linen and towels are placed on the shelves in the dressing room.
  2. Jeans. For the lovers of this ever-fashionable and comfortable garment, the shelving will be simply necessary. Denim fabric does not crease, so folding for jeans will not hurt,
  3. Bags and clutches. Which woman does not love her bags?To make them comfortable in the cloakroom, put a separate rack for them.
  4. Footwear. Shoes, sneakers, sneakers, ballet shoes and other kinds of shoes will fit perfectly on shelves in your wardrobe!For different types of shoes, there are also special storage systems, which can be supplemented with racks: for high boots, heels, etc.

Shelving in the dressing room requires special attention: the items on the shelves should be beautifully folded so that there is noSensation of untidiness on the open shelves of the wardrobe.

How to use prefabricated shelving

If you like to think through your space for yourself, rather than using ready-made variants that were developed by someone else, then you can use prefabricated racks that will allow you to perform such racks that are neededYou. Necessary height, width, size: all the accessories you can easily find in stores such as Leroy Merlin or Ikea or in any other similar shopping center.

Prefabricated racks are quite convenient and practical, as they can be changed and rearranged from place to place Prefabricated racks are quite convenient and practical because they can be changed and moved from place to place

Prefabricated racks can be used in various wardrobe systems:

  • The mesh dressing system is a convenient and inexpensive wayArrangement of a wardrobe. On metal profiles you at your discretion, fasten such parts of the dressing room, which you need!This wardrobe can be left open or shaded with curtains.
  • Built-in wardrobes. In some full dressing rooms, you can also make changes with the help of shelving. Add your built-in wardrobe racks to make it even more effective!

Prefabricated racks suitable for almost any type of dressing room, complement and decorate it.

Shelving unit: metal wardrobe shelf

Shelving can be made of different materials, each of which has its advantages disadvantages. The metal racks are distinguished by their strength and low cost.

Console racks are a wonderful and stylish method for storing shoes

Depending on various characteristics, the following types of metal racks are distinguished:

  1. Low shelving shelving( up to 200 kg).Such a rack is suitable for a dressing room or living room, where you do not need to place a lot of items.
  2. Shelves with high endurance( up to 400 kg).Such sturdy racks are suitable for industrial purposes.
  3. Pallet racks.
  4. Platform racks.
  5. Console racks.

Explore the different types of shelving to find exactly what your wardrobe needs.

How to choose and place racks for the wardrobe( video)

You can make a dressing room with your own hands if you actively use racks. Modular cloakroom systems also often contain racks, since this makes the dressing room inexpensive and convenient. Materials such as wood, aluminum, chipboard are the most popular for shelving. Choose what you need and use your dressing room with pleasure!Examples

shelving dressing( photo)