Repair in the hallway photo with a narrow corridor: apartment ideas and options, Ikea modular, real interior up to 30 cm

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Thoughtful to the smallest detail in a narrow hallway can make a fairly functional room A well-thought-out repair in a narrow hallway is able to make a rather functional room The entrance hall is a visiting card of any home, whether it's a private house or an apartment in a multi-apartment "anthill".How a person is met by clothes, and an apartment is met and evaluated along the corridor, for it is here that a person gets to you for the first time coming to visit you, and that much will depend on this impression and opinion, because you and the very first impression can be built onOf what you are the master. Many modern people understand this, as they understand and how important is the qualitative repair of the apartment in general and the corridor, the hallway in particular.

    • narrow entrance hall and corridor: ideas for repair and color solution
    • Small narrow corridor: design and lighting for a long hallway
    • Variants of hallways for narrow corridors: rules for the use of mirrorsIn interior design
    • Repair in a narrow corridor: ideas and use of a variety of decor elements
    • Furniture for a narrow corridor
    • Design of narrow hallways-corridors
    • Design of a narrow corridor( video)
    • Design and repair in a hallway with a narrow corridor( interior photo)

Hallway for a narrow corridor

As many of you know firsthand, to make such a corridor functional, while not cutting down the critical dimensions so small in width, verycomplicated. But what to do when the family is big, it is necessary that in the hallway there should be at least a closet, or clothes hangers, benches and shelves for shoes, which will suffice for all household members. At the same time, all such functional things quite severely curtail the area of ​​the narrow room. Sometimes it turns out that only one person can go free, at the same time the two will be extremely narrow, and the three of them will not be able to walk through the hall from the entrance door to the living room.

Young parents who have several age-old children, children-pogodkov perfectly know that every child wants to be the first and even a lack of width of the room can provoke a scandal or hysterics in children.

And what to say about that everyone wants his hallway, as small as its dimensions would be, was stylish, so that the corridor of the hallway was not only convenient, functional, but also beautiful, to please the eye, returning from work orStudying the person, forced to smile and you could from a threshold plunge into a cozy homely atmosphere. That is why modern fashion interior designers every year develop for you a unique design of the hallway. Thanks to this, you can turn an ordinary and unremarkable narrow corridor in your apartment into a real work of art, and then with pleasure understand that friends and guests are delighted with your design move.

The hallway for a narrow corridor can be made in almost any style The hallway for a narrow corridor can be made in almost any style.

We like to note that some are jealous of how you can make an interior:

  1. Cozy. As you know, coziness is the most important in every house, every housewife tries to achieve it.
  2. Elegant. Such a vestibule can emphasize the taste of the owners of the house.
  3. Fantastic. If you like the interiors in the style of fairy tales, in fantasy or sci-fi style, even a similar idea can be realized.

Thus, following some tricks in the repair, you can achieve completely unique results. It all depends on your imagination or the imagination of the designer, whom the owners trust to create a new hallway design in a house or apartment with a narrow corridor.

Narrow hallway and corridor: ideas for repair and color solution

As you know, color is one of the important components of any design, be it interior, clothing, toys or anything else, the color range will perform a number of functions.

For example:

  1. To emphasize, that is, with the help of a correctly selected combination of several colors, you can emphasize one or another part of the room.
  2. Zoning the corridor - the color is able to visually divide the space of the corridor into the necessary zones. For example, this can be a zone of shoes and a zone of outer clothing, or a children's and adult part of the hallway.
  3. Visually expand the small apartment corridor. That is, with the help of a combination of colors, special shades, you can visually increase the size of the hallway.

With the help of design tips you can visually increase the space of a narrow hallway With the help of design tips, you can visually increase the space of a narrow hallway

Numerous combinations of colors for color schemes involve painting both the wall or ceiling alone and all walls to emphasize the ceiling.

Small narrow corridor: design and lighting for a long hallway

Light solutions in corridor design and hallway play no less than the color decoration of walls and ceilings.

Light can be represented by a number of lighting fixtures:

  1. Spotlights on the ceiling. It looks especially good when there are stretch ceilings in the house, into which luminaires are mounted.
  2. Hidden lighting behind the skirtings of the ceiling.
  3. Hidden lighting behind skirting boards along the perimeter of the floor. A very unusual solution for an apartment, but when the floor glows, it creates a feeling of hovering of walls in the air and creates an absolutely fantastic atmosphere. Great if you want to design your anteroom in a space style.
  4. Wall-mounted luminaires directed at a certain angle to the ceiling. This is also best seen with a stretch ceiling. In this case, the visual increase in the height of the ceiling is maintained. Therefore, if you have not only a narrow corridor, but low ceilings, this move is excellent.

Lighting in a small narrow corridor should be flawless Lighting in a small narrow corridor must be flawless

Thus, it can be said that the correct application of lighting fixtures gives real results for creating a cozy atmosphere in the house, and also helps visually increase the dimensions of your corridor. In addition, the desired type of lighting can be customized by yourself, which will also be a good option if you want to save on the services of professional teams or designer.

Variants of hallways for narrow corridors: rules for the use of mirrors in interior design

Most interior designers visit ideas in narrow spaces, and of course in narrow hallways mirrors. Such a simple invention of antiquity, used in any modern house, is its integral part.

It can be:

  1. Separately a mirror hanging on the wall. The most versatile option. Such a mirror can be anywhere, and if necessary, it can be moved to a new location without any problems. Such mirrors are in large quantities in Ikea stores, it is there that you can pick up a mirror for every taste, be it a mirror in a frame, or without, with some special designer decor and so on.
  2. Mirror built into the cabinet. Such mirrors come complete with furniture for the hallway. As well as their usual brethren, are, first of all, functional objects, and also carry the function of visual enlargement of the room.
  3. Wall-mounted mirrors that are paired with shelves or hangers. Usually they are small in size.

The mirror in the corridor visually enlarges the room Mirror in the hallway visually enlarges the room

When working with mirrors, it should be remembered that for narrow corridors the best solution is to use several small mirrors, thus visually the expansion will be more or less even. And Ikea stores will help you get acquainted with modern decor elements, and also you can find samples of these or other products and all the latest innovations.

Repair in a narrow corridor: ideas and use of various decor elements

If the layout of your hallway allows the use of any decor on the walls, be bold, because the decorative elements can serve you well.

Corridor decor can:

  1. Being a wall-mounted. If the style of the interior allows, you can hang bright pictures on the walls, they will give the room an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Such a vestibule can not leave you indifferent even after a hard working day.
  2. To be on the floor. On the floor surface, you can place mats of different colors or shapes. For example, if you have children, floor decor in the form of animal paws or leaves will interest the child, turning everyday passage along the corridor into a fun and interesting game. It is also worth noting that the views of your guests will be attracted to the floor and thus will not accentuate on such a lack of an entrance hall as a small width.
  3. On the ceiling. If desired, the ceiling can be turned into a night or day sky, into an aquarium, betraying the feeling of being under water.

Do not forget to decorate the walls or ceiling of the corridor with decor elements Do not forget to decorate the walls or ceiling of the corridor with decor elements

You can safely say that the use of any decor elements in the hallway can positively influence the entire space of the corridor.

Furniture for a narrow corridor

No matter how you like, there is furniture in every hallway. Even the style of minimalism implies the use of functional furniture.

A full-fledged hallway requires at a minimum:

  1. Cabinet or hangers for outer clothing.
  2. Shoe shelves. They can be single-stage or multi-tier, open and closed, can be on the lower level of the cabinet;

If your hallway is of a small width, then you should correctly arrange furniture, otherwise you will not be able to maintain an acceptable distance between the wall and furniture, as well as avoid overloading with furniture. In addition, in no case can not arrange furniture elements, even if they are modular, on both sides of the hallway, it will not only visually reduce the dimensions of the hallway, but also minimize the functional space of the corridor.

For a narrow corridor, a closet For a narrow corridor the

is perfect. Such a serious mistake can not be fixed even by applying all the secrets with which we visually increased the hallway, that is, all your efforts will go wrong.

It is best to install a non-standard cabinet, with doors opening outwards, and a closet when the door will move to one side without leaving the cabinet. Thus, you will not interfere with the households near you, nor will you block the passage along the corridor by the door, as it often happens. At the same time, placing a mirror in the doors of such a cabinet is much safer, you will never break it when opening the doors, especially if the cabinet consists of two compartments. In addition, shoe shelves can be mounted in one of the parts of such a cabinet, and in the second one will find hangers for outer clothing.

Design of narrow hallways-corridors

So, it's time to take stock.

For narrow hallways should be selected correctly:

  • Colors of the interior;
  • Compact furniture elements;
  • Lighting devices and methods of their placement in the entrance hall;
  • Interesting decorative elements.

By arranging the design of narrow hallways-corridors, in advance think over what furniture, lighting and colors you will pick up In addition, it should be mentioned that in the design of narrow hallways are often used for decorating and masking hidden lights, various types of furniture, lighting and color schemes. Cornices of stucco molding, textured plinths, and if, in addition, the height of the ceilings allows, you can make a vaulted ceiling. It will look not only original, but also refined, speaking about the excellent style of the owners of the house.

Design of a narrow corridor( video)

It will also be best if the interior of the hallway seamlessly intersects with the interior design of neighboring rooms, for example in terms of the color scheme used, in the identity of the ceiling systems, whether it is a conventional suspended ceiling or multi-tiered combined.

Design and repair in a hallway with a narrow corridor( interior photo)

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