Repair of vestibules: a photo in the apartment, with their own hands the design of two rooms, what kind of renovation in the house, where to start

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The final stage of renovation in the apartment - renovation of the hallway Final stage of renovation in the apartment - renovation of the hallway Repair of the hallway is necessary in the last place, because all the garbage that remains after the repair of other rooms in any case falls into the hallway. And if you make repairs in the corridor in advance, dirt and building materials can spoil the already prepared situation. Repair the hallway in an apartment or house with your own hands is not difficult and not very expensive, so today we'll talk about how to choose the right materials and furniture for this room.

    • Repair of the hallway in the apartment
    • How to repair the hallway
    • Successful repair of the hallway in the house: the choice of materials
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Repair of a hallway in the apartment

Before carrying out repairs, it is necessary to draw up a work plan. Decide on the color of the finishing materials, select the furniture. To make the right choice, you need to know the type of your hallway.

First you need to understand the type of the hall First you need to understand the type of the

In apartments and houses they can be divided into the following types:
  • Box;
  • Corridor;
  • "Nora with a spokesman";
  • Coupe.

The first type of hallway is a small room, the doors from which lead to other rooms. Most often, these hallways can be found in the Khrushchev, a two-room apartment, less often in modern buildings. Repair this room is very easy - do not need a large number of materials, but you may have to tinker with furniture. A cabinet in such a small hallway can not be put, so you need to either secure the shelves or install small chests.

In the panel houses you can often find an entrance hallway. This room is a narrow and long passage, here you also have to think about the choice of furniture - you can place a long and not very wide cabinet.

"Nora with a barrel" - a typical type of hallway for a block hruschevka, is a narrow corridor that runs up to the living room and has a drain with a bathroom and a kitchen. Repair this hallway is quite difficult, because there is practically no place, it is almost impossible to pick up furniture, it simply has nowhere to put.

The latter type does not mean that there must be a closet in the hallway. This room is a box with a corridor, which can be stepped or winding. In such halls, the main attention should be paid to the arrangement of furniture in order to maximally rationally install and arrange all elements of the interior.

How to make repairs in the hallway

There are no certain styles of the hallway design, you can choose absolutely any decoration materials and furniture, the main thing is that they harmoniously combined and complement each other.

Light tones visually increase the space of the hallway Light colors visually increase the space of the hall

You can give some advice on the design of the hall:

In conclusion, it should be said that there are no specific directions for the design image for decorating the hallway. You can choose the finishes and furniture at your discretion, remember that the main thing in repairing the hallway is practicality and comfort. European-quality repair is an excellent option for modern apartments and for people who love bright interiors. Carefully select the finishes and furniture, then the hallway will turn out to be beautiful and comfortable for all members of the family.

design and renovation of the hallways( photo interiors)

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