Hallways photo novelties unusual: original design, ideas for interior, corridor interesting and non-standard

The originally designed hallway, without a doubt, will provide aesthetic pleasure to guests and apartment owners Originally designed hallway, no doubt, will bring aesthetic pleasure of the guests and the owners of the apartment Today, many owners of flats and houses are increasingly paying attention not only on the convenience, but also on the originality of the design space. An important criterion for arranging a house or apartment is the rule of harmony. All types of finishes, furniture and interior items should be harmoniously combined. An important space that requires an unusual approach in decoration is the entrance hall. The unusual solutions will help create a unique atmosphere that will please owners and their guests.

    • Fancy lobby: innovative solutions
    • The unusual design of the hall: the original wall decoration
    • Original hallways: ideas for decorating the ceiling
    • Interior unusual corridor: colors
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Fancy lobby: innovative solutions

Many believe that the hall can only carry functionalLoad. However, this is a full-fledged building, which can be turned into a design art. This can be done with the help of techniques and methods that are used by professionals.

Modern designers advise you to beware of using excessive amounts of furniture and decor items.

too overloaded space will be uncomfortable in a practical sense and the ugly - in the aesthetic. In order for the living room to be original, it is necessary to make a design project in advance that will help visually see the future premise. We need to determine the dimensions of furniture, its quality and quantity.

Non-standard furniture, original colors and stylish accessories will help in creating a bright and memorable interior of the hallway Custom furniture, original color finishes and stylish accessories will help in creating a bright and luxurious interior hallway

Options arrangement premises:

  • Select non-standard furniture. It should not contain exceptionally straight lines. Excellent cabinets with bends and non-standard solutions will look. Modular constructions are popular today.
  • Experiment with shades. Do not choose a lot of different colors. The entrance hall, made in two contrasting or similar shades, will look good.
  • If possible, you can install a small couch in the room, which can be decorated with decorative cushions.
  • Several poufs will give the space a complete look. In doing so, they will provide a convenient place to put on or take off your shoes.
  • Every little thing can matter. For example, today manufacturers offer a wide selection of original hooks for clothes, which bear not only a practical load, but also decorate the room.

Create an original hallway design before the repair begins. It is important to think through all the details and buy the necessary materials and furniture. To design was unusual, you can ask for the assistance of a professional designer.

The unusual design of the hall: the original wall decoration

important component in the design of the room is the right wall decoration. It should not be too flashy. Also, you should pay attention to the fact that the entrance hall is subject to constant influence of moisture, dirt and dust. Materials for finishing surfaces should be primarily practical.

Each of the finishing materials has its own characteristics and characteristics. This affects the choice of design, which will be decorated with walls.

When choosing the quality and color of materials, it is important to pay attention to the size of the room. For small hallways it is advisable to use light shades. Large rooms allow you to play with color more freely.

Choosing a color gamut for the hallway, you should pay attention to the compatibility of the colors used When choosing the colors for the hallway, you should pay attention to the compatibility of the used colors.

Types of wall finishes:

  • ;
  • Paint;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Stopper;
  • Drywall;
  • Stone.

Today, designers use the combination of materials. This allows you to create a unique design. It is important that the materials are of high quality.

Original hallways: ideas for decorating the ceiling

ceiling decoration in the hallway must be carefully considered. The ceiling must be combined and harmonized with the walls. Thanks to modern materials, the ceiling can be turned into a real work of art.

When selecting materials, you should pay attention to the quality and capabilities of the materials.

Modern materials allow creating original designs that will look expensive and stylish. There are a lot of options for design. However, they differ in price.

Stretch fabric in combination with gypsum board construction - the best option for the decoration of the ceiling in the hallway web tensioner in combination with gypsum structure - the best option for registration in a hall ceiling

Forms ceiling clearance:

  • Gypsum structure;
  • Suspended ceilings;
  • Tensioning cloths.

When making the ceiling important to pay attention to the ceiling height and the width of the walls. This will affect the choice of matte or glossy surfaces. Multilevel designs are best not to use in a room with low ceilings.

Interior corridor unusual: colors

choosing a color palette for the hall, it is necessary to pay attention to the size, geometry, space, its width and height. To visually increase the height, horizontal separation is used. To harmonize the space - vertical stripes.

Today fashionable design of the walls is to use natural materials: bamboo, cork, coconut fiber.

Every year, the fashion for color changes. However, it is important not only to follow fashion, but personal preferences. It's important to play with color, but do not overdo it.

Natural materials of decoration in the interior design of the hallway are more relevant than ever Natural materials and finishes in interior design hallway today more relevant than ever

Trendy colors:

  • Red;
  • Gold;
  • Terracotta;
  • Sand;
  • Brown.

Colors can and should be combined with each other. It is important to remember that they should look harmonious, even if contrasted. From the choice of color depends on the general atmosphere in the interior.

Modern hallways: novelties unusual( video)

Today it's not difficult to create an entrance hall unusually. Designers advise not to overload the space. Therefore, even before the repair should determine the number and dimensions of furniture. It should not be too massive, but should be roomy and attractive aesthetically. It is important to pay attention to the surface finish. Modern interesting materials allow you to play with types of decoration and their combinations. You can make beautiful hallways with your own hands. Examples

vestibules: unusual trends( photo)