Design corridor photo 2017: the hallway of the year, novelties of a small interior, fashionable repair

The corridor should have not only a beautiful appearance, but also be practical corridor should be not only beautiful appearance, but also be practical Modern trends in processing facilities can not but rejoice. They are so simple that they allow you to design the room yourself. But every simplicity can be achieved through long efforts. Design corridor photo 2017 will help you choose the style that is most harmoniously combined with the overall interior. It is important that the corridor combines practicality and beautiful appearance. Today, minimalism is in fashion, which means a rejection of heavy and dimensional interior items.

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hallway 2017: design rules

Before the repair, it is necessary to make a plan that will take into account the area placedIts functions and types of surface finish. The hallway should be primarily attractive. After all, it is the beginning of a house or apartment.

The corridor must in no case violate the "picture" of the whole room. If the style for its design is chosen different, it should harmoniously contrast with other styles in the interior.

Mixing styles is only possible for apartments with a large area. Too much style diversity will result in the whole apartment looking tasteless. Each room should have elements that attach the same style, which will bind them.

The hallway style should perfectly contrast with other styles in an interior of all premise Style hallway should contrast perfectly with the other styles in the interior of the entire premises

Design Rules:

  • Take into account the characteristics of the premises.
  • Take into account the dimensions of the corridor.
  • Determine the minimum amount of furniture needed.
  • Harmoniously combine all kinds of finishes and elements of furniture and decor.

For successful implementation of the design idea, it is necessary to follow the basic rules of design. Do not blindly follow fashion. It is important that new trends are liked by the apartment owners.

Types modern finishes hallway

Skins hallway varied. They depend on the features of the room, such as dimensions, lighting and functionality. It is important to choose the right materials for decoration and furniture, as the hallway is a place of strong exposure to moisture, dirt and dust.

To hallway look stylish and beautiful, but also be practical, it is important to pay attention to the decoration of walls, ceiling and floor.

The corridor is better to decorate simply by using a light color palette and a simple texture of the materials. For finishing the ceiling, tension structures are usually used. The walls are decorated with wallpaper or decorative plaster, and the floor - with laminate, parquet or tiles.

To decorate the hallway, you should choose high-quality materials that could harmonize with each other To finish the hallway should choose high-quality materials, which could be in harmony

with each other on what to look for:

  • materials should be moisture resistant.
  • All types of finishing must assume simple maintenance.
  • The floor covering must be reliable and resistant to mechanical damage.

It is important that the types of finishes are combined. With a variety of materials, design surfaces can be original and stylish. For ceilings and floors, you can use interesting multi-level structures.

Design small hallway 2017

When choosing a style, which will be decorated hall, you must decide on its size. For the arrangement of the corridor, it is best to use minimalism. This means that you need to give up a large pile of furniture and decorative elements.

is important to remember that different materials and their color can visually influence the perception of space, making it big, wide, small or narrow.

Designers have a whole arsenal of techniques that ways to visually expand the space. It can be light colored surfaces. You can use mirrors on furniture and walls.

To visually increase the small hallway, you can use mirrors To visually increase a small hallway, you can use mirrors

design features a small living room:

  • refuse accumulation furniture.
  • Make a choice in favor of modular structures.
  • Use light colors for finishing surfaces.
  • Choose furniture with a glossy surface.

small entrance hall can be designed stylishly and beautifully, if you follow some rules of design. Light shades make the room visually greater, dark - hide the space. It is important not to forget about high-quality lighting.

Corridor, new items in 2017: Photos and fashionable shades

Recent trends suggest improvement hallway light shades. When choosing colors, it is important to pay attention to the overall style of the apartment. White shades will help increase space, make the corridor cozy and bright.

It should be noted that you need to choose the color depending on what visual effect you want to create.

Do not choose fashionable colors that are not to the taste of the owners of the room. Wall and wall panels are a modern and fashionable material for decorating walls. You can combine panels, wallpapers and photo-wallpapers.

To date, fashionable are shades of natural, wooden, stone and beige flowers Today trendy shades are natural, wood, stone and beige colors

Trendy shades:

  • Natural;
  • Wooden;
  • Stone;
  • Beige.

A fashionable trend is the combination of various finishing materials. By combining you can zonate the room. From the finishing materials you can make a stylistic drawing.

Interior corridor in 2017: selection of furniture in the hallway

often kept a lot of things, shoes and various equipment. It is very important to choose such furniture that will accommodate everything, but it will not clutter the entire hallway. Designers often offer to install embedded systems that allow you to store a large number of things.

It is better to use several storage systems than to install one dimensional cabinet that will steal the entire space.

Modular systems are now fashionable. They not only have a stylish appearance, but also allow you to place modules as conveniently as possible. This arrangement will help to save space, and also make it convenient to move along the corridor.

For the corridor is ideal modular furniture: it is very practical and functional For Corridor perfect modular furniture: it is very practical and functional

set of necessary furniture:

  • Wardrobe;
  • Cabinet for shoes;
  • Mezzanines:
  • Shelvings.

For convenience, a comfortable pouf can be placed in the hallway. If the area allows, it will be nice to look a small sofa. Furniture should be placed so that it does not interfere with a comfortable stay in space, given several people.

Modern hallway design( video)

Carrying out repairs in the hallway, it is important to consider the overall style in the whole apartment. The corridor should be practical, but not overloaded. The best style for the design of a room of this kind is minimalism. It involves a minimum of furniture, a simple, but stylish finish all surfaces. It is important to consider the size of the room. Modern trends suggest the use of natural materials of light colors.

Design Corridor 2017( Interior photos)