Chandeliers in the corridor: in the hallway, photo in the interior, how to choose for a small, wall

Choosing the right chandelier in the corridor is important for the interior. Choosing the right chandelier in the corridor is important for the interior The modern domestic market offers the buyer a wide variety of models of lamps: starting with ordinary shades and ending with elegant chandeliers. Note that the design of each lamp is originally designed for a room, and therefore the chandelier created for the living room is unlikely to fit your corridor.

    • Chandelier in the hallway: which one to choose
    • What to look for when choosing a chandelier for the hallway and corridor
    • Wall chandeliers in the corridor
    • How does the choice of fixtures from the shape and size of the hallway?
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Chandelier in the hallway: which one to choose

As a rule, the chandeliers for corridors and hallways do not differ in particular elegance. Most models are low-key, neutral design, without glass beads and other ornaments.

In most cases, chandeliers without dimmers and ornaments are chosen in the hallway.

However, such chandeliers are divided into two main types:

  1. Ceiling;
  2. Wall mounted.

There is another option when the lamp is a separate device, located on the floor and connected to the outlet. But such a lamp is installed as an additional, and not the main source of light.

As for the first two options, most often people prefer a ceiling version. It is considered standard and is suitable for most interiors.

Wall-mounted models will be a good choice for owners of low-ceiling vestibules. The fact is that wall lamps not only do not take up space on the ceiling, but can also visually increase the space in the room, if you correctly select a lamp( with cold or warm lighting).

What to look for when choosing a chandelier for the hallway and corridor

In addition to the design that should be as harmoniously as possible with the rest of your room, there are a number of other characteristics that should be considered when choosing a chandelier.

The chosen chandelier should be combined with the interior of the room The selected chandelier must be combined with the interior of the room

What to look for when choosing a chandelier in the hallway:

  1. Lighting modes. Look at their number and features.
  2. Power consumption. Also an important technical specification. If you liked several chandeliers that perfectly fit into the interior of your hallway, then take one that consumes the least amount of electricity.
  3. Used cartridges. Cartridges are divided not only in diameter, but also in the material of manufacture: there are ceramic models, carbolitic and others, less popular.
  4. Number of bulbs used. Although it is believed that the more a chandelier, the more lamps it uses, this is not always the case. When choosing a chandelier, you should start from the dimensions of your corridor. Accordingly, the larger the size - the more lamps are needed for comfortable lighting.

The shape of the corridor also matters. In the narrow, but long rooms will perfectly fit oblong models of fixtures, and in the square - one chandelier in the middle and several additional light sources on the sides, if necessary.

Wall chandeliers in the corridor

Modern idea in the design of the hallway of the room will be the purchase of wall, rather than ceiling lamps. With all the features of the room, with a competent approach, you can get not only a unique interior, but also an interesting play of light. If you want to achieve maximum harmony and originality, it is better when planning the lighting to use the services of professional designers.

A great popularity in the interior of the hallway are mounted hanging chandeliers Very popular in the interior of the hallway is used hanging chandeliers

However, you can achieve very interesting results on your own. For example, sharing their secrets, designers say that having wall lamps at different heights, you can dramatically change the final design of the room.

If you have a mirror in the hallway, make sure that the wall lamps stand on different sides of the mirror and thus provide the best lighting.

Wall Lamp Materials:

  1. Crystal. Crystal luminaires provide the brightest and most intense lighting in the room.
  2. Corrugated glass. Just like with crystal, the light passing through the corrugated glass will be the most intense.
  3. Frosted plastic. Unlike the first two models, luminaires made of matte plastic will illuminate your hallway not with intense, but with calm light.
  4. Textiles. As in the case of plastic, the light emanating from the textile lamp is soft, moderate and calm.

From each material you can find an inexpensive, but high-quality model that will suit your liking and fit into the general interior of the hallway.

How depends on the choice of fixtures from the shape and size of the hallway

Most often in the hallway there are no windows, and therefore good natural light. Therefore, small lamps do not always fit into such a room, unless they clutter up the entire ceiling.

Several small lamps will help make the corridor lighter and more spacious Several small fixtures will help make the corridor lighter and more spacious

If you have a long but narrow corridor, the best option is to install two or three small chandeliers. If your corridor is rectangular, as a standard room, wall sconces will be a good option. But to install large chandeliers on low ceilings, which are most often found in the hallways, it is not worth it, it is better to choose the now popular flat models.

Lighting in the corridor should be bright enough so that you can fully appreciate your appearance in the mirror before the exit.

Choosing the right chandelier in the corridor( video)

As you can see, choosing a chandelier for a corridor is not such a simple task as it might initially seem. It is necessary to consider the height of ceilings, the size of the room, its shape, as well as the overall design of the interior.

Design chandelier in the entrance hall( photo in the interior)