Size of 1.5 bed: width and height of the place, drawing of one and a half bedrooms, 120x190 from the floor

When choosing a bed, you need to consider both its dimensions and the quality of materials from which it is made When choosing a bed, it is necessary to take into account both its dimensions and the quality of materials from which it is made. Bedroom furniture is manufactured according to international standards. But, nevertheless, you need to look at the information about the manufacturer - so that there are no surprises. In addition, when choosing a bed, you should consider not only the standard width of the bed, but also some other parameters.

          • The width of the sleeping bed of a lorry and its other parameters
          • The height of the bed in the bedroom:
          • depends on
          • Dimensions of a single bed: which are
          • Single bed: sizes and types
          • Drawing of a sleeping bed inOne and a half places
          • Single beds( video)
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The width of the sleeping bed of a lorry and its other parameters

In addition to the standard width, pay attention to what and whatAnd the height of the frame, as well as the front and back panels. If in the structure of those in general provided.

European manufacturers adhere to the following values:

  • Width - 140-160 cm;
  • Length - 200-210 cm;
  • Height with mattress - 50 cm.

Standard width of a bed of a half-ruble 140-160 centimeters Standard width of a sleeping bed of a half-board 140-160 centimeters

But, for example, American brands have other standards. And all because the measurement system is different there. It differs from the European metric system, in Britain and the countries of North America use the English system - feet and inches. And the bed in one and a half sleeping places goes there according to another classification.


  • Small Double: width 122 cm and length 190 cm
  • Double: width 137.2 cm and length 190 cm
  • King( large): Width 150 cm and length 200 cm.

Height from the floor in this case is not regulated, everything depends on the model. This designation is used to describe individual numbers.

Height of the bed in the bedroom:

depends on

The height can transform even the standard bed. If the bed is simply high at the expense of the legs, it does not carry any additional functions, and in a small room such a height will be superfluous. If the bottom of the bed is equipped, for example, with storage systems, the choice becomes conditional. Then quite often a small bedroom gets rid of the closet, leaving a bed with drawers or a horizontal wardrobe - this is today in high esteem.

Beds with hydraulic shock absorbers can also be used in children Beds with hydraulic shock absorbers can also be used in children's rooms, as the teenager can adjust the height of the bed

But keep in mind that the drawers also need a free space to easily push them. Therefore, if you are dealing with a very tiny bedroom, this option is more likely to be abandoned.

But the beds with lifting mechanisms - quite another matter. Since these beds are equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers, even the teenager will pick up the bed with his hands and fix it in the desired position. Receiving access to a spacious storage. This bed can even be placed close to the wall.

Sizes of a single bed: what are

It is worth, of course, to think about whether you need a lorry. Perhaps a single bed will satisfy your requests. For example, a single bed is especially popular in China, and its size is more than modest - the width is just a pillow.

In the Western countries, single beds are more comfortable( in the usual sense) 120-150 cm. But if there these beds can be called single beds, then we have long been called litter.

When choosing a bed, you need to pay attention to its width, since a single one is only 40 centimeters smaller than a two-bedroom

It's right to still call them single. And if the price tag says that the bed is single, do not rush to go further - most likely, this, what you need, you just look for the old familiar, but, as it turned out, not quite the right name.

By the way, many believe that such a redesign of the name is nothing more than a marketing move. Judge for yourself, the double bed is wider by 40 cm single, of course, many buyers will say - come on, this one, we'll buy a double one at once. Which is what the seller wanted.

Semi-double bed: sizes and types

The narrowest lorry has a width of only 110 cm, and the widest - 160 cm. Of course, the difference in half a meter is more than significant.

If the products have large dimensions, it is considered to be double.

Semi-trailers can be:

  • With side backrest;
  • With lifting gear;
  • Inflatable;
  • With drawers.

Today, more popular wooden beds than metal Today wooden beds are more popular than metal ones

The bed frame can be metal or wooden. Metal models are often made of painted or chrome-plated metal. Forging is often used forged parts.

Wooden beds are standard in a wider range. Today, more and more popular beds with a fairly simple design, in a minimalist style.

Drawing of a sleeping bed in one and a half place

Well and happens, that beds do not buy, and do independently. And if you are familiar with carpentry, it makes sense to try yourself to build a bed.

Moreover, today you can find ready-made and step-by-step drawings on the Internet, as well as various services for calculating dimensions and drawing a drawing yourself.

For example, you set the service to 120x190, and it gives you a ready drawing for all the given parameters. You scale it and start working. This greatly simplifies the process.

Single beds( video)

The sizes of a single bed depend on where you buy the bed, from whom you buy it, and for what purpose, in fact, buy a bed. And remember that as such there is not a lorry, there are single and double, and a lorry is a little retro-concept.

A successful choice of comfortable beds!

1,5 beds( photo)