Sliding-door wardrobes in the bedroom: photos, inexpensive swinging, types and options, photo gallery, how to choose a large, beautiful model

In many bedrooms, the closet is an indispensable piece of furniture, because it is beautiful and practical In many bedroom closet is an indispensable piece of furniture because it is beautiful and practical For modern people closets are an indispensable piece of furniture. They do not compare with what the folded wardrobe of the last century looked like. They perform a different purpose - in the cabinets can be stored and clothing, and books, and bedding. A special role is given to the wardrobes in the bedroom. They have a wardrobe and bedding. This furniture is part of the interior, so it should be appropriately combined with it in design, color, material, to create a comfortable and cozy environment in the bedroom. In the bedroom are usually placed swinging, wall-mounted, built-in wardrobes, wardrobes and so on - lots of options. The corner-type coupe fits perfectly into small bedrooms, saving usable space by sitting in a free corner.

    • Sliding wardrobes to bedrooms a large range of ideas, beautiful products with photo printing
    • Inexpensive wardrobe in the bedroom can afford each -ideya and location
    • How to choose a wardrobe in the bedroom among the varietymodels
    • opening cupboards in the bedroom - the classics and tradition
    • wall in the bedroom with wardrobe saves space
    • options wardrobes in the bedroom for everyone
    • Wardrobe in the wall in the bedroom - it is functionally
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Sliding wardrobes to bedrooms a large range of ideas, beautiful products with photo printing

Designers recommend to put in a bedroom closet with mirrored doors. This is justified by the functional purpose, and also visually increases the size of the room and makes it much lighter. The bedroom is a place where people spend part of their lives, and it should be thought through to the smallest detail. Furniture plays a major role.

There are radiused stylish cabinets. This is such an option for furniture, where curved components are used. Radius view of cabinets is made by the type of compartment. The doors of such a cabinet move not in direct directions, but in curved directions. In form, this furniture is made convex, concave, with various combinations. In us, you can arrange a lot of things.

Beautiful and stylish decorate the interior of the bedroom can be with the help of a wardrobe with photo printing beautifully and stylishly decorate the interior of the bedroom you can use the closet with photo printing

bending radius doors manufacturer is able to create any. The angular version of the radius enclosure is a popular and popular model. It looks amazing and is successfully placed in a free corner, which makes it possible to embed it in almost any interior, and also allows you to smooth corners in the room. Therefore, in most cases, corner cabinets with the presence of mirrors are the most optimal option for the bedroom. The cost of such a cabinet is not small, but it justifies itself with time.

Inexpensive wardrobe in the bedroom can afford each -ideya and location

cabinet selection - it is responsible. Corner and straight cabinets are often made to order, because all the rooms are different and the furniture should be selected, taking into account all the nuances of the room. The manufacturer can make the compartment both in the catalog and in the drawings created by the client himself( drawings and detailed examples are usually offered by the consultant).The number of shelves and drawers, lighting, mezzanines, which are located inside the cabinet, can also be ordered by yourself. To buy what you need, you need to buy from well-known manufacturers who guarantee the quality and durability of their products.

Before you buy a wardrobe, you should determine in advance its location in the room Before you buy a sliding door wardrobe, you must first determine its location in the room

By the way, the cost from the manufacturer is relatively low due to the absence of cheating. The palette of shades is very diverse, the material is the same as the presence of various ornaments.

Wooden long sliding cabinets are the most expensive models, but the life of such furniture is several orders of magnitude higher. Although the cabinets from the plates are also of high quality - there are no cracks and knots, moreover the price is acceptable.

How to choose a wardrobe in the bedroom among the variety of models

In a small bedroom a narrow closet is acceptable, inexpensive for the price, it can be gloss. The mirror surface of the doors allows you to expand the space of the room, especially it is adequate in the hallway, where there is usually little light and free space. Mezzanines in this case also will not be superfluous. It is important not to lose your head when choosing a cabinet, but immediately start with the necessary characteristics that a cabinet should have. If all of them are available - the purchase will be successful.

Multifunctional cabinet-compartment must be selected so that it harmoniously complements the design of the room The multi-function sliding door wardrobe must be chosen in such a way that it harmoniously complements the

design. The wardrobe, whose facade is decorated artistically with ornaments, carvings and inserts of other materials, will look especially impressive in the bedroom.

The price of this will be higher, but it's worth it. It varies from the material of the product. Cabinets made of wood are expensive, but they also last longer than cabinets from other materials.

Swing cabinet in the bedroom - classic and tradition

Cabinets of conventional design, narrow, familiar for every person, are called - swing. They entered our life a long time and still do not give up the position, becoming a classic in the world of furniture. Such cabinets are convenient, capacious, functional, unique in their own way. For bed-clothes buy a case-pencil case, for clothes and shoes in the corridor - a double-winged hinged case. Such cabinets everywhere will look dignified, especially if the tone is chosen for him bed. The catalog provides a wide selection of furniture and original colors, you can see the samples. Variants on the topic of swinging cabinets - a great variety for any purse size and requirements.

Choosing a wardrobe for a bedroom, be sure to pay attention to its quality and basic characteristics When choosing a wardrobe for a bedroom, you must pay attention to its quality and basic characteristics.

The materials from which they are made are environmentally friendly and durable. The scale of the cost varies from design and type of materials.

Today, very popular cabinets with shelves, which are not located inside, but outside. The front part of this piece of furniture can be with doors and surfaces from the mirror, but it is better that the closet combined with the bed.

The wall in the bedroom with the closet saves space

Cabinets for bedrooms are distinguished by modularity. The client has the opportunity to place the modules to your taste. The choice of the coupe today is huge for every taste. No apartment can not be imagined without this piece of furniture. Today, furniture sets include a different configuration of cabinets, but at the height of popularity is the wall with a built-in closet.

It fits optimally with the rest of the furnishing details:

  1. Visually facilitates the interior, unlike the conventional wall.
  2. By means of sliding doors the compartment saves space in the bedroom, unlike ordinary cabinets with swing doors.
  3. The front part is usually created mirror - it's very stylish, convenient and functional.
  4. Furniture can also be artfully decorated.

Many prefer to choose the closet for the bedroom, because it perfectly saves space in the room Many people prefer to choose the closet for the bedroom, because it saves space in the room

. The cabinet can be completely closed. On the shelves that remain open, it is possible to place decor elements - flowers, lamps and much more. Inside the cabinet, you can also plan storage compartments for storing different things at will.

Usually for such cabinets there are also baskets for sleeping accessories, and clothes compartments on hangers, and shelves for laundry. For greater convenience, many install inside the compartment lighting, especially this is relevant for the hallway. Walls with a closet - a practical and functional option for bedroom furniture. It's also beautiful.

Variants of sliding-door wardrobes in the bedroom for every taste

The imagination of the manufacturers is unlimited, therefore every day one can observe some innovations in terms of creating a coupe. Buying this piece of furniture through the Internet resource is a profitable way. After all, the cost in this case is obtained without additional intermediary surcharges. Also in the special catalog is provided a complete assortment of sliding-door wardrobes. Usually the furniture of light tones is chosen in the children's bedroom and the corridor - due to this, the space increases visually and becomes lighter, as well as it gives the interior an elegance.

The choice of a wardrobe for a bedroom depends on both the design of the room and your personal preferences The choice of the bedroom cabinet depends on the design of the room and your personal preferences.

Types of cabinets that are called built-in, can be placed in a niche, if available or make it yourself. In this case, the cabinet turns into a wardrobe in which you can fit not only clothes, shoes and hats, but also other useful things. The options will show the photo gallery of any store. Inside they can consist of eco-leather.

The choice of filling the interior space of the coupe depends on the imagination and taste of the buyer. For those who at the same time appreciate the comfort, comfort and functionality in the interior, it is better to make an individual order, although at a price it will be more expensive than the order under the catalog( pictures and photos will help to make a choice).But the furniture will fit perfectly into this or that room and win the space - it will emphasize the dignity of the apartment and make imperfect the shortcomings. Customers have the opportunity to purchase a different number of components and in their own way they can be assembled, depending on their purpose - there may be a lot of ideas. The bundle depends on your preferences.

The whole-wall cabinet in the bedroom is functional

Everyone wants to have a spacious bedroom, but not always possible. There is a wonderful alternative - to buy a cabinet in the wall. Then many other pieces of furniture that clutter the room will not be needed. They can be given to neighbors. Due to this, the space in the bedroom will be freed and it will become much lighter and more comfortable. This option makes it possible to make imperceptible errors if the layout was not very successful or the shortcomings of the repair work in the past. The type of cabinet can be - matte, glossy, wood. Style - classical, avant-garde and so on.

Stylishly complement the interior of the bedroom can be with the help of a beautiful wardrobe with mirrored doors The interior of the bedroom can be stylishly complemented by a beautiful sliding door wardrobe with mirrored doors

There are cabinets that are placed so that the entire wall is engaged. At the same time, there is a chic possibility to lay out all things in places that had nowhere to go. In addition, this situation will look ergonomic, dynamic, stylish and modern.

Cabinets for the bedroom( video)

The closets first appeared in Spain in order to save free space in cramped apartments. Therefore, the doors of such cabinets are made sliding. Today, this feature is appreciated by many buyers. Now the compartment has changed beyond recognition - mirror doors on the roller mechanism, rich decor and so on. Modern people place elite closets in living rooms, hallways, children's rooms, offices, offices. Today's cabinets are also manufactured with panel or glass doors and so on.