The color of the walls in the bedroom: for a small photo, how to choose, the best solution, what should be

The bedroom is a room for rest, so it is important to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere here bedroom - a room for relaxation, so it is important here to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere bedroom - the individual room. The design of this room creates an intimate atmosphere that allows owners to relax and unwind after a day's work. In the design of the bedroom, any details, such as lighting, curtains on windows, furniture, textiles, are important. When developing the interior of the room, the first step is to determine what color the walls will be. The color solution of the bedroom walls is a very important factor.

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colors for the bedroom walls

color of the walls in the bedroom are chosen taking into account several parameters.


  • Area of ​​the room;
  • Location of windows and their size;
  • Basic functionality of the room;
  • Individual preferences of owners;
  • Fitted furniture.

If the bedroom is only for sleeping and resting, it is customary to choose light and warm tones that will not burden your eyesight. Cream, peach shades are good. If the bedroom has a working area, the best option is to use green and light-green shades. Green colors stimulate mental brain work and increase concentration.

For a bedroom perfect warm light wallpaper without bright drawings warm light without bright wallpaper pictures

For a double bedroom suit warm purple color, or any bright accents perfectly suited for the bedroom.

Such a color solution will create in the bedroom an atmosphere of romance and passion. For a children's bedroom is best to choose two shades, which will allocate a zone for recreation and games. It can be blue or gently pink depending on the sex of the child. Also, when choosing a color, consider the furniture that will be in the room. The combination of furniture with the color of the walls is a very important point in the overall picture of the interior. If the bedroom is made in light colors, do not choose furniture from dark wood, it will greatly increase the image of the room and create the impression of a cluttered room.

What should be the color of the walls in a small bedroom

bedrooms Very often design developments with a small area of ​​the first question is, what color should be wall to visually enlarge the space. Designers use very effective techniques, playing with the color of the walls, so that the small bedroom looks big and spacious. For example, for a narrow and long room, a contrast wall is used.

To visually increase the space, it is recommended to use contrasting wallpaper on one of the walls of the room to visually increase the space it is recommended to use a contrasting wallpaper on one wall of the room

To this end wall painted in a dark rich color and other walls in bright colors.

This technique makes the wall much wider, extols the dynamics and depth of the image to the bedroom. Most often the bedrooms of a small volume are painted in warm pastel colors, but sometimes diluted with photo-wallpaper or wall ornament. The bedrooms with white walls also look very nice. Beat such an interior with bright details. Against the background of the white wall, chic orange textiles, original lamps and large paintings will look chic. In a small bedroom, a smooth transition of the color of the walls will look good, which makes the room not only wider, but higher. Professional wall designers can help you choose the right wall color.

Choosing the right color solution for the walls in the bedroom

The color scheme of the walls in modern design depends on the style in which the bedroom will be. There are many styles that dictate their rules for color matching. If this is a classic style, then dark and deep colors dominate, which are supplemented by gold and silver trim. The hi-tech style is characterized by restrained cool shades, such as gray. Oriental style is full of bright saturated colors with various patterns and monograms.

If the bedroom is decorated in a classic style, then it is better to select wallpapers of dark and deep colors If the bedroom is decorated in a classical style, then it is better to choose wallpaper dark and deep colors

now popular art deco style dictates the use and combination of light shades and colors.

Each style has its own color scheme, which should be adhered to to create a complete image in the interior of the bedroom. Under certain conditions, many designers combine several styles, so there is an opportunity to combine different colors for contrast. It is also worth remembering about lighting, which plays an unimportant role in how the color of the walls will look at different times of the day. It is very important not to be afraid to experiment and bring into the interior bright colors that make the atmosphere of the room more cheerful and iridescent.

Practical tips for the selection of the color of the walls in the bedroom

If the choice of wall color became not an easy task, you can use a number of practical tips that recommend the best specialists in this field.

Choose a color scheme for a bedroom considering your preferences Choose a color scheme for the bedroom considering their preferences


  1. Choose shades must be from a small number of colors. This works when the owner has decided on the main color. When you come to the store for paint, you should ask the seller to show the catalog of shades of this color.
  2. When choosing the color of the wall, you should remember exactly the direct purpose of the room. If it's a bedroom, you should avoid too heavy colors that affect your mood.
  3. Do not listen to the advice of neighbors and girlfriends. The bedroom is a private space in which it should be cozy and comfortable only to the owner, which means that the color is selected individually.
  4. For a full understanding of what color you need to use, you can do a trial painting. In the store you can buy small jars with paint of different shades, and on the most neutral wall to make wide strips of all selected colors. For several days, colors that do not fit will become annoying. And those that cause warm feelings must definitely be used.

choice of materials for the walls in the bedroom

Today, the construction sector is simply inundated with a variety of materials that can decorate the walls not only in the bedroom, but also throughout the house. Finishing material also plays a huge role in the choice of color. Painting the walls is significantly different from the wall decoration with wallpaper, although the color range will be the same. Each material is capable of transmitting its color and shade.

Additional finishing of the bedroom panels will decorate the interior of the room and make it more luxurious additional bedrooms finish panels decorate the interior of the room and make it more luxurious

use of wallpaper in the room creates a greater comfort and warmth than a painted wall.

And additional paneling can make the bedroom furniture rich and luxurious. Each material is able to convey its atmosphere, so when choosing a color, it is worth considering what material the wall will be trimmed. Designers are advised to follow the side on which the windows go. If the side is southern, you can paint the walls with paint, this will give the room a little coolness. If the northern side is best used wallpaper, they will create a warm atmosphere and give coziness. Of course, the choice of color, style and basic material depends on the preferences and taste of the owner, but still it is worth not forgetting the practical advice of experts in the field of interior design.

color in the interior of the bedroom( video)

Interior Design - is a science. When planning any room, you need to carefully study the issue and pay attention to the advice and recommendations of popular designers. Also it is necessary to listen to your personal wishes. If the issue of the design of the room is approached with all responsibility, then the room will undoubtedly turn out to be interesting and original. With the help of color games you can create a cozy atmosphere. And most importantly, the bedroom should be as comfortable and comfortable for the owners as possible.