Set of bedroom furniture: cabinet sets, ready-made photos, design projects inexpensive, prefabricated solutions

Bedroom sets are the easiest way to furnish it Sets for the bedroom - the easiest way to furnish it Use a set of bedroom furniture - this is the simplest version of how it can be quickly furnished. But there are a lot of questions, because manufacturers offer a huge number of sets, among which it is quite difficult to choose the right one. On what should you orient to choose the perfect suite for this or that bedroom?

        • Bedroom furniture for the bedroom: options
        • Bedroom furniture sets, which are
        • Ready-made bedrooms: what the manufacturers offer
        • The most unusual solutions for the furniture kit in the bedroom
        • Basic principles of the bedroom design(Video)
        • Examples of sets of bedroom furniture( photo)

Bedroom furniture for bedroom: options

Without a doubt - cabinet furniture is the most convenient. It does not take up much space, it can be moved from place to place. What should be in the bedroom?The bed itself, a wardrobe or a suite, as well as a dressing table. On the sides of the bed are installed curbstones for storing personal belongings( for each - a separate).

Cabinet furniture is very convenient, because it takes up little space and it is easy to move Cabinet furniture is very convenient, it takes up little space and it is easy to move

Advantages of ready-made sets

  • All furniture will be under the same style;
  • The height also does not have to be selected;
  • As a rule it is cheaper than buying everything separately;
  • There are a lot of offers in the consumer market.

If the bedroom has any irregular shape, then it is better to abandon the ready-made solutions in favor of an individual order for a sketch. The production of furniture for bedrooms is now engaged in a fairly large number of companies, so this is not a problem. It will be more expensive to order, but you can not worry about the cracks that will not be covered by the same set. Everything will rise perfectly, because before making an order, experts make their own measurements.

Bedroom furniture sets, which are

The cheapest set of bedroom furniture is based on wood-based panels covered with decorative film. Such advantages are modularity. This means that any part of the headset can be placed in free sequence and from this visually the furniture wall will not yield to the primary idea of ​​the manufacturer. And the main disadvantage is short-lived and unstable to mechanical damage.

Sets of furniture from wood plates are the most affordable Sets of furniture from wood boards are the most affordable

If the house has children and they are quite active, then, more likely, the furniture will soon be scratched, dents, chipped lacquered coating.

It is worth paying attention to the interior with built-in furniture. The dressing room can generally be carried out as a separate room of several square meters. This is the best option for small bedrooms, up to 8-10 square meters, where you need to save space to the maximum. But it is worth considering that such projects are quite expensive.

Less popular options, but not worse:

  • Using a minimum of furniture. It is enough only the closet and the bed itself. Minimalism is now in vogue;
  • Furniture made of monolith wood. This solution is the most expensive, but with it - original and durable. Such furniture is made exclusively to order;
  • Combining the study and the bedroom. An excellent option if the room has access to the balcony, which is rarely used for its intended purpose. The partition between the bedroom and the balcony in this case can be removed;
  • There are ready-made solutions for built-in furniture. In this case, the bedroom turns into a living room at the same time, but the bed is taken to the closet. A good choice for a single man or student in a small apartment.

Ready-made bedrooms: what manufacturers of


Ironically, in most cases, manufacturers offer similar sets of headsets, consisting of a cabinet with sliding doors and a dressing table for the lady. Prefabricated furniture is inexpensive, but such a collection is selected exclusively for the finished interior. To create a design on its basis should not be, since manufacturers rarely bother with the design of relatively cheap suites.

Prefabricated furniture is selected when the design of the room is already thought out Prefabricated furniture is selected when the room design is already thought out

Modular solutions are attractive in that they produce such headsets in several variations at once. And the furniture between them can be combined. Take, for example, a closet from one series, supplement it with a pedestal from the other. Visually they are combined. But their design also leaves much to be desired. But all this can be corrected, for example, with built-in highlighting. It looks pretty attractive. And on the wardrobe you can generally put doors with a mirror coating. The photos will let you know in advance how it looks in real life.

Or can it be better to assemble a kit using a model from different manufacturers?This is quite realistic, but it requires certain design skills. To everything else - will be somewhat more expensive.

With this selection, the headset should be oriented:

  • On the same scale;
  • At once to refuse superfluous elements( if do not need thumbs - they are better and not put or the same dressing table);
  • First of all, you need to take into account the functionality.

The most unusual solutions for a furniture kit in the bedroom

On designer photos you can see that not always in the bedrooms is put the same cabinet. And most of the free space is occupied by the Jacuzzi. This option is suitable only for large bedrooms in homes, where there is enough space for a separate bathroom for each bedroom. In fact, the furniture is used the same, but it is removed from the bedroom and transferred to a separate dressing room. And from the outside of the room you can arrange, for example, an attic. Functionality will not be compromised and convenience will be maintained.

Ready-made kits are good because they have already thought through all the details Complete sets are good because they have already thought out all the details

When developing such projects it is necessary to consider:

  • The original will not be if the interior of the bedroom is visually different from what is usedIn other rooms of the house;
  • If you undertake such projects, you should not use ready-made kits. It is better to make furniture to order, so that it fits perfectly into the interior;
  • Do not forget about the little things. Equal fittings, combined gamma - all this needs to be combined in those rooms that belong to the bedroom.

Basic principles of bedroom design( video)

The main advantage of ready-made kits is thoughtfulness in details. And it's just in the design plan - do not have to bother. But really high-quality headsets are quite expensive. So you should not save.

Examples of sets of bedroom furniture( Photo)