Bedroom design 14 sq.m. M photo: interior and project, repair options for living room-bedroom, square of rectangular room

The bedroom is the place where people rest, so it should be as spacious and comfortable as possible The bedroom is the place where people rest, so it should be as spacious and comfortable as possible You can meet bedrooms of 14 m2 in almost every house of panel type. When arranging the interior it is worth remembering that the room is meant for sleeping and rest, and therefore it should be spacious and easy. There are a lot of options to finish the room, but you do not need to overload the room with a lot of figurines, figurines and other accessories. Ideally, the zoning of the space will look like a screen or a dressing room.

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Bedroom interior 14 square meters. M, photo

Acquisition of furniture in a compact size may not always be successful, because you need to pay attention not to the form, but to functionality and visual effect. If the interior items are not properly arranged, the room will not be the most cozy and comfortable.

For a small bedroom, warm pastel colors are best. For a small bedroom, warm pastel colors are best. For a small bedroom the warm pastel colors are best for the

In order to expand the space of the room, several simple rules are required:

  1. Do not force the doorway and window cabinets and similar products around. This arrangement will create the impression of confusion, rather than a design decision.
  2. Indoors, the tone must be exceptionally light and better pastel. Dark color narrows space and can badly affect the psyche.
  3. The ceiling covering should also be light, and better glossy.
  4. The horizontal pattern on the wallpaper can visually expand the space, which is especially important for small rooms.
  5. Not bad in the bedroom will look like a mirror, as the reflection contributes to the expansion of dimensions, and also gives lightness, airiness. In addition, the mirror is an integral part of the wardrobe, which is especially important for the fair sex.

Simple design project bedroom 14 square. M

When designing bedrooms, some make the most important mistake - they use ready-made design solutions, focusing on the features of other rooms. In fact, everything is completely individual and it's up to the fact to select every detail. It all depends on the height of the ceilings, the shape of the room, the presence or absence of defects on the walls and ceiling, the location of the window and door, and so on.

You can equip the bedroom to your liking, but do not forget that everything in it must harmonize and properly combine You can customize the bedroom to your liking, but do not forget that everything in it should harmonize and properly combine

To make the room as wisely as possible and to please its owner, you should pay attention to the recommendations of the designers:

  1. The room should be freed from a large number of extra items. For example, such as coffee tables, armchairs and a lot of pouffes with curbstones. The bedroom must include a bed, one cabinet and a wardrobe.
  2. You do not need to use in the interior a lot of chairs, books and decor items, because the style of minimalism in this situation is considered the most profitable. There is no need to install several shelves, it is much easier to purchase a shelf. Such a product will not only allow you to place all the necessary accessories, but also decorate the room.
  3. The bedroom interior should include such mandatory elements as textiles. Curtains, pillows, cloaks and bedspreads - everything should be in harmony with each other.

Repair in the bedroom 14 sq. M.M, photo of

Repair of the living room area of ​​14 squares should be carried out according to a pre-formed project. As the finishing materials can be used a variety of options. For example, it's not bad to look Venetian putty. With this material, you can make a room stylish and modern. Modern designers prefer for small rooms to use such a technique as wallpaper, with a small and bright drawing that will emphasize all the advantages of the room.

Now on sale you can choose a variety of wallpapers of a three-dimensional format, which will perfectly fit regardless of whether a rectangular bedroom or a square.

To make a modern bedroom, designers recommend using wallpaper To make a modern bedroom, designers recommend using wall paper

For the floor the material can be very different:

  • Linoleum;
  • Carpet cover;
  • Laminate.

The color of the floor can be both dark and light, and it all depends on personal preferences. It is more reasonable to use light shades, as they perfectly promote relaxation, harmoniously combine with each other and will not cause aggression. You need to remember that the bedroom should be fun, not annoying.

Choosing the right furniture

To make the room in 14 m2 look full and complete, you have to make the most careful choice of interior items. It is furniture that is the main accent in the room, it occupies most of the space and can affect the appearance of the room, the level of comfort and not only. The approach should be very cautious to the arrangement of the bedroom, so as not to cross the line of practicality and attractiveness with disorder and bad taste.

Furniture you need to buy only the most necessary, everything else except the bed and the closet should be sent to other rooms. Do not confuse such concepts as compactness and roominess, since they are not interchangeable. Classic and all known cloakrooms can be replaced by a closet, especially if it is built-in. The optimal option will be a narrow and high construction. A lot of controversy is about which bed should be chosen, for example a bed or a sofa with a folding mechanism.

Do not make the bedroom furniture, leave it only the most necessary Do not make the bedroom furniture, leave it only the most necessary.

You need to build on the one for whom the room is intended.

  • For the teenager;
  • For the kid;
  • For an adult;
  • For a married couple.

Transformer bed is really a cost-effective solution for saving space, but the designs of such a plan are not always convenient for sleeping and resting. Designers believe that the optimum between the furniture should be at least 70 centimeters, otherwise there will be a sense of confusion. In addition, it is thus impossible to expand the space. Bedside tables are better to exclude from the interior, but you can use it only if you put it close to the bed.

Lighting device

Regardless of what style the room will be decorated, for example minimalism, Provence, high-tech, Japanese, art deco, classic, modern, loft -

lighting should always be the best. But again, it depends on what exactly will be in the room. If it is intended only for sleeping, then the main chandelier is enough, as well as a night lamp. If the room will be zoned to the place for sleeping and for work, then the working space should be illuminated so that there is no discomfort and, especially in the future, problems with vision.

There are a lot of lighting options in the bedroom: they differ in type, size and shape There are many lighting options in the bedroom today: they differ in the type, size and shape of the

Today, a huge number of lighting devices are sold, among which you can choose the most diverse in size, shape, type of lighting and even the method of attachment. Use a large and massive chandelier is not advisable, as it will narrow the space and zanisits ceilings. Very original will look backlighting near the head of the bed, especially if it's the bedroom of a married couple.

Unique design bedroom 14 square. M( video)

Even in a room where only 14 meters, you can create an attractive interior, capable of pleasing everyone. The main thing is to think it right. And there are many options and ideas for this.

Bedroom design 14 square meters.m( interior photos)