A bedroom for a teenager: teenage furniture, design and children's photos 15 years old, a stylish little interior for two

By equipping a bedroom for a teenager, it is necessary to take into account the wishes and interests of its owner Equipping bedroom for a teenager, it is imperative to take into account the wishes and interests of its owner adolescent children are not likely to agree with the views of parents as to what to choose a design. Forming an interior is necessary only in conjunction with the child, so that he was comfortable indoors. Are ordinary children different from teenage bedrooms?Naturally, yes, because a teenager's inner world and banal pictures of cartoon characters can not arrange. Each child has his vision of the beautiful and his room, respectively, a surprise in the form of a new interior can be far from successful.

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teenage bedroom, which she hasOn being

What is the perfect teenage room for you?

The space must be:

  • Cozy;
  • Spacious;
  • Compact;
  • Equipped with technical devices.

To decorate a teen room, calm pastel colors are best: beige, cream, sand For registration teenage room best suited tranquil pastel colors: beige, cream, sand

bedroom for a teenager, regardless of whether it's a boy or a girl - a space of self-expression, manifestation of specific features, as well as the original decor. The child should participate completely in everything in the arrangement of his living quarters, from the project up to the choice of materials, colors and forms of furniture.

So, being a baby, the little man will become more mature and will be able to feel his responsibility and importance for why at home.

Psychologists advise not to choose too many colors, as their diversity will create the impression of disorder, and will also put pressure on the psyche of the child. The optimal colors are pastel colors, which is especially important for children who are easily excited. For a melancholic person, yellow, orange and green tints are suitable.

Furniture in the bedroom for a teenager: what to look for

Modern bedrooms for children should be carefully thought out, especially when it comes to furniture. The child's room is a comfortable and cozy place without extra items of interior.

Stylish and compact sofa with eurowatch mechanism will harmoniously fit into the overall design of the teen Stylish and compact sofa with "evroknizhka" mechanism harmoniously fit into the overall design of the bedroom of a teenager

carry out their selection can be on the recommendations shown below:

  1. Furniture should be adult years, but not forBaby, since a teenager may be uncomfortable, invite friends to a room where the crib is with toon or in the form of a typewriter. The best option for replacing a child's bed can be a sofa eurobook or a full double bed.
  2. It is advantageous to choose a sofa, since friends and friends will be gathered in the room, and offering them to stay on the bed is not only not decent, but also not hygienic. In addition, the bed takes up too much space, and for small rooms it is completely unacceptable.
  3. Choosing cabinet furniture is necessary only from environmentally friendly material, as well as taking into account the multifunctionality, convenience and practicality. Interior items should harmoniously fit into the interior, as well as create a pleasant atmosphere.

small bedroom

teenagers in a small bedroom is quite difficult to choose the style, because you can not use all of the desired product, as well as large volume patterns. In the catalog of any furniture factory, you can choose a roomy set, in which will be placed and things, books and other accessories.

Competent planning bedrooms allows you to think through every step and eliminate the ridiculous appearance, discomfort and even a feeling of annoyance in the teenager.

What should be the room for the boy

The guy has a slightly different perception of the outside world and in particular his room, rather than the girl, and therefore the style of the room for him should be chosen special. The room of a real man should be stylish, strict, restrained and, of course, pleasant for him.

An interesting solution for a teenage boy interesting solution for the bedroom of a teenage boy, interested in sports, a specially equipped area with compact machines, bars or punching bag

In this room there is no room:

  • baby pictures;
  • Bunk beds;
  • Small toys.

To replace them comes office equipment, sports equipment, tools, kits for burning and similar activities. Remember!The personality of an adult is formed in childhood and what will be put into the boy depends on how he becomes a man.

Sports Corner - is a mini gym, and is known to all, banal charge helps to keep the body in good shape and health at its best.

bed or sofa should not be too cumbersome, so they do not clutter the space, but at the same time provide an opportunity to nice and sound sleep. An excellent option is to combine the work area with a place for creativity. For example, a desk can have a variety of shelves and drawers for storing small accessories. The table should have such dimensions that the boy could and is engaged and in parallel to conduct modeling of the tank, a yacht or a huge sailboat. Any child loves active rest and therefore it is necessary to give him such an opportunity, without forcing the room with excess furniture.

Planning the functional areas

It is much harder to think about the interior for two teenagers, especially if it's not two boys, but a boy and a girl, but maybe everything, you just have to think through the room thoroughly.

Each of the zones in the room must be visually determined so that the teenager plays, sleeps and studies in the same room without experiencing fatigue and irritation Each of the zones in the room must be determined visually, to the teenager played, slept and studied in the same room without experiencing fatigue and irritation

The room should be zones, each of which is responsible for its purpose:

  1. The place for sleeping is the central place that distinguishes a teenage bedroom from a nursery. Modern designers prefer to focus on a bed or sofa. It is believed that a folding sofa is not a good solution, because they are not so convenient and suitable for a child's still forming body.
  2. With regard to the work area, it should be as convenient, comfortable, and most importantly perfectly illuminated. If there is no possibility to decorate the zone in such a way that there is enough natural color, it is worthwhile to make sure that there is enough artificial lighting.
  3. Creativity is important for every person and first of all for the child, since it is during the training that inner consciousness, fantasy develops, and there is also a certain calm of the nervous system. Psychologists have proved that children who have no idea about the creation of handicrafts with their own hands have not a stable psyche. Creativity can be different, but the adolescent should have a specially designed place for him, and it does not matter for two or for one little man.

description techniques important for teen room

In recent years, the sale of a huge number of different techniques.

Such as:

  • Computers;
  • Laptops;
  • Extensions;
  • Musical devices and the like.

A personal computer, a music center and other equipment for study and entertainment should be placed as far as possible from the place of rest, in order to avoid negative radiation from electrical appliances Personal computer, music center and other equipment for study and entertainment should be placed as far as possible from the resting place, in order to avoid negative radiation from electrical appliances

Naturally, every child with the passage of time will begin to show interest in them, which should not be stopped, since this is a kind of development. Not many parents approve the presence of a computer in the children's room, as it has a harmful effect on health. It is worth noting that if you use the technique within reason, then the device will only benefit and nothing more. In addition, we should not forget that through the computer there is an opportunity to explore scientific achievements, read various articles and implement their own discoveries. Modern computers are produced not only by advanced and superfast, but also with additional protection from radiation.

If you set the monitor so that there is an optimal viewing angle, as well as appropriate lighting, then the teenager will be completely safe.

Design of a room for a teenager boy( video)

And finally about lighting. With regard to the light, the teenager's room should have a chandelier, as well as spotlights, a floor lamp and a table lamp. Ideally, you can use a night light, which will make the room more interesting and pleasant to stay even at night.

Design bedroom for a teenager( interior photo)