Closet in the bedroom: a photo in a modern style, hinged and floating, options for modular wardrobes and walls

Modern wardrobes due to good aesthetic qualities can dramatically change the bedroom for the better Modern cabinets thanks to the good aesthetic qualities can dramatically transform the bedroom into a better Install closet in the bedroom - not a simple task that requires careful preparation. It is necessary to provide a place for storing things, without overloading the space. This can be done only on the basis of a study of the available in the market offer. How is the space organized inside and on top?Modular variants of Stanley or Ikea are widely used, however, it is not a reason to choose the first option that caught the eye in the catalog.

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cabinets for bedrooms: types and characteristics

To the zoning is successful, it is necessary to take into account the parameters of the product and required for subsequent use of the available space. If it is a bedroom of standard dimensions, it is more reasonable to choose a wardrobe. Its versatility lies in the ability to fit into any interior. Getting a lot of storage space, the owner of the living space saves space.

It should be remembered that the key to success is the correct selection of texture and color. Designers recommend choosing a wardrobe for storing clothes, based on the degree of ambient light, the predominant colors, size of the room and windows, a dominant style.

Especially popular are cabinets built into the wall, as they save space significantly Especially popular are cabinets built into the wall, as they significantly save space

Depending on the above criteria, the sliding-door wardrobes are divided into the following types:

  1. The distribution has been built into the niche model;
  2. Partially built-in cabinets are provided as one of the side walls of an existing wall in the room;
  3. The case version is one of the most rarely used types of cabinets. Suitable for rooms with non-standard dimensions.

In a separate category are allocated cabinets designed for rooms in the style of "eco".One of the most common options is a wardrobe. Installed in spacious rooms. Depending on the design features, such cabinets are divided into 2 types: linear and angular. The first variety is mounted along the wall.

If you choose a corner wardrobe, then it is possible to install it in a confined space. In addition, its use increases the space for a 2-sleeping bed.

Built-bedroom in a modern style: tips on choosing

width, depth and height - 3 most important parameter, the correct records which will not make a mistake. You need to start with the way the cabinet is opened. In a small room it is advisable to use practical options with sliding doors. On the one hand, mirror panels visually expand the space, and, on the other hand, reduce the load on it. It should be remembered that the door system occupies about 10 cm of the cabinet area.

In a high and spacious room is chosen a cabinet with a sliding panel in the form of a high cylinder. In this case, the customer receives the necessary space for storage of things and visual accent.

Beige wardrobe with spotlights in the bedroom will perfectly fit into any interior Beige cabinet with spotlights in the bedroom will perfectly fit in any interior

In addition, there are a number of other recommendations related to the choice:

  1. For bedrooms with a low degree of illumination, a cabinet with built-in lighting is suitable;
  2. Furniture in a small room or a nursery is selected with various small but pleasant tricks. This includes the use of furniture elevator, rod( retractable or end);
  3. Recommended cabinet depth: 60 cm;
  4. If the space does not allow the installation of high cabinets, it is better to choose options with drawers with different areas;
  5. High cabinets should not have an increased depth. Otherwise, the process of extracting things from the upper shelves will be difficult;
  6. The swimming area should easily accommodate the most voluminous things in the wardrobe.

Increased attention must be paid to the exterior of the model. In the dimly lit small rooms in the classical style, the glossy version will look good. In this case, the owner will have to spend time maintaining the original appearance of the cabinet.

Transparent leaflets will make the care of the bookcase easier. More difficulties arise in the premises, where narrow aisles. It is advisable to use cabinets, whose color and texture slightly differ from the prevailing color option in the room.

Choosing cabinets in the bedroom

Attached models characterize small sizes. Used in the kitchen and bathroom. Over the past few years it has become normal to place it in the bedroom. Various versions of this will be presented by a thematic furniture catalog. Among the main advantages of the hinged model is the reduction in cleaning time.

Hinged cases are appropriate to use, if you need to maximally compactly place furniture Wall cabinets are suitable for use if it is necessary to maximally compactly place the furniture

Around them it is easy to walk with a mop or vacuum cleaner.

Depending on the functional load, the hinged cabinets are divided into several types:

  1. Corner - requires the least space in the room. Depending on the manufacturer, distinguish the L-shaped, 3-coal and trapezoidal version. A separate category includes a radial version characterized by concave or convex walls;
  2. Book - is installed at the head of the bed. It fits well with beautiful light colors. The facades of book models are made transparent. It is recommended to choose a cabinet with glass shelves;
  3. With sliding doors - can be placed in a small room. Depending on the manufacturer, they are made of chipboard, MDF, plastic and with mirror surfaces;
  4. For storage of laundry - the height of this model should not be excessively large. Things are kept folded on the shelves If you want a more functional version, it is better to give preference to corner with retractable shelves

How to choose a modular cabinet for bedroom

In the modern interior where every centimeter of space becomes its weight in gold, compact, but it is necessary to useWith functional options. One of these are modular cabinets. The first thing that immediately catches your eye is the ease of assembly with your own hands. The manufacturer supplies the product with detailed instructions, which makes it possible to refuse the services of third-party workers during the assembly phase.

Modular cabinets have a good functionality, so they are in demand in the market Modular cabinets have good functionality, allowing demand to

market Another advantage - the ability to combine two or more units of furniture. The main thing is that the color and texture of the furniture is well combined. If in one room you need to install a plasma TV-panel, DVD-player, music center and so on, then the modular wall in this will help.

As additional arguments in favor of its purchase is the following:

  1. Wide selection of material - for storing laundry and appliances you can buy or order a stylish wooden version;
  2. For premises in a modern style it is recommended to choose ready sets, which include more mirror surfaces;
  3. In terms of color and texture, everything here is determined by the prevailing style in the room. Wooden shades are suitable for a luxurious classic interior. For the children's room it is better to choose the bed options, and for the modern style - muted blue.

Cabinets in the children's bedroom: parents of

Environmentally safe, without sharp corners, convenient - a list of basic characteristics for furniture in the children's room. It is not placed near a window or a cot. In that case, the curious kid will not try to climb into it. If the ideas have not yet come to the head, then different versions of children's furniture can be viewed in the catalogs. For example, Ikea offers models with the possibility of drawing.

The wardrobe in the children Wardrobe in the children's bedroom can be decorated with three-dimensional labels, which show the favorite cartoon characters your child

printing using environmentally neutral colors, so the baby's health is not threatened. In safety and wood, not experiencing a prolonged exposure to chemicals.

In addition, the designers call attention to the following:

  1. The furniture is assembled carefully. Minor errors will lead to the fall of some elements;
  2. It is better to purchase a cabinet for growth. For example, a large version with several offices will last long;
  3. For storage of seldom used things it is better to use mezzanines.

Bedroom wall with cabinet: tips for beginners

Solid wood furniture complements the functional interior of a modern living room. The height of the wall with the cabinet should not be too high, otherwise visually the room will lose several centimeters. If the rate is made for elite varieties of wood, then the composition is complemented by leather furniture.

The wall in a set with a cabinet is very practical, since it performs several functional assignments simultaneously wall complete with cabinet is very practical, as performs multiple functionalities

Compositionally will correct options, consider the following recommendations:

  1. Furniture kits are selected based on the predominant colors in the room;
  2. Before the shell walls are at home, it is advisable to look inside. The dimensions of the shelves and the sliding sections must contain the things necessary for the potential buyer.

Proper zoning bedroom closet

correctly drawn sketches will help you choose the best option for the nursery, bedroom or living room. Wishing to choose a roomy closet, you must first analyze the needs. How much space is there?Is there a wall-slope or a modular option?How functional should be the closet or the bookcase?Answers to these questions will help to draw up a quality project. Qualitatively organized planning is the basis for a comfortable stay.

In the presence of two cabinets it is recommended to place one to the left of the bed, and the second - to the right, so that the room looks organically With two cabinets is recommended to place one on the left of the bed, and the second one - the right to the room looked organically

little help designers simplify the task of recommendations:

  1. for spacious rooms with high ceilings chosen shkaf-pencil case. It is installed in the corner opposite the front door. For a spacious bedroom, a wardrobe is chosen;
  2. To determine which texture to choose, the degree of illumination and the color of the wallpaper will help;
  3. For the living room, where a large number of books, souvenirs and other decorative items are stored, wall racks are required.

Wardrobe in the bedroom( video)

correct choice of wardrobe for a nursery, living room and bedroom creates a complete composite solution. Size, texture, depth, width - just some parameters that determine the degree of comfort of the inhabitants of a particular room. To avoid common mistakes will help a well-organized preparatory process. If the cabinet design is correct, then the probability of inaccuracies is reduced to "0".Various

bedroom cabinets in the interior( photo)