Design of bedrooms: in the apartment, a photo of a small size, the rules of the interior, a small room in the new house

The bedroom should be designed so that it is harmonious and comfortable The bedroom should be made out in such a way that it is harmonious and comfortable Construction bedrooms with their hands should be an enjoyable experience. It is very important that in the future the atmosphere in the room is joyful, comfortable, and harmonious. Ideas can be the most unusual and extravagant. By the way, a new extravagant design is more popular than ever before. Making out the bedroom in a special way you need to think over the device of provocative art objects. The bedroom in the house or apartment should be spectacular, but not through-chur. For a provocative accent, furniture of unusual shape, designer panels in the style of avant-garde, accessories, futuristic lamps will perfectly suit. You can combine incompatible, but experts do not recommend it to newly-made home designers, since this task is not very simple.

    • Conservative bedroom: Design
    • Youth, royal and rustic bedroom: how to decorate
    • Making bedroom: details
    • decorated bedroom of a small size
    • Rules for bedrooms
    • Beautiful modern bedrooms( video)
    • stylish bedroom design( photo)

Conservative bedroom: design

Conservative bedroom - it's a win-win.

The idea can be as follows:

  1. In the center of the bed.
  2. Above the bed is a beautiful mirror or panel.
  3. Next to the bed are bedside tables.
  4. On the curbstone table lamps.

To create a conservative bedroom, it will be enough to purchase a large bed, bedside tables and a beautiful panel To create a conservative bedroom, will be enough to buy a large bed, bedside tables and a beautiful mural

This solution makes low-key bedroom, but symmetrical and natural. To the interior of the room was not boring, you can make a few bright spots, place stylish pillows, figurines, flowers.

Youth, royal and rustic bedroom: how to decorate

Speaking of youth registration speech is not about years, but about the mood, which offers a bedroom design. The options for such design can be different, but in some ways the youth bedroom is similar to an extravagant bedroom.

The distinctive details of this style direction are the following:

  • The walls are covered with bright wallpaper;
  • There must be decorative plaster;
  • On the walls do film applications in the form of urban landscapes, inscriptions in foreign languages.

Youth bedroom - a room where you can easily combine bright wallpaper and original furniture Youth bedroom - a room where easily combine bright wallpaper and original furniture

Royal scope includes large size bedrooms. There is a big expensive bed. Can be present canopy, antique furniture. Everything should be luxurious and solemn. Do not forget about stucco, carpentry, window bindings close to historical patterns. If the royal chambers are not yours, you want something quiet, peaceful, then the ideal option is a country style - country. Country is not just considered a style for centuries. The design of the room in this style involves the use of many accessories reminiscent of life in the village.

This can be simple furniture, simple bedding in a cage or with small flowers. Whichever style is chosen, the main thing is to observe harmony and not overdo it with details.

Designing a bedroom: details

It is very important to design the design correctly, so special attention should be given to the location of the bed.

The bed can be placed in different ways, here are a few options:

  1. Location near the wall - the bed is moved tightly to the vertical surface.
  2. Island - the bed does not touch the wall, it can be massive.
  3. In a niche - the bed is located in a special niche or curtained.
  4. On the catwalk - the bed is located on a specially constructed structure.
  5. mezzanine - a bed placed on the construction of the second level, a great option for a small room, it is possible to make the bottom of a wardrobe or workplace.

Do not place the sleeper near the battery. Great attention should be given to the decoration of the walls. Eyes should not strain, everything should contribute to relaxation, comfort, comfort.

It is best to place the bed near the wall or in the center of the room, and fill the rest of the space with decor objects It is best to place the bed against the wall or on the center of the room, and the rest of the space filling decor items


Colors have a psychological significance, it should be considered when choosing finishes:

  • White - coldColor, creates a sense of calmness, lightness, modesty and simplicity.
  • Gray - the color of apathy, boredom.
  • Black is a color depressing mood, gloomy and depressing.
  • Brown - creates a feeling of warmth, coziness, softness and calmness.
  • Purple - the color reduces activity and slows down a number of life processes.
  • Blue - the color is passive, reduces activity, can provoke emotional stress.
  • Green - remarkably affects a person.
  • Yellow - the color of vivacity, heat, increases efficiency.
  • Blue - Contributes to contemplation, passive color.
  • Red - color excites, positively affects the perception of tones.
  • Orange - gives vivacity, a feeling of warmth and good mood.

making repairs, not necessarily abandon the bright colors, for example, is very nice in the bedroom look dark blue walls, terra-cotta or maroon walls. You can experiment.

If you do not want to waste time and money on experiments, it's better to choose neutral, calm tones.

decorated bedroom of a small size

In many modern homes the room to sleep very small. How is it advantageous to arrange furniture and other interior items. It is important to properly use the space in the bedroom. It is important that the bedroom retains functionality. If the dormitory for spouses, you can place a double bed, if for one person, then you can place a lorry or a single. The ideal solution is a mezzanine bed.

If you have a bedroom of small sizes, in this case it is not necessary to litter it with unnecessary things If you have a small bedroom size, in which case you should not clutter it with unnecessary things

Under the mezzanine will house perfectly:

  • Wardrobe;
  • Workstation;
  • Chest of drawers.

A small bedroom should not be cluttered with furniture and accessories. You can place a chest of drawers or a nightstand, a cupboard-pinal, a table, a bed. Everything should be distributed carefully, do not put all the cosmetic accessories on the table. In general, it is better to remove all small items, as this will create the illusion of space. Expand the space will help mirrors and well-designed lighting. In a small room the ceiling, and the walls should be light. Textiles should be airy, light.

Drawing rules for the bedroom

The rules for creating a comfortable bedroom will help create a cozy and harmony in the room.

So the rules of registration are as follows:

  1. Bedroom must be isolated.
  2. On the windows should hang tight curtains, not allowing light.
  3. The main subject should be a bed.
  4. Do not overload the bedroom with interior items.
  5. It is important to design the lighting in a qualitative way.
  6. Do not place a large number of plants in the dormitory, as they absorb oxygen.

It will look great bedroom in one style, where every detail organically complements the interior of the room It will look great in a bedroom in one style, where every detail organically complements the interior of the room

It is also very important to choose the right style for the bedroom. The design should take place in about the same style, as this will give the impression of a single image. Well, if the style in the bedroom does not remind you of work. The sleeping room should have rest, relax. The bedroom can also be designed in a different direction from the general style in the house. When choosing the finishes and colors, you should give preference to the pleasant tones, favorite colors. A good design solution, creating one accent wall.

Lighting in the bedroom should not be bright, but not too boring. It should be possible to read a book for the night or surf the Internet.

Beautiful modern bedroom( video)

Observing not tricky rules, you can competently and nicely design a bedroom. Create an unmistakable interior can be in a classic style, it's always a win-win option. However, if there is a desire and money you can experiment.

stylish bedroom design( photo)