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The bedroom in Provence style combines simplicity, comfort and sophistication bedroom Provence style combines simplicity, comfort and elegance in the bedroom person spends a third of his life. Comfortable environment guarantee a healthy sleep. In modern times, new designs and ideas are increasingly often a bedroom in the style of Provence is in demand. Romantic and gentle interior of the past time attracts special charm. An unusual kind of furniture and a lot of elegant textiles will appeal to many connoisseurs of antiquity.

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bedroom Provence: its features

The romantic decor of the bedroom Provence is to use exclusively natural materials. Such materials are slightly more expensive than artificial ones, but they are environmentally safe and have a special charm. The colors in the interior are exceptionally tender and minimal variegated.

The style of Provence originated as far back as the 19th century, is still relevant today despite the development of modern trends and new trends in fashion. Provence presents a cozy, sunny village style with the smell of wildflowers, natural wood and an ineffable morning smell of nature.

The main feature of the bedroom in the style of Provence - a freshness, formed by light tones main feature of the bedrooms in the style of Provence - it's fresh, formed in light colors

Basic color style can only be gentle, the main characteristics of which are easy to recognize Provence in the interior:

  • use of white and pastel shades;
  • Set of flower patterns;
  • A large number of different decor;
  • Antique furniture;
  • Lots of textiles in the interior;
  • Natural materials - wood, flax, cotton;
  • There is a lot of natural light.

The interior of the bedrooms in the style of Provence recalls the large lavender fields or the sea of ​​France. Provence is a rustic country style, so all items are distinguished by their simplicity and elegance.

Many pillows, a veil in floral patterns, everything around is light and airy. Maximum ease and minimum pomposity - the basic principles of design in the Provencal style. Vintage accessories decorate the bedside tables, paintings with a natural landscape will charmingly look on the wall at the head of the bed. Bedrooms Provence is simply a paradise for refined natures. It's nice not only to fall asleep and wake up, but also to spend time free from business. Newly married and in love - this style will go more than anything.

Delicate style of the Provence in the interior of the bedroom: color solutions

To create a style of Provence in the bedroom, it should be understood that it should not contain elements of modern decoration. All furniture must carry the old. If there is no opportunity to buy old furniture, you can artificially grow old. Designers often use this technique.

The floor covering should be wooden or at least look like it. Carelessly plastered walls do not need to be leveled, it's ideal to apply drawings to them using a stencil.

You can paste wallpaper or paint in a color suitable for the style. The whitewashed ceiling on which the beams are visible all the way speaks of the style of the interior. It is important to understand that there is no need to be stiff here. Light negligence, which brings back the old days - is what suits this style.

Warm shades are one of the attributes of the Provence style Warm shades are one of the attributes of the Provence style

Style Provence in the interior of the bedroom is expressed in a color scheme, it can be the following colors:

  • Shades of white( cream, pale yellow);
  • Ocher and terracotta;
  • Coffee with milk;
  • Lilac;
  • Pastel gray;
  • Light green;
  • The color of the sea wave.

Delicate color solutions are complemented by a huge amount of light, both natural and natural. Large windows with swinging frames painted in white, or the attic with access to the balcony in a warm day opens the door. But these are more constructive features of the style, which in the conditions of a city apartment will be difficult to implement, and sometimes completely impossible.

But you can competently work with lighting. Artificial light in the form of ancient chandeliers made in wooden lampshades, a lot of lamps on either side of the bed and on the walls - this is the right move. For comfort on a hot day, you can cover the shutters that should be inside the room or simple light curtains will save the morning sleep from bright sunlight.

We select furniture for a bedroom for a bedroom

For the style of Provence, in addition to the right color palette and finishing the room you need bedroom furniture. This furniture is made from natural materials of certain shapes.

The main differences in furniture in the style of Provence are as follows:

  • Simplicity of construction;
  • Natural materials;
  • Rectangular shape;Carved or braided elements;
  • ;

Furniture for the bedroom-provence can be wooden or forged, decorated in retro style, or artificially aged The furniture for the bedroom-provence can be made of wood or forged, retro-styled or artificially aged.

A large retro bed in the bedroom will be the center from which all furniture is selected. Required attributes are bedside tables. The bed should be decorated with pillows with hand embroidery.

A dressing table, dressing table and chest of drawers are decorated with various patterns. If the bedroom is spacious enough, it can accommodate an antique chair, an armchair in a textile coverlet, a banquet.

In case of insufficient space, it is better to add different decor to the interior with the help of lovely accessories. The floor should cover a small rug of warm tones. It is appropriate to place in the bedroom porcelain figurines, various antique frames for paintings, vases with floral ornaments and of course flowers, many colors - not only painted, but also living peonies, roses.

Small bedroom in Provence style

Style Provence means a large space with various antiques. However, not always a large bedroom, but a small bedroom in the style of Provence can be ideal. The premise of a bedroom is not a living room, but a private space, in which only its owners are, so the availability of free space is not particularly required. If the bedroom is small, then emphasis should be placed on lighter colors, preferably white.

A small bedroom in the style of Provence should be as light as possible Small bedroom in Provence style should be as light as possible

The main items indicating the provence will be:

  • Large carved wooden bed;
  • Bedside tables made of wood;
  • Large mirror in the carved frame;
  • Pillar.

A large window should not be hung with heavy curtains, light air curtains will be the best option. Flower patterns on walls and fabrics, as well as the presence of fresh flowers will emphasize the provencal style. A small bedroom set will fully convey the idea of ​​the idea.

You can place on the walls an antique clock and pictures embroidered with a cross, you need to decorate the whole space without exception.

Designing a bedroom for a girl in a mansard in the style of a Provence

The attic in a wooden house has a room in a Provencal style. The children's furniture for the girl in such elegant and gentle style will look good. Before the design of the attic, you need to repair it. Well, and of course, it is worth asking the future hostess, whatever she wants to see her future bedroom.

The white color palette will not be very relevant, it is better to design in more gentle colors:

  • Delicate lilac;
  • Beige;
  • Soft pink.

Mansard room is very suitable for decorating a bedroom in the style of Provence The attic room is very suitable for decorating a bedroom in the style of Provence

If the older girls live in the room, then it is quite possible to fulfill the Provencal style in the usual design. Wooden finishes should be preserved as much as possible in the attic.

You can decorate the bedroom with works made by the girls themselves, it can be different embroideries, toys, sewn-made, sculpted figurines and various crafts. Do not forget about the tissues, they should be a lot, on the beds, chairs, on the table in the form of tablecloths, various cloaks on the chairs.

If a girl is engaged in embroidery, she can easily decorate all fabrics with her own patterns. Pillows with ruches can be decomposed not only on the bed, they can decorate all the chairs and chairs. The writing desk, decorated with books in antique bindings, emphasizes the style of the Provence bedroom in the attic.

Original bedroom in the style of Provence: photo

If you are at a loss how to make a bedroom in the style of Provence, then the furniture, the images of the suites can be seen clearly in various design magazines and catalogs presented by the furniture factory of Tria.

In the absence of knowledge how to make a bedroom in the style of Provence, you need to contact a specialist If you do not know how to make a bedroom in the style of a provence, you need to contact the specialists

Here you can see a variety of pieces of furniture in the style of Provence:

  • Cabinets;
  • Commode;
  • Cabinets;
  • Shelves.

Textile design will help you choose a designer for the style of Provence. In modern times, modular furniture for the style of Provence is made by many factories.

It should be noted that not all furniture is made of natural wood, but the appearance of the provence is attached with special technologies. Sufficient and ready-made accessories for this design.

Provence style bedroom repair( video)

Provence means antiquity, but this does not mean that the bedroom needs to be turned into a warehouse of antiques. It is not necessary to combine in the interior items of French Provencal and Chinese. China in furniture welcomes various bright details, which directly contradicts the French Provence. For competent interior design, you can use the services of designers and stylists. The room will play harmoniously decorated style of Provence.

bedroom design in the style of Provence( Photo Interior)