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Choosing a design for the design of the bedroom, you should remember that the room should be the most secure place in the apartment, suitable for rest and full sleep Choosing the design for the decoration of the bedroom, keep in mind that the room should be the most secure place in the apartment, suitable for relaxation and proper sleep Well-formed interior of the bedroom promotes relaxation and full sleep. In order for this to become possible, it is necessary to take into account the room parameters, the level of insolation( the amount of penetrating sunlight), the prevailing color scale, the chosen style and a number of other parameters. Only an integrated approach avoids many typical mistakes.

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We are looking for a suitable bedroom interior

Run in furniture store just does not need a number of reasons. First, among the many ready-made options, even an experienced designer does not always simply choose something suitable. It is recommended to start with the analysis of the available premises. For a small room it is better to choose functional, rather than bulky furniture. It is represented in thematic catalogs and at specialized exhibitions-sales.

Experience shows that work in a confined space, characterized by equal parameters of each wall, is simpler than in a traditional room. It is more difficult when it comes to a large amount of free space. First consider a variant with a traditional or understated ceiling. In this case, the general concept is based on the placement of visual accents.

With the help of the shelving, the bedroom can be turned into a small cabinet, and a bed retractable into the closet will create a zone for work and reading With rack bedroom can be turned into a small office, and retractable in the closet bed will create a zone for work and reading

is done as follows:

  • Pictures, made in contrasting colors, hung onWalls. The main thing is not to overdo it. They should not be excessively catchy, otherwise the room will seem overloaded;
  • The armchair installed opposite the entrance composition accentuates attention to the classic character of the interior;
  • The efficiency of the deep-set windows will be emphasized by the elegant curtain and a few small paintings hung from both sides.

When it comes to high ceilings, it is mistaken for many to use chandeliers exclusively to create a visual accent. Design rules say that the ceiling is involved in creating a spatial perception of the entire room. That is why it is emphasized by a high mirror cabinet and contrasting with the rest of the chandelier. It is better to choose a lighting device that will emphasize the grandeur of the room.

Interior bedroom "simpler" - when finances inadequate

difference between austerity and budget option design bedrooms understand, unfortunately, not all. Due to various circumstances, the owner can not afford luxurious repairs, so it is necessary to "slow down" a bit. However, this does not mean at all that among the "bare" walls it is necessary to put only a cot. Examples of the budget variant of registration will prompt different catalogs.

When decorating a bedroom in Scandinavian style, it is necessary to determine in advance the size of the room and the degree of its illumination, White color furniture and decor objects not only makes the bedroom cozy, but also visually increases the size of the room When decorating a bedroom in Scandinavian style, it is necessary to determine in advance the size of the room and the degree of its illumination. The white color of furniture and decoration not only makes the bedroom cozy, but also visually increases the size of the room.

First of all, attention is drawn to the walls. It is better to abandon the traditional wallpaper, which are expensive, but not always at the same time allow you to bring the necessary mood to the interior of the room. Preference is given to plastering or painting. To ensure that the wall does not seem too deserted, decorate it will help calm the content of the paintings or small architectural forms of natural materials.

If to talk about the interior in general, then the following practical tips of designers will help:

  • 2-double bed is complemented by a dressing table;
  • Over the table, a night lamp is placed in a classic style;
  • If the dimensions of the room allow, then the entrance panel is decorated with a medium-sized sculpture or lamp on a high leg;
  • If the parameters in the apartment do not allow "roam", then the choice falls on the bed with a podium, the bottom of which is used to store things.

Types of bedroom interiors: tips for decorating

A suitable bedroom furniture is chosen taking into account the ultimate goal - comfort and functionality. On the one hand, the room should be pleasantly located, but, on the other - things should always be at hand. That's why to start from the first place is from the available space. The larger it is, the wider the range of possible stylistic decisions.

Decorating the bedroom in the oriental style, you should pay attention to the pillows, which are not only decorative, but also functional, replacing benches and pouffes Making the bedroom in the Oriental style, should pay attention to the pillows that are not only decorative but also functional value, replacing the benches and ottomans

help you navigate this issue photo of finished interiors and the following recommendations:

  • "Country" - a common phenomenon among fans of country life. Using natural materials creates a comfortable atmosphere. Near the wooden bed on the wall there is a photo gallery telling about the life of the countryside.;
  • The eastern direction - to make it quite difficult, because you need to take into account a lot of stylistic parameters. For example, each functional area needs a screen or curtain to separate from the others;
  • Minimalism - it seems, it refers to universal directions. On the one hand, it really is. The apartment can reduce the load on the available space. On the other hand, this is mistakenly perceived as the greatest possible lack of furniture. The result is a feeling of desolation and "cold".In order for the minimalism to the apartment to be correctly entered, it is more reasonable to bet on small but functional things;
  • Nordic direction - Scandinavian motifs are becoming more popular among residents of Central and Eastern Europe. At the heart of it is the use of natural materials, cows and spacious cabinets. If we talk about the color scheme of the walls, then the choice falls on a strip or squares, creating a sense of comfort;
  • Classics is associated with an abundance of impressive in form and size of objects. In this regard, this style is not recommended for small rooms.

Interior of the bedroom in the house: transforming the private household

The happy owners of their own roof over their heads always strive to improve the habitual landscape. In a private house, it is more difficult to do, because living in a separate building imposes certain imprints. At the same time, we should not think that the possible types of planning decisions are limited. The main thing - to organically fit everything into the parameters of the room.

For a bedroom in a private house, it is necessary to choose the most compact objects of a furniture set, for example bedside tables, connected to the bed base to bedroom in a private home you need to choose the most compact items of furniture, such as bedside tables, coupled with the base

bed For a start you need to pay attention to the room where the most time - living room and bedroom. In the first case, a real or electronic fireplace is suitable for the Oriental or classical direction. Fans of Asian style should pay attention to bamboo and other materials traditional for this region.

For the ardent supporters of the classics is not superfluous to consider the following tips:

  • preferred leather furniture;
  • Opposite the fireplace there is a spacious sofa;
  • A bookcase is installed in the northern part of the room;
  • chandelier should be medium in size with a small amount of decorative elements.

Before you start it is recommended to view the subject catalog. Even if it seems that the right option is chosen, do not neglect this recommendation. There is always a chance to find something new.

bedroom Interior items: everything must be in place

The balance between functionality and aesthetics is a guarantee of comfort for those who will be in the room. That's why you should think in advance about the nuances. Designers recommend starting from the available space and the chosen stylistic solution. The necessary items are also selected in the tone of the dominant coloring in the house.

Choosing a budget version of the design of the bedroom, you should pay attention to calm, balanced colors and decorative elements that do not disturb the harmony of the entire room Choosing a budget option styled bedrooms, should be given to calm, balanced colors and decorative elements, which do not disturb the harmony of the entire premises

Everything becomes clear when one considers the reception of a particular style:

  1. East directionImplies a small number of objects. The entrance group is decorated with blinds or a Japanese curtain acting as a door. Creating an Oriental style, you do not need to chase a detailed reproduction of every detail. For example, you can confine yourself to several paintings, a small table and a cabinet made of natural materials;
  2. The direction of "country" implies the rejection of artificial materials. Excellent beams overlap, if it comes to a private house. In an ordinary apartment, you can choose something simpler, for example, decorative elements made from natural materials. They are placed on the walls and in the corners;
  3. Classical direction means impressive in its size beds, cabinets, sofas and armchairs. In this case, you should not "bend the stick."

Textiles in the interior of the bedroom: tips for beginners

Comfort in the house creates a lot of details. Including we are talking about textiles, which should be chosen wisely. In addition to strength, the material should not be a "magnet" for dirt. From an aesthetic point of view, textiles should be in harmony with the prevailing color in the interior.

It is not superfluous to pay attention to its size. In all respects it is convenient when the sheets, curtains or covers are compact - not too small and not too large.

Textiles in the interior of the bedroom completely change the color perception of the room, makes the house stylish and cozy at the same time Textiles in the interior of a bedroom completely changes the perception of the color of the room, making the home a stylish and cozy at the same

addition, isolated and other recommendations:

  • Lack of sunlight is offset by bright warm colors;
  • A well-lit room means the use of muted tones;
  • If minors live in the house, it is better to choose easily washable textiles into the room;
  • The children's room implies the use of environmentally friendly pastel colors.

Photo Interior bedroom in the apartment: looking for sources of inspiration

unusual or classic stylistic decisions prompt the exhibition and sale, magazines, and a global network as a whole. After spending a few minutes of their time, it is easy to get a lot of ideas, the embodiment of which will positively affect the interior. Designers at the same time recommend judicious evaluation of the drawings and sketches found.

In addition, to help find inspiration:

  • is easy to visit friends and acquaintances who have recently had a renovation. Having studied the peculiarities of their interior, it is easier to decide on a future project;
  • Options will throw a thematic program dedicated to design;
  • Visiting master classes, where real designers and real projects can be studied in detail;
  • Various videos allow you to see for yourself how different elements interact in the room.

How to arrange the bedroom( video)

Interior design - work with zeal comparable sapper, every wrong move that will lead to dire consequences. If we talk about architecture, then the level of comfort and functional component will suffer. In order for this to happen, it is necessary to consider in advance various options. From the purchase of ready-made sets it is better to refuse in favor of the idea to make furniture to order. In this case, it is more likely to create an attractive atmosphere in every respect.

Bedroom interior( photos)