Beautiful bedroom design photo in the apartment: the interior of the house, the most in the world, how to make their own hands, very

Even without the help of a designer, you can equip a very cozy and comfortable bedroom Even without the help of the designer it is possible to equip a very cozy and comfortable bedroom . As designers arrange beautiful bedrooms - the design of a photo in an apartment can be viewed in various catalogs and a portfolio of those or other specialists. Which of them can I choose for myself?What of all this can be realized in real life with their own hands without the use of skilled builders?And what are the tricky methods of creating a comfortable and cozy environment in the bedroom, which has a healthy sleep?

  • What is a beautiful bedroom interior
  • Beautiful bedroom with your hands: where to start
  • How beautifully to furnish a bedroom and not to spoil its comfort
  • Lighting in a bedroom
  • Design of beautiful bedrooms( video)
  • Beautiful bedrooms in the apartment( photo)

What is a beautiful bedroom interior

So, what should be a beautiful interior for a bedroom?First, the situation should be one that will predispose to rest. And this means - warm lighting( low temperature in Kelvin), pastel gentle colors( including furniture).To all other things, it should be remembered that now minimalism is in favor. Therefore it is better to use a minimum of furniture and leave the maximum possible amount of free space. Design is also chosen with a reference point in this direction.

Спальня - это место, которое больше всего располагает к отдыху, поэтому обустроить эту комнату в квартире дизайнеры рекомендуют в стиле "минимализм" The bedroom is the place that is most suitable for rest, therefore designers should recommend this room in the apartment in the style of "minimalism"

. As now, they are building bedrooms - there are several unspoken rules:

  • In the room it is allowed to install only a wardrobe( preferably separate), as well as a ladies' table for applying make-up( or removing it);
  • Bedding is by no means put in the corner of the room. It should be placed in the center, installing a curb and a floor lamp on each side;
  • The bedroom must have a large mirror. You can just make a mirror door to the closet( or a combined dressing room).

What interiors for bedrooms are optimal for today?With a bias on the Baroque. And in this style, as is known, a wide scope and luxury prevail. And all this must be gracefully combined with minimalism. It would seem an impossible combination, but in reality this is the best option.

Beautiful bedroom with your hands: where to start

What can you do in the bedroom with your own hands, so that it becomes more attractive in the design plan?You should start from the ceiling. The traditional option - hanging panels. They are pretty beautiful, inexpensive and easy to assemble. Those who previously worked with gypsum cardboard, you can try to build a two-level ceiling. Or, as an option, make it stretch. In this case, again, you should focus on gentle pastel colors. As an option - to make the ceiling brown from the stretcher. It looks pretty attractive. And there are those who generally dream of creating a starry canvas on the ceiling( directly the stars and other decorative elements are painted with paint, which is capable of accumulating light).

Professionals in the repair work suggest that you need to start building a bedroom from the ceiling, and the wallpaper should be selected with gentle tones Professionals in the repair process suggest that you need to begin to equip the bedroom from the ceiling, and the wallpaper should be chosen with gentle tones.

. Also, you should plan in advance how the bedroom will accommodate all the furniture. The most important thing is to leave as much free space around the bed as possible. For this reason, designers do not recommend using a lot of furniture in this room. In principle, you can find ready-made schematics. In the trend - minimalism, so you can and nothing else in this room is not used. This decision will be correct in the studio apartments, where visually the bedroom is separated into a zone. It is not a room as such.

As for the finishing of walls and floor, there are a lot of solutions.

The best among them:

  • Parquet on the floor and the decoration of the walls under the tree( you can use plastic or even finished panels, such as siding);
  • If the bedroom is located in an adjacent room with another apartment( joint wall), then it is better to close it with soundproofing( this is handled well by the facade polystyrene foam).From above it is covered with plasterboard or the same plastic panels;
  • Do not put tiles on the floor unless the floor covering is heated;
  • The bed can be placed on a small raised platform. The platform will be empty from the inside of the box. Space can be used to store things.

But colorful wallpaper here will be redundant. In extreme cases, you can take vinyl, but in gentle tones( monotonous, without colorful inserts and all the more photo wallpapers).

How beautifully to furnish a bedroom and not to spoil its comfort

It would seem, there is nothing difficult in correctly furnishing a bedroom with furniture. In fact, everything is different. First, the room itself may be irregular in shape. It is better to remove the transitions and close them with a falsh-wall. Or at the same place to form a built-in closet.

The bedroom looks great pictures and photos, but here the main thing is not to overdo it In the bedroom pictures and photos look great, but here the main thing is not to overdo the

If it's a bedroom in a big house, then you can "play" on the form, adding to the room some fireplace( not necessarily, So that it completely fulfills the given functions), covered with marble. Or if the window from the bedroom with a view of a lake, then you can put two tall and narrow aquariums from the side of the window opening. It looks very interesting. Here in the apartment all this is unlikely to work.

So, with furniture everything is very clear, but what about the decoration?

For this in the bedroom you can use:

  • Pictures. Especially popular today are modular, as well as all sorts of cross-stitch embroidery, topiary, homemade;
  • Floor candle holders. They can be built into the walls, which will be a good solution for creating an intimate environment;
  • Just nice pictures or family pictures from a holiday in exotic countries - here you can include fantasy.

Lighting in the bedroom

It is extremely important in the bedroom lighting. It must be made adjustable. In the world it is customary to make basic, additional( lamps around the perimeter of the room) and individual( several lamps or a bubble directly above the bed).There are other variations. The most popular are floor lighting. But this option is suitable for large bedrooms. A photo, as it looks, can be found on thematic forums.

Lighting in the bedroom should be adjustable, and fashion trend today is the floor lighting Lighting in the bedroom should be adjustable, and the trend today is the floor lighting

If the décor of a bedroom is occupied by a designer, then it should be asked to provide a catalog of their work. On them it is possible to determine which he uses the solutions in terms of lighting.

In this respect, there are several unspoken rules:

  • In a room with a multilevel ceiling - multi-level lighting;
  • In large bedrooms, the main lighting is used for small lamps;
  • Luxury chandeliers are superfluous in this case;
  • You can combine floor and ceiling lighting.

Design of beautiful bedrooms( video)

And do not forget that the curtains in the bedroom - a pretty important attribute. It is best in their quality to use traditional drapes, which can completely cover the window. And that's why the bedroom needs good lighting.

Beautiful bedroom in the apartment( photo)