Bedroom for a girl in a modern style: design for a woman, interior and photo-ideas 2017, for a young room

A woman Women's bedroom - it is the whole world, not just a room for sleeping Of course, all the designer would have done professionally, but many aces he has not. He can offer arbitrarily beautiful solutions, but he simply will not know his customer well-with his tastes, preferences, habits. And if you are planning repairs in the women's bedroom, take into account the smallest details.

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bedroom design Ideas in style Shabby-chic

for young and romantic girl's bedroomIn the style of shebbi-chic is a dream room. In this style, a lot of intertwined, and accents of even two styles are added here, and more - it's country, and provance, and vintage. The result is an original interior, both modern and permeated with the spirit of a bygone era.


colors in the interior can be as follows:

  • White;
  • Lavender;
  • Pistachio;
  • Peach;
  • Light lemon;
  • Faded blue;
  • Beige.

The requirement is that the main surfaces of the bedroom should be monochrome, because monochrome advantageously emphasizes furniture and accessories. For the decoration of the walls of these bedrooms are often used light wallpaper with a floral ornament in retro style.

Shebbi-chic is not an ascetic style, because the decor is chosen especially carefully Chebbi-chic - not austere style, because the decor is chosen very carefully

Furnishing a room and combines modern and vintage. Perfectly join this interior and artificially aged furniture, and products with paintings, stained-glass windows, forged parts. All furniture should be deliberately rubbed, furniture shapes preferably round.

The main decoration of such a bedroom is a bed with the appropriate design, fabric canopy, canopy and canopy, decorative pillows, an interior coverlet. Sold ready kits are already on sale, but all these things can be picked up with taste.

Textiles can be decorated with floral ornaments, images of angels and birds, various symbols. Linen, silk and cotton are the preferred materials. Textiles usually have a lace trim with collars and folds.

Bedroom girl-2017: modern style

Room in this style for girls should not seem cold. Since modernity originated in the era of the Silver Age, the era of symbolism, your first task is to find the symbol of your room. For example, the image of a lily. It means the beauty of loneliness, or pigeons, which symbolize fidelity.

For girls For girls' rooms are characterized by smooth lines. Because furniture and decor should have smooth curves, from the sharp corners would have to give

choose the main character, it must occur in many subjects of the interior - curtains, upholstery, decorative items, wallpaper, pictures, etc. Not everywhere, it will be busted, but symbolism needs to be conveyed.

Interior in the Art Nouveau style should be natural - floral ornaments and other natural motifs prevail.

Design a bedroom of a woman in country style

And this idea is for those who love the freshness and simplicity of solutions. The notions of the rural way of life, the relationship with nature, all this conveys the country's interior style.

Wall design in such a bedroom assumes:

  • Wallpaper in flower, cage or strip;
  • Wooden panels that can decorate both walls and ceiling;
  • Decorative plaster, possibly with elements of a stone or brick wall.

Wooden floor - the best solution for this interior. It can be a parquet or a heavy parquet board. The floor is decorated with a rustic rug.

In the design of a bedroom in the country style, no flashy colors are used, all shades should be approximated to natural natural shades Country style bedroom design does not use flashy colors, all shades should be close to natural shades

Best colors for country bedroom:

  • Beige;
  • Blue;
  • Olive;
  • Yellow;
  • Terracotta;
  • Azure, etc.

On the windows, hang simple, literally weightless curtains. Flower motifs can be found in the decor, but do not overdo it - country, of course, looks like a Provencal, but still it's different styles.

The furniture is light, preferably wooden, but you can also use an iron, wrought-iron bed. Cabinets are chosen massive and slightly rough. The color is "wooden".

Interior of the bedroom for a girl in the style of minimalism

And this stylistic direction extols purity, perfect order, space, an abundance of free space. The room should feel fresh air, space, and thus, of course, the set of things should be minimal. To make it is not so easy.

A bedroom in the style of minimalism is very suitable for every girl. In this space, she will feel full comfort and maximum comfort The bedroom in the minimalist style is very suitable for every girl. In this space, she will feel full comfort and maximum comfort

If you want, for example, bright walls, this is possible, but only all furnishings must be monophonic and not so saturated.

Furniture requirements

  • Not allowed - painted, carved and decorated furnishings;
  • The central place is occupied by a bed, which can look like tatami with concealed legs;
  • Cabinets are only built-in, it is desirable that they merge with the walls;
  • If possible, a dressing room is made in the room, where everything is superfluous.

The bed is not decorated with pillows, rollers, canopy. The blanket is plain, like curtains, which in most cases are represented by blinds.

Variants for the design of a bedroom for a Scandinavian-style girl

A Scandinavian bedroom is a whiteness and brightness. Here the frosty white can be combined with a bright, even acid color. The question of proportions.

In the bedroom it makes sense to make an accent wall with natural prints. Floral motifs and floral patterns must be skillfully met.

In the bedrooms in the Scandinavian style, hangers and racks without any disguise are exhibited in the bedroom In bedrooms in Scandinavian style, hangers and racks without any disguise are exhibited in the bedroom

The bed is standard, rectangular. Sometimes it has a forged head. The bed is usually not large in size. On the sides of the bed - bedside tables. Often used hanging shelves, soft soft puffs. But the congestion and massive furniture scandium-style will not tolerate, if the closet - it's as simple as possible, inconspicuous.

A room for a girl in a modern style( video)

Choose your version of a female bedroom, in which there will be no taste in the form of excessive romanticism, and bombast. Your reflection will be your preferred interior style, a witness of your taste and lifestyle.

Successful repair!

stylish bedroom for the girl( photo)