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When arranging a room for a girl, it is necessary to take into account the interests and preferences of the child Equipping the room for the girls, you need to take into account the interests and preferences of the child Beautiful girl's bedroom - the pride of the apartment where the girl is growing. And even two girls, whose room suggests a place for games, recreation, study. Of course, if the room for a newborn girl is another matter, the interior in it will change as the child grows up.

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bedroom design for girls: design principles

Before priestTo drink to the analysis of options, it is worth noting several main principles that underlie the situation of any children's room. They are based on the upcoming repairs, and everything on the design of children's bedrooms. Let's consider three main rules for decorating a child.

Correctly designed children The regular children's bedroom can be not only beautiful, but also quite functional bathroom


The younger the child, the greater the restriction. Sharp, beating, flammable should not be in the nursery. Remove all wires, make plugs on sockets, all small parts must also be hidden. As the child grows up, these restrictions will be removed.

Environmentally friendly

Preference is given to natural materials. The decoration of walls, floors, furniture, textiles - it's about everything. Pay attention to the marking, it will indicate whether it is possible to use the material in the children's room.

To arrange a room for a girl, things from natural materials For arrangement of the room for girls are perfect things made of natural materials


If the floor -. It quickly and well washable rather than finish and series ", and do not breathe on it"Furniture should be easy to move, and all things and toys the child should be able to collect and clean himself.

Also the children's room assumes correct lighting. Light in the room should be enough. A desk should be placed near the window, the light should fall on the left. For the bed is the best place - away from the entrance to the room. The maiden bed is often decorated with a beautiful canopy, but today the canopy beds are increasingly abandoned. Motivating it by the fact that this decorative detail is just a dust collector. But if the canopy is made of natural materials, there is nothing terrible. True, it is worth remembering that for small bedrooms canopies are inappropriate.

Bedroom furniture girls: how to choose

If possible, then let the future owner of the bedroom herself choose furniture for the room. At least do it in her presence. The opinion of two or three is already a choice, a dispute, a common solution. In advance, you can show pictures on the Internet, so that the girl formed some preliminary ideas.

Required items in the bedroom for girls are a bed, a work desk and a practical closet The essential elements in the girls' bedroom are the bed, work desk and practical closet

The main accessories of the maid's bedroom:

  • Bed;
  • Desk;
  • Cabinet;
  • Working table.

Additional components include a safe with a mirror( something like a dresser), footstools, shelves, bookcases. If you chose metal furniture, it should have soft inserts. Furniture should be comfortable.

Make your bed according to the height of the child. When choosing a mattress, the landmark should be on orthopedic mattresses. If there is a goal to save space - choose a bed with built-in boxes to store the necessary there. The color of furniture is subject to the general style of the room.

Window in the girl's bedroom

Window decoration is also important. If a girl or girls are still preschool, you need to think out a sufficient darkening. But there should not be a night effect. Do not choose heavy and thick curtains, they will create a too serious atmosphere. The best choice is translucent, flying fabrics.

An excellent option for a girl An excellent option for the girls' bedroom is the light and creative curtains

The curtains must be fastened so that they are not difficult to remove, as it is often necessary to wash the curtains. Environmentally friendly material is also in the foreground. Well, design trust to choose the hostess rooms - and butterflies, and florets, and kittens. That's why the girl is cozy and sweet. Well, if the bedding is combined with curtains. It is not necessary to choose elite models of textiles for children's rooms, in simplicity a special charm, and it is natural.

Decor of the girl's room

And for this it's not such a simple matter to include fantasy, more precisely, to try to think like an adult to a child. Of course, to consult with the girl will not be superfluous. Fabulous and adventurous motifs are always relevant.

To think up a decor for a girl To think up a decor for a girl's bedroom, you need it so that it will definitely appeal to a child.

Decorating tips for a girl's bedroom:

  • You can put a special board for entries - girls from small years are very business-like, and do different thingsThey will like the notes;
  • Photos of girls of different ages in beautiful frames - simple, but always appropriate;
  • Vinyl stickers on the wall - for ten minutes transform the nursery, do not come unstuck with the wallpaper, durable, bright, in a large assortment;
  • Soft decorative pillows on the bed - they are very easy to sew themselves from the cheapest fabric;
  • Door photo wallpapers are another popular trick.

Well, if the selected furniture sets are included in the overall stylistics of the room. Decorative stylistic accents are chasiki, frames, rugs, pillows, plaidies, napkins. Do not take frankly youthful things, let childhood is felt throughout the interior.

Color design of the girl's room

Pink is an obvious solution, but not the best. You can see beige, peach, pale-lilac, pistachio, yellow, pastel colors. Be sure to remember about the psychology of color. Red is considered a strong irritant, green - has the opposite effect.

For the girl For the girl's bedroom, bright saturated colors

are perfect. Wallpapers can be combined. For example, three walls to make dairy, and the fourth to cover with striped wallpaper. More often used and wallpaper. Gray with lilac reflection can be called very fashionable, against its background it will be great to play white, pink, tender blue, warm pistachio.

Bedroom for two girls: features of

If girls are close by age, then the equality policy is only welcomed. Something that one has, one should not have another girl. Even the size of the wall shelves, it is desirable that they coincide. Try to ensure that every girl has a personal space.

For two girls it is possible to make a bedroom that will be decorated in one color scheme For two girls it is possible to make a bedroom that will be framed in one color range

In the girls' room there should be three zones - game, working, sleeping. Most of the opinions converge that the zones should be the same for the two girls. If the age difference is palpable, it will be difficult to create a single playing space.

Decor children mostly have to choose their own, let them choose from a limited number of options. You pick up the most successful fabrics and colors, pieces of furniture, decor, and then ask the girls what they liked best.

Design a bedroom for a girl ( video)

Always save your favorite photos from the gallery in a separate daddy, more than once review them, note the details and accents. So choose the final version will be easier.

Successful repair!

Design of a children's bedroom for girls( photo interior)