Arches from drywall photo interroom: how to make your own, in the wooden doorway illumination

A beautiful arch of plasterboard will make the interior of the room modern and practical The beautiful arch of plasterboard will make the interior of the room modern and practical Archs have long become common in modern apartments. Nowadays it is not only a decoration, but also a very practical solution for apartments that are deprived of space, where it is not rational to install conventional doors. Arches look best at the entrance to the dining room, living room, kitchen. The article will discuss the advantages of arch structures, types of arches, design options, and a master class for the independent construction of a decorative element will be presented.

    • Advantages of the modern interroom arched plasterboard
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Advantages of a modern interroom arched panel of

gypsum board

Arched constructions can be created from different types of building material. It can be plaster, wood, natural stone, however the most popular and budgetary option remains the favorite by all designers-decorators drywall.

The advantage of drywall in plasticity, which allows you to make an arch of any shape and size Advantage of Hypocardone in plasticity that allows making an arch of any shape and size

The main advantage of the material is its simplicity of installation and a wide choice of decor options.

By the way, the arch can decorate not only the doorway, it can be arranged as a frame of a niche in the wall, it is also possible to equip the space above the fireplace or hob. Drywall is malleable, a versatile material that is used in both decoration and construction.

The material has the following advantages:

  1. The material is elastic, with good ductility. Thanks to this, it is possible to create arched constructions of almost any shape and size. You can make an arch with your own hands, you do not need to contact a professional for this. For mounting only a metal profile, fasteners and drywall sheets are needed.
  2. The building material is lightweight, easy to install and fasten. In addition, he hides the unevenness of the walls in the doorway.
  3. Drywall is completely safe for human health. The sheets are made of environmentally friendly materials. You can use it even in children's rooms.

In addition to excellent performance, the designs are aesthetic. The owner of the apartment can choose any finish trim and create a unique design. It can be plaster, wallpaper, staining. It all depends on the imagination.

Types of interior arches from plasterboard - photo

Arched constructions are divided into views based on the style in which they are created. Arch is a universal element, as it fits in almost any style direction, in which the interior of the room is made. Arched constructions from ancient times were present in the interiors of the East, in modern design they received new breath and original, interesting shapes.

Before installing the arch, you should first determine its design Before installing the arch, you first need to determine its design

So, if you are talking about the types of arches, then conditionally they can be divided as follows:

  1. Classic Roman arch. An arch is constructed in the form of a construction that is equal to the width of the doorway. The arch is decorated with a vault in the form of a semicircle. As the decor of such arches, plaster, stucco, or elements made of natural wood are used. Ideal for classical interiors, for rooms with high ceilings.
  2. Modern style direction - modern. Arch in the Art Nouveau style is an excellent option for small apartments with low ceilings. Its arch has beautiful smooth lines and a truncated radius, so that the room visually stretches.
  3. Slavyanskaya. A universal option, suitable for any interior. The design of the arch has a simple shape, the corners are slightly smoothed.
  4. Arched construction in oriental style. Such an arch has a shape reminiscent of a pointed dome. If the design of the room is planned in a Moroccan style, then the eastern arch is the ideal solution.
  5. Thai arch. The Thai arched construction has one feature, it is chamfered only on one side. Such an arch gorgeously complement both the eastern and extra modern interior.
  6. Trapezoidal arch. The design has sharpened angled corners, which look great if they are decorated with wooden elements. According to the designers, an excellent option for a classic English interior or private house.
  7. The arch portal is not round, it is the standard frame of the doorway, which is often decorated with stained glass. It looks original and saves space in a small apartment.
  8. The arch can take the form of a niche. This design is not included in the doorway, it is created close to the wall, with the purpose of making a frame for TV, bookshelves, a fireplace, etc.
  9. Arches figured. Designs made in the most incredible forms, look great in modern interiors. Drywall allows you to create the most fantastic designs.
  10. Oval and round arch. Great idea for rooms with not high ceilings. The design smooths the corners, makes the opening round or oval. A great solution for ultra-modern interiors.

Door arches from gypsum plasterboard - photo of the design options

You can decorate the arched structure in different ways. Depending on the general style direction in which the apartment is made and the functional purpose can be implemented, the most unexpected decor.

In order to save space in the room, you can install a gypsum cardboard door In order to save space in the room, you can install a door gypsum cardboard arch

Classics, as well as stylistic directions of baroque, empire, classicism provide for decoration of figured plaster moldings. You can decorate the arch with bookshelves, this will help to save space.

Also the arches decorate:

  • Tree;
  • Mosaic;
  • Bricks;
  • Artificial and natural stone.

Excellent option for a modern interior - the arch with illumination. This design looks stylish and original. Additional lighting will not be superfluous, especially if the arch is arranged between the hall and the hallway. The decor should not be much, and the arch in the style of minimalism and hi-tech should not be decorated.

How to make an arch of plasterboard in a doorway with your own hands

You can make an arch in two ways. The first is the direct chipping of the wall, according to the preliminary drawing, a semicircle. The second is the intentional embedding of the upper part of the doorway with sheets of plasterboard, giving it the shape of an arch. Consider the second option for creating the arch by yourself. This method is relevant for apartments with high ceilings. The first thing you need to do is prepare the material and the tool.

Before making an arch of plasterboard, you must prepare in advance tools and materials for work Before making an arch of gypsum board, it is necessary to prepare tools and materials for work in advance

For work you will need:

  1. Knife for metal.
  2. Metal profiles.
  3. Fasteners.
  4. Plasterboard sheets.
  5. Level.
  6. Marker for marking.
  7. Thread or compasses.
  8. Jigsaw.

When everything is ready, you should proceed with installation. The first step is marking. Next, you should arrange metal profiles in the doorway. A rectangle is formed, taking into account the maximum size, which is equal to the radius and the minimum size of the semicircle at its upper point. When the frame under the arch element is made, you can deal with the marking of plasterboard.

Cut sheets of rectangular shape, which are equal in height to the radius of the future arch, and to the width of the doorway.

Then you need to fix the sheets on the frame and use a thread or a circular to draw a semicircle. Next, you need to remove the sheets and cut out the semicircle using a jig saw. The next stage is fastening to self-tapping screws. When the structure is assembled, it is necessary to make and fix the end part of the arch. Used gypsum cardboard, but to bend it, you need to make a notch on the surface of the sheet, so that the individual fragments that are formed, strengthened only by the paper on which it is glued. Do the job very carefully, so that the workpiece does not stop. The final stage will be the finish finish.

Installation of interior arches from gypsum board( video)

So, there are many options, and it's a matter of taste. Arches are always relevant, despite the fashion trends. In addition, the arch makes the room wider, increases each separately functioning zone, leaves it in its place, creating an atmosphere of coziness and harmony in space.

Design of interior arches of plasterboard( interior photos)