Metal spiral staircases: forged by hand, photos and drawings, iron on the second floor, fabrication

The original spiral staircase made of metal perfectly complements the interior of the room in the Art Nouveau style The original spiral staircase made of metal perfectly complements the interior of the Art Nouveau room. . In its classic design, the spiral staircase acts as a pillar around which the steps are located, however, the structure may be different. Metal spiral staircase to the second floor - it's reliability, beauty, durability. You can make a ladder from metal without the help of professionals, we'll talk about this and many other things below.

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Screw staircases made of metal: manufacturing methods and features

ix sorts of metal ladders involves the use of various materials and methods for their treatment.

The following designs can be distinguished:

  • Forged. It is executed from a steel, a method of art forging.
  • Molded. Cast-iron, however, can be made of brass or be bronze.
  • Welded. The most accessible and popular.
  • National team. The ladder is assembled on site from pre-fabricated elements. Chrome or aluminum, often made to order.
For a living room in a classic style, a forged spiral staircase with an interesting design For a living room in a classic style, a forged spiral staircase with an interesting design

is perfect. Forged and cast stairs are expensive, so they are not built often. Welded most in demand, it is inexpensive, and make it completely, perhaps with your own hands. By the way, metal is not often used only for the frame, and after its creation, the staircase is decorated with wood or other material. If we talk about design features, then metal structures always have a pole-support for the steps.

The type of securing the steps can be:

  • For sleeves and bolts.
  • On the outer string.
  • On the console.
  • On support walls.

It is quite possible to make a ladder, but as it will be described below.

Convenient metal spiral staircase

It is much more difficult to create metal constructions than from wood - it requires not only experience, but also special equipment and tools. If this is not a problem, and the home wizard is "familiar" with the welding machine, then the instruction described in the article will help you to make a sturdy and beautiful staircase yourself. Of course, first you need to perform measurements, calculations and create drawings of the future ladder in order to know the distance between the steps and their number, to understand what kind of form of tear and type of fasteners is needed.

It is very necessary to create a ladder design on the bolts. To do this, you need to prepare a pipe with thick walls, the length of which is equal to the distance between the floors.

You will also need a pipe to create the sleeves. Its diameter should be larger, and the length is the same. You can not do without steel corners and pipes of even larger diameter to create pain.

You can create and install a metal ladder yourself, the main thing is to think out its design and prepare everything necessary for work You can manufacture and install the metal ladder yourself, the main thing is to think out its design and prepare everything you need for the job.

To weld the ladder you should:

  1. The first cases you need to take the pipe from the metal and cut it into equal pieces. The pieces should be equal to the height of the podium by 1 step.
  2. The resulting cartridges must be tried on the support located in the central part. If they are worn loosely, with slits and gaps, it is necessary to weld seals of wire of the desired thickness into the inner part of the ring casings, after which it is necessary to grind the welding places.
  3. The next step is to make a template from wood racks, having fastened them to the chipboard, or to the plywood sheet.
  4. Then you have to cut the corners of steel. Angles should be equal to the internal dimensions of the template. They must be put inside and welded.
  5. Next, you need to weld the frame of the step with the sleeve, to clean the seams.
  6. The next step is to string all the sleeves onto the support and place it in place.
  7. Bolts must be pre-cut and welded to the steps, pre-welded sleeves between them, putting them in the desired position.

When welding and installation work is completed, the frame should be primed and painted, and the steps should be faced with wood. You can immediately weld to the sleeves of the finished steps of metal. They must be profiled, which will prevent slipping, and with stiffening ribs, which will give strength. Screw iron staircases on the metal frame look impressive and reliable.

Spiral staircase with your own hands made of metal: drawings and tips

Drawings can be taken ready, and if you have the skills to draw yourself. Today, by the way, special programs have been developed that can also be used. Despite the fact that the spiral staircase designs are the most optimal for installation in a small space, it is still necessary to try to ensure that their performance data meet the requirements.

Before you start making and installing stairs, experts first recommend that you correctly draw a drawing of the future design on paper Before starting the manufacture and installation of the ladder, specialists first recommend that you correctly draw a drawing of the future design on the paper


  • Reliability;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Comfort.

This means that the width of the ladder march should be suitable not only for lifting and lowering, but also for passing furniture, voluminous things. A spiral staircase with a diameter of 100 cm or less is not suitable for these conditions, since the width of the march in this case is less than 50 cm. Therefore, it can only be mounted as an auxiliary element and rarely used - for lifting to the attic or descending to the basement room.

You should also select the correct angle. If it will be more than 45 gr., It will be dangerous to use such a ladder, and to descend from it, you will have to turn your back and increase the risk of injury. It is necessary to think over the device of the handrail, even if the steps are broadly inserted into the wall, otherwise it will be difficult for children and people of age to go / climb. Do not use as a support partition of gypsum board and other fragile building materials. A step should be faced with non-slippery building materials, or nail them on corrugated lining.

Screw ladders: forged

If the stairs for a house or a two-story apartment are forged, it always looks attractive and original. The first forged screw construction appeared in the Middle Ages. Then it was just a beautiful replacement for a conventional ladder design. Time does not stand still, but forged stairs are still relevant. Castles were replaced by private houses, and the stairs do not lose their relevance.

In the interior of the country house stylish and elegantly look a metal spiral staircase with elements of artistic forging In the interior of a country house, a metal spiral staircase with elements of art forging looks stylish and elegant. Thanks to artistic forging, staircases fit into any interior, making it:

  • Elegant;
  • Original;
  • Balanced.

Forging will make even a very ordinary house a castle, and its owners will make them feel a little kings. Because the quality and aesthetics of such a ladder design will be 100% royal. Forged structures are not only very, luxurious, but also durable, resistant to mechanical damage. But, you still need to take care of the forged staircase. Forged stairs - the perfect decoration for the house.

Varieties of metal spiral staircases( video)

In any housing a spiral construction with artistic forging will become the central object. No guest, will not pass by such splendor!Even if the budget option is chosen, as the cost of forging is very high. That such a ladder does not need additional fasteners to the walls, so you can mount it anywhere. This is another advantage of forged designs for the home.

Design metal spiral staircase( photo interior)