Types of wallpapering of two types: photo, design of pasting of walls different, how beautifully to paste, variants and samples

The combination of wallpaper with a different pattern will allow you to create an original wall or a part of it, make the room interesting and original The combination of wallpaper with different patterns will allow you to design the wall or its part in an original way and make the room interesting and original. The design of the walls in the apartment is an important element of the whole interior, therefore the manufacturers of building materials offer a diverse choice of finishes. The main among a large number of materials are wallpapers, but modern design provides for the original technology of their application, for example, the combination of wallpaper.

        • Wallpaper gluing of two types or features of a combination of wallpapers
        • Variations of wallpaper wallpapering the spirit of species that exists to this day
        • Design of wall papering with different wallpaper: ideas for inspiration
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        • Color and pattern: basics of combining
        • Texture in combining
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Wallpapering of two types or features of a combination of wallpapers

The usual ways of pasting walls are still used, but they are replaced by a fashionable way of combining wallpaper.

Any apartment, covered with several types of wallpaper, acquires some boldness in the interior and against the backdrop of standard solutions in design looks especially advantageous. This is due to the use of diverse materials, colors and textures, which give the wall surfaces some dynamics.

Reliability and exquisite design of vinyl wallpaper attracts the attention of those who value excellent quality at an affordable price The reliability and refined design of vinyl wallpaper attracts the attention of those who value excellent quality at an affordable price

The right choice of material is the key to success in wallpapering two types of wallpaper.

The interior design industry offers the following variants of wallpaper for combining:

  1. Paper wallpaper can be combined with almost any two or more kinds of wallpaper, due to their flexibility and flexibility they can be used in hard-to-reach places on walls;
  2. Vinyl wallpapers are strong, strong and elastic, experts recommend them to use in apartment areas where there is a maximum risk of mechanical damage( corridor or kitchen), the best way to combine them with paper wallpaper;
  3. Flizeline wallpaper is valued for its special individual texture and its ability to hide small wall defects( dents, scratches, etc.), they are well combined with paper and vinyl wallpaper;
  4. Wallpaper textile is very impressive and expensive decoration for the walls of the apartment, it is better to use them for gluing in the bedroom or living room, well combined with non-woven and paper wallpaper;
  5. Liquid wallpaper similar to decorative plaster, they can be applied in any room of the apartment and they are well combined with non-woven wallpaper.

Textured wallpapers will revive the interior, breathe new life into it without much effort Textured wallpapers will revitalize the interior, breathe new life into it without much effort

The right materials, their textures, thickness and colors are the guarantee of an ideal combination of wallpaper.

Combination methods

  1. When wallpapering two types of wallpaper, you can use the design of wallpaper with patterns and monochrome options - this option is perfect for a bedroom.
  2. If you use a light monophonic background and bright repeating dark patterns on the walls of the room, you can create a harmonious design.
  3. If you want to paste a bright wallpaper, you can advise making smooth transitions less saturated colors.
  4. You can revitalize the room with different wallpaper by decorating its individual walls. For example, in rooms where the corners in the interior are pronounced, you can decorate adjacent walls with different wallpaper or extend wallpaper to the ceiling. You can also use a combination of several invoices.
  5. The most popular kind of combination is the gluing of the upper and lower part of the walls with several patterns of wallpaper. In such cases, so that the contradiction in looking at the walls is not so clearly stand out, you can use paper curbs.
  6. In studio apartments, the room can be divided into zones by gluing different types of wallpaper, for example, dividing the kitchen and living area.
  7. In children's rooms, you can apply a patchwork combination, giving the small owner an iridescent mood or an unusual pattern on the wall from the remains of wallpaper.

Taped wallpaper of several types can transform the space of rooms: make an accent on the main wall, beat the niches in the interior, select a fireplace or select a zone of seed photographs.

Variations of wallpaper hangings of the spirit of species that exist today

Vertical combination that visually lifts the height of the ceilings and horizontal, which expands the space.

In the first case, you can use regular vertical elements( stripes) or specifically avoid regularity. With this form, the material can be with any pattern and any color, but the texture of the wallpaper is better to choose the same, otherwise it will not turn out beautifully.

The second type of wallpapering of two types refers to the classic interior. The fission zone can be designated by a simple curb or wallpaper in a monophonic version and wallpaper with a large pattern.

Wallpapers with bright and funny pictures for the children Wallpapers with bright and funny pictures for the children's room raise the mood and hide small defects - stains and scratches

If the choice is made, it is worth considering the practical part of wallpapering. Different wallpapers require different approaches - you need different glue and care will also not be the same. If you use the same materials, it's easier to remove joints or even glue the wallpaper in overlapping, if the texture and type of material are different, it is necessary to resort to the help of wallpaper tapes.

In order to glue wallpaper of several types of room, it is necessary: ​​

  • Prepare the walls( clean, putty, re-primed);
  • Prepare glue, apply it to wallpaper or walls;
  • Stick the main wallpaper wallpaper;
  • Stick the wallpaper for combination( close or overlapped);
  • Finish( remove joints, use curbs or ribbons, crop unwanted parts of wallpaper).

Thanks to these simple rules, work on wallpapering two types of wallpaper will bring pleasure, and the result will surpass the wildest expectations.

The design of pasting walls with different wallpapers: ideas for inspiration

A simple desire to glue wallpapers of two kinds for the best result not enough

The combination of wallpaper with different texture will help realize the most daring imaginations The combination of wallpaper with different texture will help to realize the boldest fantasies

Therefore it is worth paying attention toOn the following examples of their combination:

  1. Colorful and rich colors are better combined with light, pastel colors;
  2. Wallpaper with a texture ornament can be combined with floral patterns;
  3. It is worth remembering that the excessive floral ornament on the wallpaper looks overloaded and rough;
  4. Wallpapers with various geometric shapes are well combined with abstract drawings;
  5. It looks interesting in the interior design of the apartment;
  6. The most important thing to remember about the compatibility of color shades, the brightness and tone of color - it's not the same thing.

In a single color solution, there must be furniture, curtains, and bedding or sofa upholstery. Sometimes the smallest things can bring the missing design touch.

How beautifully to paste wallpapers of two types: detailed guide

To the design of wallpapering of two types of wallpaper you need to approach thoroughly and not only in the choice of color and texture, but also to the attributes of the interior.

Ideas that will nicely combine the wallpaper:

  • To beautifully decorate the corridor or hall, you can alternately combine the stripes of two types of wallpaper;
  • In the children's room or bedroom, fragments of different sizes look great, from which the quilt effect is obtained;
  • To align the proportions of the room, you can cover two corners with contrasting wallpaper;
  • For lovers of large drawings on wallpaper, you can advise to use ethnic style, it will give identity to the interior;
  • Designers advise to use in one room a maximum of 5 different colors, even if they all belong to the same palette.
  • To increase the space of the room, you can cover the corners with wallpaper of dark colors, and choose quiet colors from the background.

Inexpensive and practical option - wallpapers that make the room cozy and warm, or strict and laconic Inexpensive and practical option - wallpapers that make the room cozy and warm, or austere and concise

You can apply this method of decorating the walls for any accent in the interior, for example, to designate the head of the bedOr the place of the fireplace.

Color and pattern: the basics of combining

The wallpaper with the pictures should have the same tones as in the background wallpaper or close to it.

Kinds of ornaments:

  • Geometric;
  • Classic;
  • Flower.

They are well combined with a monophonic wallpaper or wallpaper in a shallow strip. Wallpapers with floral ornaments look good with wallpapers that mimic stone, wood, etc.

Neutral wallpaper - white, cream, grayish - will be an excellent base for wallpaper with a picture or bright color. Beautifully will look together wallpaper with a geometric pattern and an abstract image.

Texture in combining

Especially popular is the surface coating or texture wallpaper, which are great for combining.

Excellent alternative to the standard wall covering - liquid wallpaper, giving the room a unique appearance due to a special texture Excellent alternative to the standard wall covering - liquid wallpaper that gives the room a unique appearance thanks to a special texture

Samples of textured wallpaper:

  • Strips;
  • Classic patterns;
  • Strokes in the abstract style;
  • Flower motifs.

Textured wallpaper is best used to highlight columns, niches, arches in the room. Textured wallpapers are an interesting option, but it is more practical to choose wallpaper for paper-based combination.

A few more tips for gluing wallpapers of two types

Specialists pay attention to the following secrets:

  • Wallpaper and glue is better to buy in the same store;
  • To beautifully glue the wallpaper you need to start from the top, smoothly moving down the walls;
  • It's better to have wallpaper with different pictures in one store.
  • It is recommended to make allowances at the seams, to avoid shrinkage during drying;
  • Carefully you need to measure the stripes of wallpaper and select a drawing.

These simple rules will help you easily paste wallpaper of two kinds.

The combination of wallpaper in the interior( video)

Therefore, the types of wallpapering two types of wallpaper is quite affordable and a simple option to give the room a designer look, to breathe in her personality and emphasize its features. A bold, interesting and unusual idea of ​​wall design will attract attention and cause the desire to repeat such an experiment in other areas of the apartment.

Combining the wallpaper in the interior( photo)