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Perhaps the first thing that came to mind when you mention the cloakroom bench - benches from the locker room from the school or hospital benches?However, not only in school wardrobes and similar type of institutions this piece of furniture is needed. In modern home wardrobe rooms you can often see a bench standing in the middle of the room. If the area allows the room - then why not?It has a small weight, it can easily be moved wherever you want. Basically, the benches are used to create comfort and coziness in the dressing room. The bench can be used as a kind of ladder, if it is difficult to reach the top shelf. The standard bench has a height of 400 mm, but the length may vary - 600 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm or 1500 mm.

Soft pouf not only provides an opportunity to sit down, but also diversifies the interior of the dressing room Soft pouf not only provides the opportunity to sit down, but also diversifies the interior of the dressing room

If the area of ​​the dressing room is small, you can buy a small ottoman, where you can sit comfortably, as long as your beloved wife looks for a suitable dress for herselfevening.

The bench is not a mandatory attribute of the dressing room, but its presence makes the room image more complete and cozy.

Accessories for the dressing room: determined with the filling of cabinets

A separate dressing room is a complex of shelving, bedside tables and mirrors. A capacious cupboard, of course, is convenient, but in addition to clothes, the wardrobe can be filled with various things that require certain components.

White color will make a small dressing room more spacious and lighter White color will make a small dressing room more spacious and lighter

Depending on the customer's needs, the wardrobe can be equipped with various accessories:

  1. The full-length mirror is an essential attribute of a good dressing room. A rare woman will not want to admire herself in a new dress in full growth.
  2. Stands for shoes. Special shelves designed for one pair of shoes or shoes, because it is much more convenient to keep the shoes in pairs than on a common shelf.
  3. Necktie - small hangers for ties, fabric belts and neck scarves;
  4. Pantographs are a special design with a handle that allows you to lower the hanger and clothes down from the top row. Thanks to this device you can save a lot of space.
  5. Boxes with transparent plastic covers, in which it is convenient to store small items of clothing;
  6. Bench or ottoman.

If desired, the cabinet can be filled with shelves of different heights for different things - clothes, bedding, overall blankets and pillows, boxes for shoes, etc.

What should be the dressing equipment

The advantage of the dressing room is that you can store all the clothes in the house in one place. Such rooms are divided into two types - integrated and separate. For separate dressing rooms, a small room is allocated, which is equipped with high shelves with brackets, shelves and drawers. Integrated wardrobe means allocation of free space in a large room - living room or nursery, under the built-in wardrobes and chests of drawers, which form a dressing room.

Built-in wardrobes or chests of drawers located in the bedroom are the most practical option for equipping the wardrobe for owners of small apartments Built-in wardrobes or chests of drawers located in the bedroom are the most practical option for dressing rooms for small apartment owners.

The dressing equipment can be placed as follows:

  1. Along one wall. Conveniently, all clothing is visible on one line and in the accessibility of a couple of steps.
  2. Along parallel walls. So you can place men's and women's clothes, either adult or child's. Such a configuration of dressing equipment can be seen in the long corridors that connect the two rooms in the apartment.
  3. "P" -shaped - full dressing room in a separate room. Very advantageous option, because the closets most effectively occupy the area of ​​the room.
  4. "G" -like. Place the equipment only if there is a free angle.

Before setting up a separate dressing room, it is advisable to make repairs in the room, strengthen the walls and paint them in a one-color color. The main accent will be furniture, so do not look at bright floral wallpaper!

Lighting in the dressing room: as much light as possible

When adjusting the dressing room, you need to consider how the room will be illuminated in addition to the window. The simplest and most common option is spot lights in the ceiling. Also it is possible to equip with illumination drawers and hangers. If the room is large and the ceilings are high, you can choose a beautiful classical chandelier with several shades. Lighting plays an important role in the dressing room. After all, it is very important to be able to properly examine yourself in clothes, to make sure that it is well washed and ironed.

To illuminate the dressing room, ceiling lights are often used

is used to illuminate the dressing room

If you have a "G" wardrobe, you can use special lamps on clothespins that can be turned from side to side. The light should be bright and illuminate wellShelves.

If you have a mirror, be sure to equip it with a backlight!

What should be the accessories for the wardrobe

It is very important to choose a quality fittings for the dressing room. Cheap fasteners, hooks and hangers are short-lived, so you should choose the filling of the wardrobe of German or Italian companies. Filling cabinets depends on the desire of the owner and his needs. Depending on what kind of clothes will be placed in the closet, the dressing room is equipped with special brackets for heavy winter outer clothing, shelves for shoes, trousers and cells for storing various trifles. Hangers should be made of high-quality metal, which will not bend under the weight of things.

For storing ties and belts, you can purchase special hangers with clamps For the storage of ties and belts, you can purchase special hangers with clamps

If one of the spouses is not very tall, pay attention to the possibility to equip your dressing room with a special lift for clothes.

Furniture manufacture: wardrobe with furniture

If you want to become the owner of the ideal dressing room - you need to design it yourself!

Arrangement of the dressing room is very entertaining and at the same time rather complicated business:

  1. According to their requests, it is necessary to draw an approximate drawing of the future wardrobe - where the shelves will be placed, and where the hangers. Think about how the wardrobe equipment will be placed.
  2. In accordance with the design of the premises, you need to choose the material from which the furniture will be made - a quality but expensive wood or a cheap but short-lived chipboard;
  3. Special attention is given to fittings. It should be of high quality.
  4. When designing furniture, you need to consider where to place the built-in fixtures;
  5. Also, in addition to light, ventilation of the room where your clothes are stored is very important. To ensure that things do not damp, you need to provide the dressing room with a fresh air flow. This can be arranged by ventilating the room with an exhaust fan that will blow air into the vent. The easiest way is to open the window more often.

Walk-in room: design by yourself( video)

With a little effort, you can create a good dressing room, ideal for your room. Thanks to a new piece of furniture you can get rid of old cabinets, chests of drawers and other furniture that cluttered your apartment. Now they have come up with whole sets of furniture for wardrobe systems. Equipping such sets will not cost very cheaply, but it's worth it.

examples how to arrange a dressing room( the interior photo)