Entrance hall 9 sq. M.M: design and photo of the corridor, square and rectangular

For the hall area of ​​9 square. M perfect style minimalism, which provides for the use of only the most necessary furniture For a hallway of 9 square meters. M is perfect style minimalism, which provides for the use of only the most necessary furniture Some, making repairs, resort to combining the hallway space with a hall or other adjacent room, refitting the partitions and doing a partial re-planning. Many achieve visual enhancement effects with: color, light and professional furnishings. In this article, we will talk about how to correctly select the color combination, and arrange the interior items in the corridor area of ​​9 m2.

    • Color design of the hallway 9 sq. M.M: profitable solutions
    • How to decorate the corridor 9 meters
    • Stylish corridor: interior design of the hallway 9 sq. M.M
    • What to put in a square hallway 9 square meters. M
    • Entrance hall finishing 9 sq. M.M( video)
    • Design of the corridor 9 sq. M.M( interior photo)

Color design of the hallway 9 sq. M.M: profitable solutions

Unusual and trendy solutions will create a design of a rectangular room of 9 square meters. M aesthetic and most effective. One should not be afraid to embody creative fantasies in reality, thereby you can achieve an incredible result, create an anteroom that will amaze you with your possibilities. Wall decoration must be chosen competently. The psychology of color creates an atmosphere and mood. So, for example, intima will add purple, violet, chocolate and all shades of fuchsia. If you want romance, then you need to choose the bed colors, natural colors.

To visually enlarge a small hallway, when decorating it is necessary to use light shades In order to visually enlarge a small hallway, it is necessary to use light shades when decorating it

In the room for a young family, joyful muted shades are more suitable:

  • Yellow.
  • Green.
  • Orange.

Symmetry will help to achieve harmony and thoughtfulness. Dynamics and style of the hallway will give an original large-sized interior element, it can be a mirror or a panel in the original or, conversely, low-key frame. Visually enlarge the room will help vertical stripes, and gloss and glass will create a feeling of airiness, lightness and spaciousness. When making furniture, you should prefer not bulky and functional interior items.

From everything superfluous, for example tables, floors, zadekorirovannyh shelves it is necessary to refuse. All the refinement of the corridors of a small area in their compactness and comfort.

How to arrange a corridor 9 meters

Once the renovation of the hallway is completed 9 m2, and the stage of arranging the interior comes, accessories and decoration items must be bought with special scrupulousness. Several elements, for example, an interesting stylish cabinet or stand for shoes, will be enough.

As a floor covering for a corridor of 9 square meters. M well suited light laminate or tiles As a floor covering for a corridor measuring 9 square meters. M is suitable for light laminate or tiles

Excellent location in the corridor:

  • Carpet track;
  • Hanger with shelves;
  • Compact ottomans.

Examples of beautiful and functional interiors of the world, a super collection of confident and exclusive corridor interiors from famous decorators can be looked at by examples. Approaching the process of arranging the hallway responsibly, you can get ergonomic and externally attractive, conveying the style and taste of the owner of the accommodation space.

Stylish corridor: interior design of the hallway 9 sq. M.M

9 m2 is quite enough for the hallway. This area gives an opportunity to realize unexpected ideas, and make the corridor bright and interesting. If the area of ​​the hallway is 9 squares, then it is either significantly broad and at the same time short, or on the contrary, long enough. And on what form such space has, its design depends. Every individual case must be carefully examined. If the hallway is long and not wide, the goal should be to free space.

For this it is necessary to choose suitable ones:

  1. Finishing building materials.
  2. Color palette.
  3. Furniture items.

Finishing should be concise, as the textured and complex materials visually reduce and reduce space, therefore the hallway can become even more narrow and small.

Make an anteroom stylish and original with photo printing on one of the walls To make the hallway stylish and original you can use photo printing on one of the

walls. So, on the floor, you can lay linoleum, as well as a laminated board, parquet, placing the strips only across( if placed longitudinally, it will narrowRoom).Walls can be decorated with decorative paint or plaster, suitable for moisture-resistant wallpaper, preferably monophonic or with barely noticeable, discreet prints.

The ceiling surface can be painted or covered with whitewashing, it will not overload it, will not reduce the height of the ceiling. But, if the height is normal, you can arrange a suspended ceiling. As for the color range, it is desirable to dwell on light and calm shades, for example natural or pastel. It will look good beige, lilac, sand, dairy, pistachio shades. Dark colors, firstly, will make the corridor gloomy, and secondly, precious meters will be hidden.

If the footage of the hallway is 9 m2 and it is rather narrow, then the furniture can overload its design, so it is better to furnish, or completely refuse, or make it minimal. Even the shelves can prevent free movement and visually reduce the corridor.

Light should also be thought through, it can be central. So, an excellent solution is to place in the middle part of the room a small and non-removable chandelier, a lamp that will be as close as possible to the ceiling surface. In addition, it is desirable that it has several lights in different directions, it will not only provide sufficient lighting, but also slightly widen the walls, albeit visually.

It is better to forget about accessories. The maximum, which is acceptable, is a medium-sized picture on one of the walls and, of course, a mirror. Everything should be in moderation, no piling up, people should be comfortable undressing or going to work, for a walk.

What to put in a square hallway 9 square meters. M

Entrance hall - this is the visiting card of the owners of housing and the whole apartment. Of course, its arrangement, the most important task and quite complex. One of the things that you should pay attention to when designing a corridor is its shape.

In the hallway 9 square. M perfectly fit into the built-in closet with a mirror in the door In the hallway 9 square meters. M perfectly fit into the built-in closet with a mirror in the door

Narrow rectangular corridors create certain problems in their arrangement, as discussed above. A square vestibule, a more optimal option, to equip it is easier, regardless of whether it is large or small.

For a modest size of a square hallway the basis is a minimum in everything. The fewer details, the better."Split" the walls can be with the help of a wardrobe with a mirror surface. If a large square hall is arranged, it is really possible to create not only a place for storing things and shoes, but also an ergonomic space where the guest can be freely received.

It is enough to place in the hallway:

  • Hanger;
  • Compact sofa;
  • Coffee table.

To visually extend the walls of the corridor, you can place on them oblong rectangular paintings, a series of photos or a mirror of a rectangular shape. The square entrance hall requires special furniture, but when approaching the process responsibly, you can get a functional, aesthetic and comfortable room.

Furniture is required to be placed correctly, the main thing is not to overdo it, there should not be piles and a sense of tightness, discomfort. All only the most necessary.

Entrance hall finishing 9 sq. M.M( video)

If it is problematic to arrange the premises on your own, it's better to ask the professionals for help. Finishing must be done by the master, such repairs will last a long time and will please the eyes of the family and guests of the house for many, many years.

Design corridor 9 square meters.m( interior photos)