Aluminum ladders: metal from the profile pipe, with their own hands, cross-section, drawings, strength, how to make

Aluminum ladder is indispensable both in everyday life and during construction work The aluminum ladder is indispensable both in everyday life and during construction work. The stairs have a solid construction. Aluminum ladder is useful in the country or at home. Many people use ladders during repairs and finishing works. With such an object, you can easily paint the ceiling, hang a clock, wallpaper, wash the windows or install a lighting device on the wall. They can consist of one or more sections. Convenient design allows the use of stairs not only for domestic purposes, but also in professional construction.

      • Universal object: metal ladder ladder
      • Ladder ladder from profile pipe with own hands
      • Ladder with own hands from metal
      • Advantages of metal ladder
      • How to make aluminum ladder ladders with your own hands( video)
      • Types of aluminum ladders( photo examples)

Universal item: metal ladder ladder

Pristanaya staircase - portable and versatile piece. It has a low weight. It can easily be put in the right place to perform a number of specific actions.

Advantages of the aluminum ladder in its versatility and ease when moving

The stairs made of metal frame have high strength. The frame is sturdy and reliable. Metal is the most durable material that has a long service life. Therefore, the ladder will last you a long time.

Metal stairs can have a different design, so this attribute will fit into any interior.

Make a skeleton of ladder ladders made of metal profile pipes.

The metal frame has many advantages:

  • High strength;
  • Long service life;
  • Its quick to manufacture;
  • Can be any in design;
  • Low-cost material is used for manufacturing.

The main purpose of the aluminum ladder is to climb to the required height.

But it is difficult to carry out the lifting or lowering of goods on it, therefore for such purposes it is not suitable. To carry out lifting of cargoes is easier, using a stepladder.

Extension ladder from profile pipe with your own hands

You can buy a staircase in a specialized store, or make by yourself. Make it possible from the profile pipe. This material is available and sold in construction stores. Aluminum pipe has excellent qualities and is used for the manufacture of such products.

To produce a ladder, you can use a profile pipe An

can be used for the manufacture of a ladder ladder. The ladder has a simple construction, so it is easy and quick to do it yourself. The structure of the ladder has a bowstring and steps that should be located at the same distance relative to each other. With tie she rests against the walls and floor.

The angle of inclination should be 65-70 degrees relative to the wall. Then it will stand securely, and this will ensure you safety when using it.

The optimal distance between the steps should be 0.35 m. The ladder must not slide on the floor. On the legs of the stairs wear rubber tips or plastic. They are able to ensure the immovability of the ladder.

For the manufacture of an aluminum ladder, you will need the following:

  • Two profile pipes 2 m long;
  • Long pipe with rectangular cross section;
  • Nuts, washers, bolts( or welding machine with a mask);
  • Rubber or plastic tips.

Profile pipes for bowstring can be of any cross-section. For steps it is worth choosing an aluminum pipe with a rectangular section of 1.65 m in length.

The rectangular section of the profile allows you to safely climb and descend the steps of the ladder.

The optimum length of metal profiles is two meters. This length is sufficient for the manufacture of a ladder.

If you have a welding machine, then you will not need any additional fasteners - nuts and bolts.

Drawings are used for the manufacture of stairs. They indicate all the dimensions of the structure and the location of the fastenings.

Ladder ladder made of metal

Ladder ladder made of metal is easy to manufacture, if you follow the instructions for manufacturing. If you have a welding machine and mask, then the process will take a small amount of time. With this unit, you can secure the steps to the string well.

Before you start making stairs, you must cut the profile pipe beforehand Before proceeding with the manufacture of the ladder, it is necessary to pre-cut the profile pipe

Step-by-step instruction for manufacturing the ladder:

  • We cut the profile pipe into equal parts for the steps;
  • Drill holes in these pipes for bolts;
  • We make markings on two long pipes;
  • Fasten the steps to the two side profiles with bolts;
  • We put the tips on the legs of the ladder.

If there is a welding machine, then it is not necessary to make holes for fasteners.

The first step: it is necessary to cut a profile( with rectangular section) of 1.65 m in length into five equal parts of 0.33 m.

The second step: , carefully drill the holes at the same distance for the fastening elements.

The third step: apply marking for the steps on profiles of two meters in length. The distance between them should be 0.35 m.

Fourth step: screw the bolts, fix with nuts. Steps of the stairs should be stationary, so that the structure of the stairs does not loosen with time.

Fifth step: do not forget to put the lugs on the legs of the stairs so as not to fall off it during operation.

Advantages of the metal ladder

The ladder made of metal will serve you for a long time. You can produce a number of works at home, in the country or in the garage, using it. Such stairs are able to withstand a lot of weight. To paint the ceiling, get objects from the upper shelves of the cupboard, change the lamp in the chandelier - all this can be done in minutes, having such an item on the household.

Many people prefer to choose a universal metal ladder, because it is practical and reliable Many prefer to choose a universal metal ladder as it is practical and reliable

Advantages of the ladder ladder made of metal:

  • Multi-functional item;
  • An indispensable thing in everyday life and in the conduct of professional work;
  • Have a simple design and light weight;
  • Structural strength;
  • You can make it yourself.

These ladders are used not only for domestic purposes, but also at sites where construction / repair / installation works are carried out.

How to make aluminum ladder ladders with your own hands( video)

The ladder is the right thing. If you have a small height, then this thing is useful to you. It can be manufactured independently, possessing all the necessary materials and tools. Make a reliable ladder easily and quickly using a welding machine. You can paint it if necessary in the right color and put in a room, not in the masonry. This way you will make it a part of the interior, and it will always be at your fingertips. It is convenient and practical.

Types aluminum ladders( photo examples)