Topiary from artificial flowers: from grass, photos with own hands, master class how to make, video

Topiary of artificial flowers will help to decorate the interior perfectly Topiary made of artificial flowers will help to decorate the interior perfectly Topiary made of artificial flowers are distinguished by their refinement and versatility, because you can create a favorite composition at any time of the year. Of course, in order to get a really realistic picture, you'll have to work hard to look through any master class!However, the end result will cause you to erase all the difficulties of the workflow from memory, making you enjoy only the final result.

    • Topiary of artificial grass step by step
    • Topiary of artificial flowers with your own hands for beginners
    • How to make a topiary from artificial flowers yourself: useful tips
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Topiary of artificial grass step by step

Similar toIs a very modern idea that has acquired its relevance relatively recently. Any person, even an amateur in hand made issues, can cope with the task. The main thing is to strictly observe the proportions and the basic principle of work.

To date, popcorns from artificial grass are gaining popularity To date, popcorns from artificial grass are gaining in popularity

The sapling itself can fulfill several functions at once:

  • To become a perfect gift for both adults and their children.
  • Act as a decor for photo sessions.
  • Decorate the current interior.

By the way, topiari from grass is better to do on height a little more, than a traditional flower arrangement. This is explained by the fact that in an increased size, such a composition will be much more convincing and, if desired, performer, can even outwardly resemble a real tree!However, unlike its living equivalent, topiary does not have to be watered, fed with fertilizers, etc.

The shape of the composition does not change: everything is also a rounded tree in an exquisite pot. Of course, it will take quite a long time to glue the crown, after all, sticking small fragments of artificial grass can sometimes be very tasty and monotonous!But you need to be patient!The end result in any case will justify the efforts.

Topiary of artificial flowers with your own hands for beginners

Topiary made of perfect artificial flowers begins with making a "tree" and selecting the right pot for it. The very "plant" consists of a crumpled paper, put on a wooden stick - everything is very simple and laconic. It will be much more difficult to decorate the product in the future. One of the most important questions is the choice and decor of the pot, which plays a significant role in this tandem.

In order to create a topiary with your own hands, you need to prepare and purchase material In order to create a topiary with your own hands, you must prepare and purchase the

material. You can achieve harmony thanks to the following materials:

  • Tapes, beads and decorative mesh.
  • Embroidery "planted" on the canvas.
  • Textiles.
  • Hand-painted with acrylic paints.
  • Twine.
  • Sacking with additions of decor elements.

Recently, the so-called cheby style - chic, which is characterized by blatant simplicity of lines and some negligence, is becoming especially popular. The pot should be dyed with a one-color paint, especially leaving scuffs and under-dyeing. If this is not achieved in the process of work, you can use sandpaper that will solve all the problems at once.

When installing a sapling in a pot, care should be taken to ensure that it is firmly secured. To achieve this, the bay can be poured into the concrete crockery, and leaving the structure to dry out about a day. Now you can not doubt: the topiary will reliably stand still and will withstand the loads that will impose on him the future decor.

How to make a topiary from artificial flowers by yourself: useful tips

Any master class for the making of topiary makes this process accessible to everyone who wishes: parents, children, teachers, students. The main thing is the desire to concentrate attention and, in the end, to get a really stunning result.

It should be noted that the topiary can do not only an adult, but even a child It should be noted that the topiary can be made not only by an adult, but even by a child

For these purposes you will need:

  • Artificial flowers and grass.
  • Gypsum.
  • Adhesive.
  • Flower pot.
  • Decor elements.
  • Coffee beans.
  • Newspapers or thin paper.

In this case, all the selected items can vary depending on the wishes of the performer. The main thing is that none of them get out of the general ensemble.

Preparing artificial flowers for work, it is necessary to remove the roots with a root, treating the cut with sandpaper. Thus, it is possible to ensure a more tight fit of the material to the substrate. To make the composition look more realistic, the crown of the tree can be wrapped with artificial grass, which gives it a more natural appearance. As a "highlight" of the composition can act small birds, snugly hidden in the green tofu.

The topiary will be exactly as the master sees it!And this is the main advantage of such works!

Master class of topiary from artificial colors: what is important

When choosing to make a topiary with your own hands, most masters take as a basis a video - a lesson where all the nuances are displayed in an accessible form. And what a disappointment, when the result is not the same result!Upset in this case is completely meaningless, because in another way does not mean bad.

Topiary is an art, so do not limit yourself - the flight of fantasy should not be the limit The topiary is an art, so do not limit yourself - there should be no limit to the flight of imagination.

It is important to understand that creativity, and the handwriting of each person, vary significantly. That's why you should not blindly imitate the techniques shown. We need to do something different, however, taking into account the small nuances that impregnate this process.

In addition, seeing the result of an experienced master, you can immediately submit your picture, understand what exactly you want to see at the end of the work. Any master class is the foundation that opens the door to the world of real creativity.

For this reason, starting the work, one should keep in mind such a Talmud:

  • The master class is just a sketch that can be improved.
  • There are no errors here, so you can do anything.
  • Even experienced specialists can make mistakes.

Topiary of colors: master class( video)

In order to create an exquisite topiary it will take no more than a day. Artificial grass, flowers or decor elements behave equally well in caring hands. Especially if the composition is made a gift to a good or a close person.

Options Topiary of artificial flowers( photo)