Topiary with their own hands master classes: MK with a house, beautiful photos and video, making mini on a glass, made of cloth and pistachios

Having made yourself a unique decoration in the form of a topiary, you will give the interior some zest Having made yourself a unique decoration in the form of a topiary, you will give the interior a certain zest of Topiary with your own hands, master classes of which are very interesting to watch, these are universal compositions suitable for decorating any apartment. They are made on the basis of improvised means. To date, there are many different master classes, which are based on various elements. To make a decorated composition is necessary on personal preferences.

    • Topiary with a small house: master class from a professional
    • Beautiful topiary: master classes or how to decorate an apartment
    • Topiary on a glass: master class
    • Mini topiary: master class for dummies
    • Topiary with own hands master-class( video)
    • Unusual topiary with own hands( photo)

Topiary with a house: master class from a professional

Topiary with a house surrounded by delicate flowers, this is a romantic composition, toThoraya would be a nice addition the bathroom or the living room. She will give the apartment an element of a fairy tale and will give vent to magic and miracles.

For the realization of a dream dream in reality, it is necessary to prepare the following details:

  • Pot;
  • Trunk;
  • Mounting foam;
  • Cement;
  • Wire;
  • Adhesive gun;
  • Artificial greens;
  • Model of the grapes;
  • House template;
  • Colored paper.

First, the pot is installed and fixed with cement. When everything is cold, you can proceed to further work. As the basis for the crown is mounting foam. The workpiece must be properly installed, it is desirable to choose a curved barrel on which the crown is put on and fixed with glue.

If you make a house for the topiary yourself, you will need a template, which you need to circle, and then cut out When you build a house for the topiary, you will need a template that you need to circle, and then cut out the

Then you need to do the house. It is desirable to purchase a factory stock, which can be independently enamelled with paints and other elements. If there is no possibility to find a finished house, it is made independently. To do this, cardboard is cut out walls, cover, everything is fixed and decorated with each other.

When the house is ready, you can start decorating the crown. For this purpose, flowers of different shades and textures are suitable. It is supplemented with all decorative grapes, which should emphasize the perfection of the house. The final touch is a twig of green.

Beautiful topiary: master classes or how to decorate an apartment

Beautiful topiary can be made from bright ribbons. This composition competently complements the apartment and creates a romantic mood in it. Moreover, tapiari tapioca is the best gift.

For its manufacture it is necessary to take the following elements:

  • Polystyrene ball;
  • Multicolored ribbons;
  • Wooden sticks;
  • Adhesive;
  • Decorative pot;
  • Invisible.

Topiary of the tapes with their own hands - this is the best way to decorate the apartment without much financial and time costs Tapiapes made from ribbons by their own hands - this is the best way to decorate an apartment without much financial and time costs.

Tapes need to be cut into small stripes, this will form perfect rings. They must be applied to the base and make sure that no empty space is formed. Then put a ball on the pencil and fasten it with gypsum. In addition, you can fix everything with gravel. This will create a fixing effect and act as a decorative element.

The result is a beautiful decoration, which will emphasize the interior of the apartment. Crafts, flower compositions and other decorative elements are widely used.

Topiary on the glass: master class

Topiary on the glass is a very interesting decorative solution for the apartment. Most crafts are made using a ball of foam and crown. This element is distinguished by its decoration and appearance. The ability to make topiary from various elements gives a lot of scope for imagination.

To make an unusual decoration, it is necessary to prepare:

  • Glass;
  • Cardboard;
  • Polystyrene ball;
  • Stationery knife;
  • Scissors;
  • Elements for decoration;
  • Adhesive gun.

By making the crown of the topiary, you do not need to wait for each element to wither. This can cause the composition to disintegrate and all will have to be fastened with threads

The base of the glass should be cut and cut from the resulting blank two identical circles. Then they are glued together, this action will make the foundation of the topiary more dense. In the center of the circle it is necessary to fix the figure, and around it to arrange the beads. The edge of the cardboard circle is smeared with glue and an upturned glass is pressed against it. Bottom of the glass is decorated with beads, in addition fabrics can be used.

The second stage is the formation of the crown. Bottom-up is the gluing of roses. Then everything is decorated with hairpins and greens. The resulting composition looks great on photos and videos.

Mini topiary: master class for teapots

Detailed master classes on the manufacture of decorative elements allow you to create beautiful, without leaving your own home.

To create a mini decoration for your home, you need to obtain the following parts:

  • Sheet A4;
  • with napkins;
  • Adhesive;
  • Scotch tape;
  • Pliers;
  • Scissors;
  • Water;
  • Salt;
  • Gypsum;
  • With paper cups;
  • Artificial elements;
  • Napkins for decoupage;
  • Brush;
  • Lac.

If you are new to making topiary, then start with the mini-figures of this wonderful lesson If you are new to making topiary, then start with the mini figures of this beautiful lesson

Wire acts as a barrel. It will be attached to the base of the pot with gypsum. As an additional decoration, it is possible to use cold porcelain. The trunk should be wrapped with tape and then tape. The crown is prepared from crumpled paper and thread. You can take a ready-made ball of foam. Then everything is wrapped in molar tape. The crown itself is decorated with napkins.

When the bead is ready, it needs to allow time for complete drying. Further in it a hole is made, into which the trunk is fastened. Its foundation is filled with gypsum. The resulting topiary is additionally decorated with polymer clay, and other elements.

Topiary with own hands master-class( video)

As creative additions it is allowed to use pistachios, lagurus, artificial grapes and braid. The result will not leave anyone indifferent. The independent creation of a composition is an opportunity to decorate an apartment according to personal preferences.

Fancy Topiary own hands( photo)