The distance of tomatoes in the greenhouse: how to plant, the scheme for planting tomatoes 3x6, that between place and arrange

Due to the correct choice of the distance between tomatoes in the greenhouse, you can significantly improve their yield Thanks to the correct selection of the distance between tomatoes in the greenhouse, it is possible to significantly improve their yield For a good harvest, it is necessary to properly organize the space and provide the necessary quality care in each bed. Many beginners in truck farming prefer to act at random, but this is not true. Therefore, it is necessary to begin to understand at what distance the tomatoes are planted, and what are the conditions for placing the bushes.

      • Determine how far to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse
      • Best schemes for planting tomatoes in a greenhouse 3x6 meters
      • The necessary distance between tomatoes in a greenhouse
      • How to properly place tomatoes in a greenhouse
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Determine at what distance to plant tomatoes in the greenhouse

To plant tomatoes with the necessary interval, it is necessary to remember that duringThe whole growth and development of a tomato, they need to be streaked, pamphoned, sprayed, hacked and fed.

They also need radical watering, so you need to leave room for access to each bush.

Often, the distance between the roots of a tomato should be about 40 cm Often, the distance between the roots of the tomato should be about 40 cm.

When selecting the location of seeds in the greenhouse, you need to take into account the features that differ from the landing in the open ground. Since the greenhouses are mostly small in size, this forces you to save space, while you can not make mistakes in seating.

Too wide allocation between bushes:

  • Stimulates growth of green mass;
  • The plant begins to branch strongly;
  • Ran out later;
  • Because of the weak branches, the fruits do not stick well and fall early.

Too close tomato planting is harmful because plants do not get all the necessary nutrients and many die. Also, plants are at risk of mutual transmission of diseases. When choosing tall plants, they should be placed at intervals of 47-59 cm, if the plants are small, it will fit 40 cm.

The best schemes for planting tomatoes in a greenhouse are 3x6 meters.

In greenhouses 3x6 m, 2-3 beds are usually used.2 beds are planted along the walls of the greenhouse, usually no more than 1 m wide. You can use a square-bush or two-line planting of seedlings. It is better to arrange the bushes in staggered order, with this planting, about 60 bushes can be planted. With 3 beds, the extreme ones are located along walls with a width of 60 cm, the average bed is usually about 1 m, since it is double. The paths between the ridges are usually 40 cm.

It is better to have early ripening varieties on the outermost beds, on the middle - medium-early and medium-ripening.

Each row can be planted with different varieties and hybrids with different maturation rates, on average, with such a planting, about 90 bushes can be planted. Accordingly, if the greenhouse has a size of 3x8 m, it will increase the number of bushes by another 40 pieces!In order to obtain the maximum yield, it is necessary to correctly plan the places for the planting of tomatoes.

Choose the distance between tomatoes in the greenhouse, depending on the cultivar The choice of the distance between tomatoes in the greenhouse follows depending on the cultivated variety

There is a huge variety of options for each grower, but one can distinguish the standard planting:

  1. Low and early maturing varieties are planted in staggered orderWith double rows with a distance of 50 cm, 2-3 stems are formed. Between the bushes the distance is 40 cm.
  2. The determinant or shredded variety is planted at intervals of 47 cm and between the bushes - 25 cm.
  3. Taller varieties can also be staggered at intervals of 75 cm, and inter-bone distance, if 1 stem, Then 60 cm, if 2 stems, then 75 cm.
  4. When planting different varieties of plants, 2 rows are made.

The first row is formed around the film along the edge of the greenhouse. Planted there are determinant early-maturing plants - 1 stem, followed by a stem extension. The intercostal interval is 40 cm. The second row is formed at the inner passage. There are planted tall varieties with a distance of 60 cm, are also formed in 1 stem. At a distance of 10 cm planted super-determinant stems, they are also located in 1 stem. Such an arrangement will ensure the harvest throughout the season.

The necessary distance between tomatoes in the greenhouse

Before the beginning of the stage of planting future tomatoes, it is necessary to prepare a greenhouse, sites for planting vegetables. It is necessary to be responsive to the preparation stage with the aim of artificially creating the conditions of a closed ground for the adaptation of fragile seedlings and in the future, so that they bring a harvest of tomatoes. To do this, it is necessary to conduct soil disinfection 9 days before planting, since a huge number of parasites, pathogens of the disease is located in it.


  • The soil layer is removed 9 cm;
  • The remaining part is well treated with a solution of copper sulfate;
  • To make a solution, it is necessary to take 1 tbsp per 9 l of water;
  • After the disinfection of the soil, it must be loosened;
  • Further unnecessary weeds are removed and soil is fertilized.

If the distance between the tomatoes is small, they will not get enough moisture and nutrients from the ground If the distance between the tomatoes is small, they will not get enough moisture and nutrients from the ground.

One of the fertilizer options can be done by yourself. Take about 7 kg of rotted turf, it is added 1 t of charcoal. This mixture feeds the seedlings. Also for the fertilizer, you can use another mixture. It takes 12 kg of sand mixture or claydite per 1 m2 of soil. Directly, the seedlings are planted in warmed soil, the temperature of which, with a 21 cm deep, is above 14 ° C.To warm the soil, you must cover it with black film beforehand.

For the same effect, warm water is poured directly into the wells before the planting.

The necessary microclimate for normal growth and development of a tomato is achieved only thanks to these procedures, it is because of them that it is possible to plant seedlings a few weeks before the generally recognized dates.

Before direct planting of bushes, the soil is poured with a solution of potassium permanganate, heated to 48-59 ° C, the solution is made at the rate of 1 g of potassium permanganate per 9 liters of water. To extend the operating time of the greenhouse itself, it is necessary to take a layer of dense film and wrap it in a greenhouse, this will provide additional insulation, and reduce the risk of wear of the exterior facing material of the hotbed itself.

How to properly place tomatoes in a greenhouse

If gardening is to be done creatively, and approach the process only with love and good humor, then no pests or diseases will be terrible to the plants, which will subsequently yield a good harvest of your favorite vegetables!If this is the case, then each tomato can be placed in a separate container

You can be sure that the products are safe for health only because the control of the growing process is done directly by the trucker himself, who does not use chemical elements for the increasedGrowth, and does not harm its crop!

The correct distance of tomatoes in the greenhouse( video)

The correct planting of tomatoes and compliance with all standards for their cultivation - and a high yield will not keep you waiting.
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