Installation of meters for water: put, installation rules, in the apartment with their own hands, seal the meters

The installation of meters for water can be performed independently or by a specializing company The installation of water meters can be carried out independently or by the specialized company The water meter is considered an obligatory element in houses and apartments. The installation of general house and individual variants is distinguished. It is installed and sealed by a special company that has a license for this. But if you want, you can do all your work on your own.

    • Rules for the installation of water meters in the apartment: regulatory documents
    • Who and when seals the water meters
    • Components of the meters of the hot water and hot water meters
    • Water meter installation in the apartment
    • Basic rules for installing water meters
    • How to put meters on water: prefabrication
    • Sequence of installing water meters by yourself
    • Installing a water meter yourself( video)

Rules for installing water meters in the apartment: regulatory documents

When the meter for water in the apartment is installed, constitute the act of delivery of the installed device. The document prescribes the factory numbers of water meters, the date of installation, data about the installer company, the directorate of the single customer and water consumption. In the act signatures of both parties are put.

Regulatory documents for the meter:

  1. Technical data sheet of the water meter where the primary flow rate is indicated. In addition, there is also set the date of installation and commissioning.
  2. Certificate of verification of the device. It indicates the date of the following meter tests. As a rule, the test is carried out every 4-6 years.

Verification involves disassembly of the device and delivery to a specialized institution. A test company can perform the test. It will monitor the performance and fully maintain the device.

For each meter on water there should be normative documents For each meter, there must be normative documents for water

When referring to specialists, all the design of paper work is carried out by them. You do not have to worry about the installation and documentation. Professionals will do everything quickly and correctly.

An agreement is drawn up with the assembly company. For him, the installer is necessarily responsible for the quality of water meters. Find a suitable company can by reading the list in the Directorate of a single customer.

Who and when seals water meters

The law provides for the use of only precision instruments. Sealing confirms the correctness of the indications. The strapping indicates that there is no outside access and the accuracy of the readings.

When it is necessary to seal the counter:

  • After the first installation;
  • When replacement is required;
  • If the seal is damaged;
  • In emergency situations on the water supply line.

After the first installation, the meter must be sealed After the first installation, the meter must be sealed

Sealing can be carried out by any company that has a license for this procedure. The installer usually seals the meter for free, according to the contract. But if you need to change the seal, you will have to pay a certain fee.

Components of the hot water and hot water meters

To install cold or hot water meters, the elements of the structure must be selected correctly. The meter itself may already be available, but the accessories must be purchased separately. An important part of the design is a stopcock.

Types of shut-off valves:

  • Ball version butterfly;
  • Ball type with lever;
  • Valve type.

Constituent elements of water meters and hot water meters Components of the hot water and hot water meters

The first versions are the most durable and long-lasting. The main thing is that there should be qualitative self, and on the product itself there are no chips or cracks. The optimum material is brass. Plastic cranes are not used, because they are not particularly strong.

The shut-off valve is used exclusively in the closed or open position. Do not leave the appliance in semi-open condition.

The filter in the HVS or DHW system is needed for water purification. There are direct and oblique filters. For water meters use only oblique options. It is important to mount the element correctly so that the mesh looks down.

Water meter installation in the apartment

The connection of the parts depends on the conditions of the installation site. The distribution of pipes is important: horizontal or vertical. Also take into account the availability of free space after installation.

Standard installation diagram for water meters:

  • Shut-off valve;
  • Strainer;
  • Counter;
  • Check valve.

The connection of parts depends on the conditions of the installation site The connection of parts depends on the conditions of the installation site

It is in this sequence that it is necessary to assemble a counter with vertical or horizontal wiring in the areas with a liquid supply from top to bottom. On vertical places with water supply from the bottom up the installation of the check valve passes to the counter. The fact is that SNIP assumes that the impeller is lowered into the water. If this rule is not observed, when I turn off the water, the liquid will flow into the pipeline and the tap will remain dry.

Basic rules for installing water meters

After making a decision, you need to contact the company that installs the counters. In some regions it is forbidden to perform the installation yourself. In case of self-assembly, an application is written. Housing and communal services should be provided with technical conditions.

Tekhusloviya prescribe the assembly procedure, the scheme of water meters, metric characteristics.

Read the list of allowed counters in advance. Some options can not be sealed because of company bans. When installing an uncertified meter, it becomes difficult to design, because you have to pass the certification of the device.

In some regions it is forbidden to perform the installation yourself In some regions it is forbidden to perform self-installation

Rules for the installation of water meters:

  1. The installation of meters is best carried out close to entering the pipeline of the incoming pipeline. Best in the horizontal section. There should be no suspicion of illegal diversion.
  2. Install a coarse filter and a non-return valve in front of the meter. It protects the device from dirt and scams.
  3. Place the device in a room where the temperature is at least 5 degrees.
  4. In private buildings, a water meter should be mounted near the outer wall of the house, no further than 20 cm from the outlet of the pipe. The installation site should be well lit.
  5. In the presence of a well with a branch pipe from the central highway, the source is equipped with a lid with locks and passes the sealing procedure. You can rip a seal only in critical cases.
  6. Counters must be sealed. Only the management company can register the device.

All recommendations for installation are determined by the management company. You will need to familiarize yourself with the cost of the devices in advance. It is not worth saving, but entrusting all the work to professionals.

How to put counters on water: preassembling

To correctly insert a counter, you need to know what the assembled system looks like. This will help determine the length of the system for hot or cold water. The laying procedure includes preliminary assembly of the structure.

First, all the elements of the circuit are set on the floor. It is important that the arrows indicate the water flow of water. Place a shut-off valve, filter, counter and check valve in the direction of water flow.

Pre-assembly design:

  • The shut-off valve is directed with the lever up;
  • The end of the filter is directed together with the net down;
  • The water meter display is freely available and is directed upwards.

Water meters should be installed step by step Water meters must be installed in stages

First connect the shut-off valve and filter without winding. The filter connection should look down. Consider the number of turns in the twisting of parts. Next, remove the filter and measure the patch. The winding is wound on the filter nipple. The tow is smeared with mastic and connected to a stopcock and a filter. It is important to do this carefully so that the ring does not burst.

Instead of mastic, silicone sealant should not be used. This substance dries and bursts.

Further on the second end of the filter the wrap is wrapped and smeared with mastic. Next, an American and a gasket are mounted. Then the counter is screwed onto the thread. The second nut is connected to a check valve. Further the design is connected to the second branch pipe. This completes the work.

Sequence of installation of water meters by yourself

Before placing the meter, you need to connect a strainer to it. So the device is protected from large contaminants. And they can cause serious breakdowns.

A non-return valve is also installed. This is a protective mechanism from the unwinding of readings. Without this device it is impossible to register a meter in a private house or apartment.

For convenient removal of the device an American nut cap is mounted. Sealing of connections with the non-return valve and the filter is carried out with the help of FUM tape, as well as with pakli.

For mounting it is better to use polypropylene or metal-plastic pipes. These materials are easily cut and joined. A compact soldering iron is used for this.

Before installing the meter, it is necessary to connect a strainer to it Before installing the meter, it is necessary to connect an

  1. The pipe is cut and connected to the water supply tap of the water meter block. It is important to ensure the tightness of the connections.
  2. It is further measured and the return thread is determined.
  3. The excess part of the branch pipe is cut off and threaded at the end. Connect the parts with press fittings. Polypropylene is fixed with a soldering iron.
  4. From the meter disconnect the check valve and the American and screw on the thread.
  5. Next, connect the American and the valve back.
  6. Then they open the tap, which disconnects the water canal of the apartment from the riser. Check the reliability of the connections.
  7. When no leaks are detected, the work is performed correctly.
  8. Next, you will need to contact the Vodokanal, where they will provide an inspector who will supply the seal.

Metal pipes have great difficulties and requirements for the organization and installation of a water meter. Cutting pipes requires a special saw and machine. You can do the work for free yourself, but it is better to entrust the assembly of individual and common house counters to professionals.

Installing the water meter yourself( video)

Assembling the meter includes detailed regulations that describe each successive step. Who to entrust the installation to solve the tenants themselves. In this case, the device must be sealed, and all parts must comply with building codes and regulations. Registration of the counter is carried out by the installation company.