Warming of the balcony with foam plastic: on the loggia foam polystyrene, how to insulate yourself, video and technology from the inside

If you often are on the balcony, it must be insulated, for example, with foam plastic If you are often on a balcony, it must be insulated, for example, by foam . Preserving sufficient housing comfort in Russia located in a temperate zone becomes a common concern for the population, especially acute in the current autumn, andMuch less, in the winter. Among the secluded parts of the house, the maintenance of the working capacity of the balcony and the loggia always becomes problematic and time consuming, because their functional duty is to cool and light up the sun rays of the owners in the hot summer. But with the cold, open to the fresh air balcony becomes an unpleasant problem, requiring the heating . And it is desirable, with limited expenditure, and taking into account expensive utility costs, besides constantly growing, to do it quickly and not costly.

  • How to insulate the balcony with foam plastic
  • How to insulate the balcony with foam plastic
  • How to insulate the loggia with foam plastic
  • Warming the loggia with polystyrene with your own hands( video)
  • Increase of thermal insulation by thermal insulation of the loggia with polystyrene foam: technology

    Balcony is extended from the building's vertical, the loggia is built in the quart roomry, only one part facing outwards. However, despite the significant functional difference, there will be no serious difference in their modernization. The landlord who decided to repair, aimed at modernization, will face two limitations - weight and size, since both facilities have a limited volume and carrying capacity.

    Among the advantages of polystyrene it is worth noting a long service life and a small price Among the advantages of polystyrene it is worth noting the long service life and the small price

    Professional builders, specialists stop on the foam:

    • It is relatively inexpensive;
    • Light;
    • Plastic;
    • Durable;
    • More heat-insulating than analogues for the price.

    And this is only part of the positive qualities. Polyfoam is used, both for internal and external insulation of walls, at the finish of the socle, the insulation of the floor. Warming of ceilings is carried out, basically, already at the initial furnishing of loggias and balconies.

    Insulation of foam plates will lead to the thermal insulation of the wall, and to eliminate the sources of water leakage, which will eliminate subsequent negative moments, up to the destruction of the wall.

    It is worth remembering that resistance to low temperatures and moisture can bring to the accumulation of water in the crevices, if they are not sealed, i.e. There will be no airing due to air impermeability of the material.

    Proper insulation of the balcony by foam with your own hands

    Before proceeding to repair and warming yourself, it should be noted that the preference is given to the method of strengthening the cold resistance of the balcony with expanded polystyrene foam, which depends on the capabilities of the builders and the tasks assigned.

    Work with glue is less time consuming and requires less time, however, the use of screws or dowels is more durable and is designed for heavier loads.

    In general, both methods of fixing the insulation are quite effective. Turning to the repair, it should be noted that it is required to comply with the procedure, it is necessary to modernize the ceiling, and after, the existing walls. The last floor remains. Otherwise, the repair will have to be repeated several times.

    Before buying polystyrene, you need to make a measurement of the balcony using roulette and write them on paper Before buying foam, you need to make a measurement of the balcony using a tape measure and write them on paper

    Before starting the process of installing the thermal insulation of the balcony with polystyrene, clean all surfaces( not only the lower part but also the ceiling)Remove unnecessary and unnecessary things in the room. It's no secret that balcony rooms are used as a storage room or for drying clothes.

    It is important to remove the previous finishing coat:

    • Fabrics and cover materials;
    • Fragments of bricks;
    • Plaster;Stones from slabs, etc.

    If there are noticeable cracks, pits and other fractures on the surface, you will have to level the surface with a wet or semi-dry screed. To restore order, it is necessary to remove various garbage, dismantle the fasteners of the old plating. During the repair they will undoubtedly get in the way.

    Tips: how to insulate the balcony with foam

    Floor and walls must be vacuumed and rinsed. This should be done not only when working with glue, but also for basic health safety. At the end of the work, the surfaces of the walls are treated with antifungal primer, which strengthens them, provides additional waterproofing from moisture and microorganisms.

    When insulating the floor of the balcony with foam plastic, the first thing to do is to build a frame The first step is to build the

    structure. The insulation process with EPS is not difficult, but the following tools and materials will nevertheless be required:

    • Polystyrene acting as thermal insulation;
    • Drill( attachment for glue stirring is mandatory);
    • Adhesive compound and container for cooking;
    • Rotary hammer;
    • Spatula;
    • Doors-umbrellas plus screws;
    • Knife stationery, it is necessary for cutting of hardened foam;
    • Reinforcing mesh, for fixing foam;
    • Wooden logs.

    When using foam plastic as a thermal insulation material, it is necessary to take into account the weak mechanical strength of the boards, which always need to be strengthened on the surface, external and internal. Polyfoam can never be a material that is a supporting material.

    Instruction: how to insulate the log with foam

    The ability of the foam plastic to be flexible, easy to cut and bend without breaking, the cheapness of the material allows it to be used everywhere by professionals in the construction industry with a special tool and ordinary amateurs who decided to repair the loggia on their ownIts comfort.

    Sealing joints between foam can be done with a mounting foam Sealing joints between foam can be done with the foam

    The main thing for builders is to take into account that any repair requires a responsible and thoughtful approach, creating a general repair plan for the loggia. For effective work, it is necessary to think over the stages of activity and highlight the prospects and results. This also applies to the selection of tools for each stage. A set of building materials, their nomenclature and volume, cleaning of construction debris and tools from the apartment.

    Refusal to work through the whole cycle of work will certainly slow down the work, and even stop for a certain time, while the necessary tools and materials are being collected.

    In the loggia, unlike the balcony, it is possible to use more heavier components of the construction( brick, cement, metal structures etc.).But, polystyrene still remains the basis of insulation of the apartment, because there is no other material on the necessary properties. There is also a mass restriction in the apartment.

    Fixing the loggia with polystyrene by one's own hands( video)

    Repairing a loggia or a balcony using foam plastic is one of the essential measures for improving the household, which will characterize the inside of the temperature regime, the level of fresh air, the dynamics of sunlight, etc. That's why it's worth to be attentive in this part of the apartment, upgrading it to a normal state.