Balcony with removal: glazing and extension of the floor, photo on the base of the slab, installation of a window sill and a permit

The balcony with the removal is one of the reserve options for expanding the housing space Balcony with removal is one of the backup options for expanding the housing space In the quarters of the numerous five-story Khrushchev and post-Soviet panels, the view enlarges the balconies. Against the backdrop of faceless little boxes that are sheltered on the walls of the houses, they stand out with bright colors of plastic around the perimeter, on sunny days they wink at passers-by with brand new glazing and sometimes they are impressive in size. If there is an interest in the conversion of the balcony, you need to understand the details.

    • Safe expansion of the balcony
    • Is it possible to remove the balcony on the windowsill
    • How much can you take the balcony out on the floor
    • Technologies for glazing the balcony with the removal
    • How to extend the balcony with your own hands( video)
    • The design of the balcony with the removal( interior photo)

Safe expansion of the balcony

In some cases, the expansion and glazing of the balcony is impossible, and sometimes even dangerous. In some cases, to change the appearance of the balcony, it may be necessary to authorize state authorities. This is typical for buildings with balconies overlooking the main streets of the city, where street events, demonstrations, folk festivities often take place.

Therefore, before deciding to increase the area, it is necessary to analyze the following factors:

  1. Location of the house.
  2. If you live in a full-length apartment of the Stalin era, you need to clarify whether your house is on the list of cultural heritage of the city or protected sites.
  3. If the dwelling is a category of dilapidated and old houses, the installation of unintended structures can be dangerous, both for the house itself and for the people living in it.
  4. Pay attention to the condition of the balcony itself.

Expansion of the balcony should be as safe as possible Expansion of the balcony must be as safe as possible

If the slab of the balcony shows signs of deterioration, consult with experts before carrying out the work to increase the balcony. Perhaps, additional services are needed to restore or strengthen the slab.

Additional load on the facade, can lead to collapse of the wall.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to obtain permission to make changes in the construction of the facade of a house of historical value. If there are no circumstances preventing the improvement of the balcony space, then it is necessary to determine the necessary types of work.

Is it possible to remove the balcony on the windowsill

The most common way to increase space on the balcony or loggia is to take out the window sill. Window frames in this case carry beyond the balcony plate. The total area from this, of course, will not change, but get a visual expansion of the space and wide sills.

Sometimes such a simple solution is enough:

  • To place boxes with seedlings for cottages;
  • For fans of summer flowers on the windowsills;
  • Window sills can be used as a table top.

Sometimes you can see triangular drifts up to one meter from different sides of the balcony, also with the roof. When choosing this option, consider the need to insert additional anchor bolts to reinforce the structure. The technical possibility of such works should be discussed with specialists. You will also have to provide an opinion of neighbors if your space is shifted towards the windows of someone else's apartment.

Wide window sills on the balcony can visually increase the space The wide window sills on the balcony can visually increase the space

Specialists do not recommend making the width of the window sills more than 40 cm - this is the optimal width for removal.

This parameter is sufficient for functional use, and safe for operation of the structure. Frames with removal can have a functional load when organizing a living room on the balcony.

How much can you take out the balcony on the floor

If you are planning not to limit yourself to visual expansion of space, and get a real increase in area, then it is worth considering the option to expand the balcony from the outside on the floor. Of course, the expansion of the balcony can be entrusted only to specialized companies that professionally perform installation at height and manufacture of components, taking into account the drawing of metal structures.

This type of work:

  • Produced by strengthening the balcony plate;
  • With additional frame;
  • We carry out fixing to the wall only with anchor bolts.

You can meet the increase in balconies in length, sometimes the room captures several windows in the apartment. An essential exit beyond the original limits of the balcony plate requires additional installation work. The balconies of the inhabitants of the first floors are often placed on the foundation and their dimensions are limited only by the personal appetite and the degree of indifference of the communal services.

An essential exit beyond the original limits of the balcony plate requires additional installation work An essential departure from the original limits of the balcony plate requires additional installation work.

For safe operation, the distance to the base should not exceed 40 cm from the edge of the plate.

A small increase at first glance significantly expands the narrow space. It should be noted that to begin the implementation of a dream, it is necessary with drawing up a design drawing, a work plan and obtaining the appropriate permission from the state authorities. The thing is that the balcony plate and the walls of the house are designed for a certain load, the increase of which can lead to collapse of the balcony or part of the building. If you plan to arbitrarily change the width or length of the balcony, be prepared to confront the concerned neighbors and representatives of the housing organization. In practice, there are cases when a new spacious balcony is forced to dismantle by court order.

Technologies of balcony glazing with removal

Open French balconies do not take well in our climate. The glazing of the balcony can not be called a fashion. Rather, it is a compelling necessity to hide precious meters from wind and weather.

Balcony glazing with removal can be done in several ways The glazing of the balcony with removal can be done in several ways.

Modern technologies allow us to distinguish the following types of glazing:

  1. Wooden frames like supporters of natural materials. To increase the service life, they must be covered with linseed oil, painted in a favorite color or varnished. Deficiencies include rapid aging and susceptibility to moisture and dry air.
  2. Metal frames are an excellent budget way to close the room from rain and snow, but they will not add heat. Have a pretty attractive view from the street, but the room does not always look aesthetically pleasing due to its susceptibility to corrosion.
  3. Aluminum frames also will not save the room from the cold, but unlike iron structures, they have an aesthetic appearance and high strength.
  4. Plastic windows are quite bulky for the balcony, but the PVC profile perfectly retains heat. This kind of glazing is preferable in case you plan to make a warm room. Plastic frames do not allow air to pass through. If there is no heating in the room, condensation may accumulate on the windows and the ceiling.
  5. Frameless glazing, recently entered into fashion, is almost not noticeable due to the lack of frames. Due to this feature, in some cases, it is allowed to install on buildings that are architectural monuments. The leaflets are made of durable glass, which resists wind gusts, does not scatter to fragments in damage and is not limited to the period of operation. A significant drawback is the lack of tightness, this glazing will not protect against mosquitoes and from getting small drops of rain.

When choosing the type of glazing, consult with specialists about the possibility of installing sliding or swinging structures. Discuss the width and height of the flaps, the side on which the frames will open. This will provide access to the outside of the windows for the possibility of wet cleaning.

How to expand the balcony with your own hands( video)

Doing works to increase the area of ​​the balcony and its glazing do not belong to the category of works that you can do yourself. If you are not a professional welder and do not do installation work professionally, then it is better to entrust this work to specialized organizations.

balcony design with the removal( interior photos)