Bed with canopy: photo, with own hands an adult canopy, how to hang and make a cornice, how to hang a curtain

Pay attention to the bed with the canopy - its different designs and styles are able to fit into any interior draw attention to the four-poster bed - its different designs and styles can fit into any interior Traditionally, a canopy called a silk cloth that came to us from Baghdad. The cloth suspended on the cornice covers the bed. But it happens that it is made of stole. In the Ancient World such an ornament was used only by well-off people. Fortunately, in our time, it is available to all. It is important to choose a canopy that fits exactly to your interior, which will perfectly fit with the bedroom and will surely appeal to your loved ones, especially the second half.

    • Luxury detail: the canopy over the bed
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Luxury detail: the canopy over the bed

As mentioned earlier - bed curtain has come to us from the distant past. It was not only for beauty, but also to protect those who are asleep from the cold, drafts, light and extraneous sounds. Previously, we used only an eco-friendly wooden frame and, of course, the architectural carving inherent in that time. However, now in Ikea we can buy not only wood, but also metal or plastic. Attach the canopy not only on the frame attached to the bed, but also to the ceiling. Over time, there was a high headboard( solid curtain on the perimeter of the frame).

Baldakhin above the bed symbolizes romanticism and comfort, and also gives a delightful sense of security canopy over the bed symbolizes the romance and comfort, as well as gives a delightful sense of security

Canopy can provide not only an adult bed, but the baby cradle. In this case, it will serve not only as a decorative decoration, but also will create comfort to your baby.

This bed is something like a tent or a tent. This allows us to forget ourselves after a hard day's work.

canopy bed for an adult

If once again delve into the history, it should be noted that in the parents' bedroom canopy served as a tulle, which can completely cover the bed, and, consequently, the place where the head of the family can retire. This is not just a square frame, on which the cloth is attached, but a real work of art, which over time has acquired many species for every taste.

For classical interiors the canopy design on an adult bed with carved wooden supports for classical interiors will certainly fit the canopy structure on adult bed with carved wooden pillars

There are several kinds of frame:

  1. skeleton-frame .Traditional form, inherent in the style of minimalism;You can use a different headboard. The most wear-resistant type.
  2. Forged with a dome. It has no textiles, but it has cross bars, which you can hang it by yourself. It is a metal product, at the head of which is a rounded piece, inherent in the style of modern classics.
  3. Bed with four posts. Also does not have canopies and crossbeams, it is impossible to hang curtains. The main element is wood carving, rounded elements on the tops.
  4. Forged trees .The most technically complex frame. It is possible to hang textiles, but this is not necessary, since it represents 4 trees, in which branches and leaves are intertwined.
  5. Carport .Baldahin does not cover the whole bed, but only the place where the pillows lie, and you can also hang the curtains at the head of the bed, which also creates a feeling of comfort.

The choice is yours, in stores a huge variety of these beds. If you still have questions, it is better to consult with designers, since the canopy is a very capricious thing. By itself, it requires a large space, as well as complete harmony with the design of housing. Where the less captious kind is the canopy for children's beds, which will suit absolutely everything.

Canopy bed canopy for toddlers

The canopy for the bed is the same as the canopy on the adult bed, only this decoration we decorate the cribs of our children. This is not just decorative decoration, but a necessity. He makes the baby's sleep healthier, because it protects the child from external stimuli, for example from too bright wallpaper or bright light. The child's canopy is most often triangular, that is, one head from which the tulle descends, thereby hanging over the wooden handrails. They are fastened, more often, to the ceiling or to the walls. Less often, when fastened to the frame, because with this form of attachment it is inconvenient to get the child out of the cradle. Most often it is a light, transparent air tulle, at the head of which is a small dense curtain or a three-dimensional ornament. For the best effect, you can attach hanging toys, attached inside the center of the canopy. This applies to a bed for babies, but there are canopies for more adult children, they can have the same shape as for adults.

Canopies and canopies above the bed are admired by many, but not all risk to hang such an element of decor in their bedroom Many people admire canopies and canopies above the bed, but not everyone risks putting such an element of decor in their bedroom.

A bunk bed is often installed in large families, but this is not a reason to abandon the canopy. This will give your children privacy, which is often needed by children from large families. However, in double beds it must be hung high, so that the child on the second tier does not get confused when he climbs down. These beds are called Dodo.

Baldahin over the bed with his own hands

Unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to buy a ready-made bed with a canopy. But, if you really want this miracle, or simply can not choose what you really like, then it's much cheaper to do it yourself. To do this, you need a little patience, materials, tools, which are in every house, and most importantly - creativity.

Baldachin above the bed - this is a fairly simple product, which can be built with your own hands A baldachin above the bed is a fairly simple product that can be built with your own hands.

Below you will find some tips that will help you make the canopy by yourself:

  1. It is not necessary to do crossbeams, Loops and hooks) to the ceiling, and on them to attach a cloth.
  2. A floating curtain can be made with the help of ropes. On these ropes you need to throw the textile, the main thing is to pick up a strong rope, for example, on which clothes for drying are hung.
  3. Real creators build ceilings just for this. A special highlight is made, which makes the canopy more effective.
  4. The frame can be made from curtain rods, in stores a huge selection of these designs.
  5. Those who want, as little as possible to injure their ceiling, you can offer fastening on one hook. It is often used when creating children's canopies. For adults, the same triangle is made, only 4 canvases are attached to it, and not 2.
  6. Hula-hoop can be used to create a round curtain. It is also fixed to the ceiling on one hook. After attaching the hook, you should put curtains in hula-hoop, and then hang it.
  7. Those who do not want to spoil the ceiling, you can offer fasteners to the back, they can be found from the building stores. You can also use natural branches.
  8. You can also benefit from an old bed, for example, take a base from it and attach it. But there is no way to simply throw the curtains, as they will constantly subside and create discomfort. We will have to sew loops, similar to those that hang on our windows.
  9. Those who dream of curtains that cover only the head, you can advise buying a bracket, something like a crown, it is very easy to fasten curtains. It is a circle with which everything moves easily.
  10. For those who do not want to spend much time at all, the way to drive nails into the wall, and between them to stretch the rope. Through this construction, throw the cloth or tie it to another furniture or chandelier, but you should evaluate the safety of this choice.

It is very easy to sew a curtain, as it is just a hanging fabric, at the beginning of which it is possible to sew with a sewing machine( or even with hands) a loop, or simply sew it with a solid stitch to the frame. This is a wall mounting method, which, unfortunately, is rarely used.

Baldachin sail can be created in holiday homes or on balconies. Often, wooden ceilings are used there. To them the cloth is beaten. This is one of the simplest and cheapest methods. Especially effective will look, if your bed is in the attic, because they have a pitched shape.

If you are planning a romantic evening, then you can ideally use a canopy of garlands, and if you consider it as a permanent option, it is also additional lighting around the perimeter, where you can read. After the creation of this canopy, additional cosiness and a sense of celebration appear. Also it can be made semicircular.

Cozy bed with canopy( video)

In general, the choice is yours. As it was noticed, this luxury is available to everyone, even the most lazy. Choose the right color, fabric, type of carcass and you and your babies always have a good night's sleep. In addition, it is a wonderful gift to family and friends who are sure to be happy about it.

design with four-poster beds( photo in the interior)