Ceiling cornice for stretch ceilings photo: how to fix the hidden, niche for curtains, which curtains are better

Ceiling cornice for stretch ceilings can be bought at any construction store Ceiling cornice for suspended ceilings can be purchased at any hardware store Stretch ceilings - is a fashionable trend is very convenient and affordable. Today you can install such a ceiling in a modern apartment, house or cottage. This is done by specially trained people, with the installation using a heating device without building dust and dirt. Such a system helps to level the ceiling and hide many of its shortcomings. Simultaneously with this process there is a question about cornices for tension modern coatings. Which of them would be better to choose, so that they could be reliable, functional and practical. And also, you would have served you for a long time.

    • functional ceiling cornice for suspended ceilings: types
    • Cornice ceiling under the suspended ceiling: manufacturing material
    • As fasten the eaves to the stretch ceiling: types and features
    • Recessed ledge in the stretch ceiling: Cusp
    • How to fix the ceiling cornice for ceilings( video)
    • Examples ceiling cornices for ceilings( interior photos)

functional ceiling cornice forStretch ceilings: types

The modern market can provide a wide selection of false ceilings and cornices to it. Ceiling cornice is able to increase visually the room in height, while creating a comfortable environment in it. In addition, this unusual element of decor is simply necessary for convenient fixation of curtains and curtains. And also together it can be equipped with an original illumination, which will look very impressive against the background of such coverage.

Ceiling cornice should be harmoniously combined with the ceiling in color and shape Ceiling cornice should be in color and form in harmony with the ceiling

ceiling cornices for ceilings in its functionality can be distinguished into two types. One of them is suitable only for curtains and it is attached to the wall. But the other cornice is suitable for lighting.

Today, the market offers a variety of designs. Of these, you can easily find the perfect option, suitable for your interior design. Which will meet your requirements, and arrange for the price.

It is possible to recognize such types of cornices in which the curtain mounting is different:

  1. The most popular and popular model is the cornice bar. This cornice looks like a round rod, which can be attached to the wall or stretch cover with special tools. Rings on which baguettes or curtains perfectly hold, move along the circular trajectory of the rod.
  2. Inexpensive model is a cornice-string. This model can withstand only light curtains and transparent curtains. Such a system consists of a metal wire, which is stretched between the brackets. Special wire cutters are used for drawing wires. Most often this model is a secret.
  3. Rail model. It looks like a profile with special grooves, in them, and attachments, on which you can hang curtains or curtains. This form differs from the previous two, the presence of a cord, with which you can open and close the curtains.

Cornice is a very important attribute and plays a role in the interior of the room. Therefore, whatever type you choose, the main thing is that it is reliable and durable.

ceiling cornice under suspended ceiling: material manufacturing

There are two different fixing structure, the eaves type: wall, it is attached to the wall and ceiling. These species vary in price. More expensive are the ceiling cornices, since their design is complex and expensive. But still, this model is preferred.

Ceiling under the suspended ceiling - this is the right and right decision. Since only with the help of these models can you emphasize the individuality of the interior and visually increase the volume of the room and the height of the ceiling itself.

Among the advantages of a ceiling cornice for stretch ceilings is worth noting the compactness and a small price Among the advantages of ceiling cornices for ceilings, it should be noted the compactness and low price

Represents such a cornice flat tire, it is attached to the ceiling. This species is more interesting for customers with its advantages. Ceiling cornices are made of different, durable materials.

Material for ceiling cornices:

  • Plastic;
  • Tree;
  • Aluminum;
  • Steel.

Wooden models remain the most expensive. They look massive and reliable. The cheapest option is a plastic cornice, so they are used very often. On the steel structure you can hang heavy curtains and curtains. But aluminum is used to make flexible cornices.

How to mount the cornice to the tension ceiling: types and features

By the type of attachment, the ceiling cornices are visible and hidden. Visible cornice is easy to install and it is perfect for any curtains. However, fasten such a cornice very carefully, without haste, so as not to damage the tension coating. The hidden cornice is always trying to hide. And since it will not be visible, you can choose any model.

How to fix the cornice to the tension ceiling?It will not be difficult to do this. The main thing is to correctly and correctly calculate and choose a suitable model with a visible or hidden mechanism.

The feature of the hidden eaves is a special niche, which is located between the window and the stretch cover. Together with the niche, this kind of cornice will not be noticeable for curious views. Make the built-in cornice invisible - this is the main task of each owner. Mounting of this type is carried out with the help of special dowels.

Before installing the cornice to the tension ceiling, it Before installing the cornice to the tension ceiling, it is worth to look at the training video

The cornices are:

  • With one row of the groove are single row cornices;
  • Further, with two grooves - these are two-row designs;
  • Three-row accessories;
  • The largest cornices are four rows.

Three-row version is the most common of all listed. At the cornice at the same time you can hang curtains, transparent curtains and more lambrequins. Also flexible ceilings are suitable for stretch ceilings. Such a cornice is very flexible and elastic, since it is made of aluminum or polymer. He is able to skirt the most complex geometric lines. It is usually used in the bedrooms to create canopies. With their help there is a zoning of the bed. They are very convenient and functional.

Concealed curtain rod in stretch ceiling:

assembly features The installation of a concealed ceiling cornice is the original window decoration solution. The invisible ceiling cornice is concealed in a special niche, where in the future it will be attached to the ceiling itself. On this cornice, any curtains will look spectacular and stylish in the interior of the room.

The hidden cornice in the stretch ceiling is not an easy task. For its installation it will be better to hire specialists to avoid damaging the stretch ceiling itself.

The process of installing this cornice in a hidden niche is time-consuming. With such editing, there can be different difficulties and problems, so if you decide to fix it yourself, you must always follow the advice of the master.

The hidden cornice fits perfectly into the interior, made in the style of high-tech The hidden cornice fits perfectly into the interior made in the style of high-tech

Step-by-step installation:

  • We purchase a suitable cornice, which must necessarily correspond to the size of the tensioning cloth itself.
  • On the perimeter of the room, except for the wall where the window is located, it is necessary to fasten the guides( baguettes).
  • At a distance of 10 - 20cm from the window, a beam or profile is attached in parallel, and then the baguette will be fixed.
  • In the resulting space( niche) between the window and the baguette set the cornice.

Despite the laboriousness of the process, this type of cornice is original and unusual. Curtains with such a fastener look as if they are floating in the air. This is very impressive and attractive. Additionally, the hidden cornice is decorated with a backlight.

How to fix a ceiling curtain for stretch ceilings( video)

As a result, if you get a successful and correct combination of the ceiling cornice with a stretch ceiling design, you will get a beautiful and stylish decoration of your room. Unusual ceiling cornices have earned their popularity and have gained great demand. All models are very different, they differ in structure and material of manufacture. These models are practical and reliable.

Examples ceiling cornice for suspended ceilings( interior photo)