Sweet varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses: the sweetest tomatoes, reviews

Sweet tomato varieties for greenhouses will take a special place for a long time on your site Sweet tomato varieties for greenhouses will occupy a special place for a long time on your site Breeders every year please gardeners with new varieties and hybrids of tomatoes with sweet fruits. Choose from such a variety, sometimes, it is not easy. In order that the variety does not bring disappointment, instead of a large crop of tasty, attractive vegetables, instead of a large crop, it is necessary to focus on the rate of fruit ripening, their size, the density of the peel and pulp. What sorts of sweet tomatoes are popular and what is the difference between different varieties - read below.

    • The sweetest greenhouse tomatoes: cherry varieties
    • Large-fruited sweet tomatoes for greenhouses
    • Low-grown sweet tomatoes for greenhouses
    • Sweet tomato varieties for greenhouses: reviews
    • The best sweet tomato varieties for greenhouses(Video)

The sweetest tomatoes for the greenhouse: cherry varieties

Small sweet tomatoes have long been recognized by both vegetable lovers and truck farmers: such tomatoes are convenient to eat fresh and cannedThey make delicious and attractive salads. In addition, varieties of cherry are easy to grow, because, usually, the bushes of such plants have limited growth, and the fruits ripen simultaneously and in large quantities.

Cherry tomatoes are resistant to diseases, they are easy to grow Cherry tomatoes are resistant to diseases, they are easy to grow

Popular sweet cherry varieties are:

  1. Cherry yellow. The variety is distinguished by small( 15 gr) fruits of plum form. On one brush, usually keep up to 50 to 60 fruits. Tomato is suitable for cultivation both in open beds and in greenhouses.
  2. Gold brush. The fruits of the variety are incredibly delicious and attractive( pear-shaped yellow).Variety of early maturation( 95-98 days).The golden brush is suitable for cultivation in greenhouses under a film and growing in small greenhouses.
  3. Salute( Fireworks). The height of the fireworks bushes averages 50-90 cm. The salutes of the Salute are bright yellow, medium in weight of 20 g, so sweet that they are perfect for making jams. Sugar plum( crimson).
  4. . The variety is short( height of plants - 120-150 cm), early maturing period( 85-97).Sugar plum is characterized by elongated fruits weighing 20-25 g, which well tolerate storage and transportation over a long distance.
  5. Sweet bunch. A variety of tall, medium ripening period( 105-108 days).The main advantages of Grapes are high yields( due to long fruiting) and excellent taste of fruits.

Such hybrids with sweet, small fruits like "Cherry Blosem F1" and "Cherry Likopa F1" are resistant to diseases, cracking and temperature fluctuations.

Large fruit sweet tomatoes for greenhouses

Tomato varieties with large fruits should be on every plot, because they are in great demand among buyers because of their versatility: they can make salads, juices, sauces, preserves.

Large-fruited sweet tomatoes for greenhouses are in great demand Large-fruited sweet tomatoes for greenhouses are in great demand

The sweetest, large-fruited tomato varieties for growing in a greenhouse:

  1. The king of the early. Differs early maturity of light crimson, flat-faced fruit weighing up to half a kilo.
  2. Cardinal. Tomato - tall, resistant to most diseases and pest species, frost. It is distinguished by large( up to 900 g.), Fleshy crimson fruit, which is perfect for canning and salads. Babushkin secret.
  3. . A tall variety with a high yield( up to 17 kg per square meter).The fruits of the Secret are large( up to 600 g), pink-red, have a flattened shape, dense skin and juicy, sweet flesh.

A bullish heart can give sweet vegetables weighing between 150-500 gr. The taste of these tomatoes is preserved even after heat treatment.

Low-grown sweet tomatoes for greenhouses

Low-grown tomato varieties have been recognized due to the rapid maturation of fruits, unpretentious care, high yield. Fruits of short stature, usually compact, aligned, have an attractive appearance.

Some undersized varieties of sweet tomatoes require obligatory tying because of their large fruits( for example, tomato Baked large-berry, Danko).

Among Tomat varieties with limited growth and sweet fruits, Tomato Danko is very popular. Danko bushes grow up to one and a half meters, after which their growth stops. The fruits are large, with a fleshy pulp and an elastic peel of red color, have a small amount of seeds. Tomato Danko does not change its taste characteristics after heat treatment.

Low-growing varieties of sweet tomatoes for greenhouses can please high yields Low-grown sweet tomatoes for greenhouses can please with high yield

No need for garter and pasynkovaniya tomato Filippok. The shrubs of Philippe reach a maximum height of 40 cm, and the fruits weigh up to 100 grams. Filippok is also suitable for cultivation in the open ground, but the highest yield of the variety is observed in greenhouse conditions.

The most popular varieties of tomatoes with sweet fruits of pink color include such as the Spring of the North and the Masha Doll.

Unlike classic pink tomatoes, the North Spring and the Masha Doll are resistant to long-term fruit transportation with dense pulp. In addition, varieties are well tolerated by climatic changes, resistant to disease.

Sweet varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses: feedback

Based on the experience of greenhouses, the highest yield of sweet fruits can boast hybrid varieties of tomatoes. They are resistant to diseases, temperature changes( the temperature in the greenhouse without heating by day and night during the cold period can be very different).In addition, hybrids differ in the early maturation of fruits.

The highest yield of gardeners is encouraged by hybrid varieties of tomatoes The highest yields of gardeners are encouraged by hybrid varieties of tomatoes

The most popular hybrid varieties of tomatoes with sweet fruits that received positive reviews are:

  1. Pink Flamingo F1. Tomato is characterized by precocity( it is possible to collect fruits for 90-95 days after the first shoots), resistance to diseases and cracking. The variety refers to salad. In addition, the sweet plum fruit of the Pink Flamingo is excellent for preservation.
  2. Samara F1. The hybrid is distinguished by attractive red fruits of round shape. The hybrid is resistant to cracking, TMV, fusarium wilt and brown spots. Harvest can be collected with brushes. Fertility grade - 12-15 kg per square meter. M
  3. Handbag F1. Tomato copes well with temperature changes, so it can be grown in greenhouses without heating. Fruits Cubes are cube-shaped, slightly ribbed, have a red, dense peel, and weigh, on average, 250 gr. The yield of the hybrid can reach 16 kg per square meter. M.

Popular hothouse tomato hybrids, which are characterized by rapid growth, are Happiness F1 and Happiness Russian F1.In addition, these varieties are unpretentious in care, and their fruits are resistant to cracking.

The best sweet tomato varieties for greenhouses( video)

Sweet tomatoes are favorite vegetables of both children and adults. Such tomatoes can be preserved, used to make salads, juices, sauces. The success of growing sweet vegetables in a greenhouse largely depends on the correctness of the selected variety. So, for regions with a short warm period it is better to choose early ripening varieties. Vegetables for preservation must have an elastic peel that will not crack, and the fruits for sale in distant areas - be resistant to transportation and long-term storage. Choose tomato varieties with sweet fruits from the above, and enjoy excellent taste!