How to glue wallpaper in the corners: correct video lessons, room corners on the walls, non-woven finish after gluing

Bonding walls with wallpaper is always a successful use of a budget and environmentally friendly coating for interior decoration of a room Bordering walls with wallpaper is always a successful use of a budget and environmentally friendly coating for interior decoration of the room. Wall decoration is the most popular option for decorating walls in rooms. Undoubtedly, gluing wallpaper on smooth walls is quite elementary and requires only a little skill, but it is technically more difficult to glue wallpaper around the corners of the room. Before you paste the wallpaper yourself you need to properly prepare the walls.

    • How to hang wallpaper in the corners: the steps and practical advice
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    • Internal corner
    • corners of the walls at the wallpaper: what it is
    • As wallpaper glue in the corners of the non-woven: Featuresand tips
    • How to glue the corners at the wallpaper: mounting technique
    • How to hang wallpaper in the corners( video)

How to hang wallpaper in the corners: the steps and practical advice

First you need to clean up the old wallpaper or dormancyAsuka, put on the walls of the ground and flatten the surface thereof. And only then start to cover the corners with wallpaper.

So repair specialists distinguish the following stages of the process:

  1. should begin with alignment angles, for this you can use putty and after it has dried to produce the cleaning with sandpaper. In order for the angle to be even, you can use a special device - a plastic corner, which is attached to the putty. Remember that if you do not get rid of uneven surfaces, the wallpaper may become unstuck.
  2. The next step is the application of glue - before you glue the wallpaper in the corner of the room, you must carefully glue the entire height of the corner with glue. If the roller does not cope with its task and leaves unmasked fate worth using a brush.
  3. direct pasting of corners wallpaper - there are different classes of specialists, which help correct wallpapered corner of the room, it is necessary to listen to them, but for greater productivity denote some characteristics of this stage: literacy finishers are not recommended in the corners wallpapering entire stripes, this is due to the factThat there may be distortions and joints will be uneven.
  4. Cloth wallpaper need to be cut so that their side from the sides go 50 mm on a nearby wall.

To properly paste wallpaper, you need to make a standard procedure - leveling the walls, then freeing the work surface from the old coating To properly apply wallpaper, you must perform the standard procedure - the alignment of the walls, followed by the release of a working surface of the old pavement

adhesive should be applied to the strip of wallpaper and wall corner. Next, you need to attach the wallpaper to the corner of the wall in the following way: if the gluing process starts from left to right, then the left side is applied to the inner side of the corner, for even coating it.

At this stage it is necessary to clearly understand that it is necessary to glue the outer and inner corners with wallpaper in different ways.

External corner

outer corners can be glued in two ways: First, if the outer corner has a flat surface, you can not spend time on his alignment and immediately put on the corner wallpaper, then use the level and measure the edge of the strip to the otherThe bands lay evenly;Secondly, for gluing the outer corners, you first need to turn the strip around the corner by 4-5 cm, and at the top, glue the next part of the wallpaper. Using a clerical knife and ruler, make a cut of these layers vertically.

Inner corner

The inner corners require more attention. The wallpaper should be glued so that they come to the adjacent surface about 3 cm, but not more, or they will go wrinkles. Fold and rotate the wallpaper with glue. Next you need to measure the width of the wallpaper on the adjacent wall, note the allowance of the pasted side, which is glued at a distance of about 2 cm from the corner and through it a vertical line is drawn by a plumb-line - this is the mark of the edge of the wallpaper to be pasted.

Align wallpaper by rolling, for this purpose there are special rollers and spatulas.

All the stages of the wallpaper labeling in the corners shown above are sequential.

Corners on the wall for wallpaper: what is this

The plastic corners on the wallpaper are a good finish for the corners - they have protective functions and give the corner a complete look.

The scheme of gluing wallpaper in the corners Driving wallpapering corners

Construction markets offer different decorative corners:

  • Corners width from 20 × 20 to 50 × 50 mm are suitable for corners, which are subject to heavy wear;
  • Dimensions 10 × 10 or 15 × 15 mm will give a neat finish to the wall - they are called decorative corners;
  • Corners can differ in color, can have the texture of wood or metal.

For arched outer corners make better use of the corners with the following approximate dimensions: 5 × 17.7 × 17.10 × 20 and 15 × 25 mm. Plastic angles are recommended to be mounted with silicone sealant, it is colorless and it has good coupling. The length of the corners varies from 3 to 7 m, so it can be adjusted to individual dimensions.

Corners plastic decorative wallpaper help protect against mechanical damage at the corners of the walls, in addition, they are inexpensive and easy to install.

As wallpaper glue in the corners of the non-woven: features and tips

Fleece wallpaper are especially durable, but working with them is hard enough, especially at the corner surfaces, asThey are not elastic. To

okleit such wallpapered wall corner portion wallpaper at the interval necessary to make allowance 1.5 cm, this allowance should go overlapped.

You need to know a little secret - sticky non-woven wallpaper is easier if they make an equal edge sections along the entire length.

Adhesive in this case is applied only to the wall, and the wallpaper must remain dry. In the work on the design of the corner with such wallpaper it is better to use the corner beforehand, then there will not be any unnecessary curves of the places. If the choice is made in favor of wallpaper with a picture, in this case, it is necessary to qualitatively adjust the pattern in the corners. In order to keep the picture intact in the corners, you need to cut the next strip from the corner strip under the pattern of the already pasted wall.

To protect the walls from abrasion use a simple, but original version of the decorative finish - the corners of PVC To protect the wall coverings from abrasion use a simple, but the original version of decorative finishes - PVC corners

Here are some tips:

  • necessary to make a small overlap on another wall;
  • Joints are best hidden in the top of the corner;
  • Wallpaper with a picture in the corners is better to glue on the plumb line.

Metro wallpaper - a wide non-woven fabric a little more than a meter. This kind of wallpaper helps to quickly cover a large apartment and the selection of the picture becomes easier. In order to paste a meter wallpaper in the corners, you need to lap up to 3 cm on the next wall. The rest of the procedure will not differ from the standard pasting of the corners, which is described above.

How to glue the corners on the wallpaper: mounting technique

Before mounting the corners, you need to accurately calculate their number and size, and to find the adhesive you need to know clearly what material the corner is made of.

Work on pasting walls with wallpaper on a non-woven basis should be made from the corner of the room works okleivniyu wall wallpaper on non-woven backing should be done with the corner of the room

then act according to the following schedule:

  1. hitch over the wall will be stronger if they are glued to the wall, but not at the wallpaper;
  2. On the inner side of the corner evenly distribute the adhesive material;
  3. Apply and press to the desired area on the wall, remove excess glue with a napkin;
  4. Do not touch the corners until the material dries completely.
  5. In order to seal the sealant better in the area, you can fix the corner with adhesive tape.

How to hang wallpaper in the corners( video)

So knowing gluing technology wallpaper in the corners, you can perform high quality repairs on their hands in addition to help families in this difficult matter.