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The hallway is the first room where visitors come in, and to make interesting its interior will help the combination of wallpaper The entrance hall is the first room where guests come in, and it's interesting to combine the interior with . When entering any house, the first thing that the guests see is the entrance hall. It is very important that the first impression is positive. It is not uncommon for the apartment owners to make an unforgivable mistake, giving little time to repair the hallway. However, an attentive and prudent host will think through every detail: the kind of finishing material, the color palette;Style direction.

    • How to choose wallpaper for the corridor combined: design
    • Several secrets how to combine the wallpaper in the hallway
    • How to combine wallpaper in the hallway: important strokes
    • Correctly combine wallpaper in the hallway: several ways
creates a hallway in an apartment for everyoneIts corridor was unique, modern and stylish. Make the interior exclusive and unusual will help combine the finishing materials, as well as the right combination of furniture and lighting.

How to choose wallpaper for the corridor combined: design

The corridor gets dirty faster than all other rooms in the house, so you should approach the choice of wallpaper very carefully. Naturally, the wallpaper in the hallway should be easy to wash and be strong and moisture resistant. Do not necessarily glue waterproof, expensive wallpaper around the perimeter, you can arrange them in places particularly prone to contamination.

Wallpaper in the hallway is better to choose strong and easy to wash Wallpaper in the hallway is better to choose strong and easy to wash

Wallpaper types for the hall

The robust, durable, long-lasting wallpaper is divided into the following types:

  1. Vinyl. This option is considered the most convenient to use. The wallpaper does not fade, does not wear off, it's easy to wash. If the walls are not even, then the material will help to hide this defect. This kind of wallpaper fits well with others. Vinyl can be foamed, dense and flat.
  2. Acrylic. This kind of wallpaper is less wear-resistant, but moisture resistant. To the touch it is soft, velvety, its combination with other types of finishing material is an excellent option for repairing the hallway. However, when caring for such wallpaper, do not get carried away with detergents and brushes.
  3. Flizeline. Very stable material. These wallpapers are considered not environmentally friendly, but they can be repainted several times, changing the mood of the corridor and the overall design of the room. Also the wallpaper is resistant to moisture, easy to wash, they are durable.
  4. Wall-papers. This is the most actual and demanded type of washable wallpaper. This material is eco-friendly, since it is made from natural ingredients. In addition, the material creates protection against mold and microorganisms. Steklooboi can be repainted, which is also a plus when changing the design of the hallway.
  5. Liquid wallpaper. Are applied to the wall as plaster. Very good option for the corridor. Perfectly matches with other wallpaper. Liquid wallpaper is eco-friendly, with their help you can create interesting patterns, gradually changing from one tone to another. They can easily be combined with metal or non-woven wallpaper.
  6. Metal wallpaper. New in the world of finishing materials. The paper from which they are made is porous, covered with a thin layer of foil, paint and pattern. These wallpapers are from a number of expensive ones, as they are often covered by spraying and painted manually. These wallpapers are moisture resistant, but are available in dark colors.
  7. Cork. Have a wax coating, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic. Excellent moisture transfer, they have heat and sound insulation. The only drawback is the scanty color palette.

To create a beautiful and stylish interior in the hallway recommend using 2-3 types of wallpaper To create a beautiful and stylish interior in the hallway, it is recommended to use 2-3 types of wallpapers

Ideas for combining wallpapers can be very diverse. The main thing is not to overdo it. Designers recommend combining no more than 2 kinds of finishing material, this will create harmony and comfort, in the hallway.

Several secrets how to combine wallpapers in the hall

When combining the room with walling materials, we can visually expand the space, make the entrance hall larger, lighter and even visually change its shape. It is important when combining to observe a harmonious combination of colors and to use not more than two materials.

Rules for selecting

Selecting colors should be guided by the following rules:

  1. The smaller the corridor, the lighter the shades should be selected. If the house has children and animals, then you can start a dark color on the bottom, and light from above.
  2. Bright colors are not suitable for the hallway, they put pressure on the eyes and fit individually. If the family is better than the brightest colors do not choose.
  3. Soft colors will not visually reduce the space, but a bright accent in the form of a panel will give the hallway of individuality.
  4. If the corridor is very small, you must choose cool colors, gray or blue. Black and violet colors will visually reduce the space. Such colors should be combined with warm tones.
  5. Bright accents will make the corridor original and interesting.
  6. Vertical lines in the drawing and pattern visually lift the ceiling. The horizontal lines will make the room wider, but the ceiling will appear lower at the same time.
  7. It is important to combine wallpaper with furniture and decor.
  8. It is equally important that the design of the corridor is in harmony with the style direction of the whole apartment or house.

Combining light wallpaper will help visually increase the space of your hallway Combining light wallpaper will help visually increase the space of your hallway

Following the advice of designers, you can get a pleasant individual interior that will please the whole family.

How to combine wallpaper in the hallway: important strokes

Combining several types of wallpaper with a pattern or patterns, it is important that the story line is combined. You can glue a convex texture and smooth wallpaper.

In addition, you can use:

  • Moldings;
  • Stickers;
  • Coating tapes.

You can not forget about the thickness of the wallpaper, it should be about the same. Joints should not be very prominent, although they can be decorated with narrow panels or moldings.

Correctly combine wallpaper in the hallway: several ways

Designers recommend several options for combining wallpapers.

The following variants are most often used:

  • Horizontal;
  • Vertical;
  • In the form of panels from rags.

Vertical combination of wallpaper is ideal for narrow hallways Vertical combination of wallpaper is ideal for narrow hallways

The first option is great for high ceilings. On the bottom, it's nice to glue the dark, moisture-resistant wallpaper. Classical style does not hurt and a bright band. More than three colors do not take, will be through a lot of variegated. Vertical combination is well suited for narrow hallways. Also, this method is well suited for corridors with uneven walls. The method of decoration in the form of panels suitable for rooms in a free style.

Designer combination of wallpaper in the hallway

The combination of wallpaper will help create your own unique style of the room. A small room combining will expand, a corridor with a low ceiling will do higher, and a hallway with curved walls will make it even and neat.

There are many options for combining, it's important to follow simple rules and combine wallpaper with:

  • Furniture;
  • Accessory;
  • Apartment design.

Wallpaper in the interior of the corridor( video)

Special skills for work on combining is not required. Even an amateur who can not manage to repair himself will be able to cope. Experiment can be endlessly, realizing the most incredible ideas.

Combining wallpaper in the hallway( photo)