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Curbs for wallpaper are available in a wide range, and their choice will not give you much work Borders for wallpapers are available in a wide range, and their choice will not give you much difficulty help of special lanes for the walls is not difficult to successfully decorate the room, creating in it a comfortable, homely atmosphere of completeness. A curb is used to demarcate, expand, and also reduce the room. For example, if it is necessary to emphasize the ceilings, a similar strip is glued at the top at the junction between the wallpaper and the ceiling. If the room is used several kinds of wallpaper material, with its help it is possible to easily separate the different zones, creating an unusual atmosphere in the interior.

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What decorative border wallpaper

this element of the decor is used to distinguish between the walls in different rooms of the house. For example, it is impossible to do without it if there is a need to take care of the playing area in the nursery. Children's curb - colorful and bright material with drawings of your favorite characters. For a bedroom, living room or kitchen there are many options for such material, so it's easy to find the right colors.

Baby curbs are very beautiful, bright and you can pick up different patterns Children's borders is very beautiful, bright and you can choose different patterns

main features location curb on the wall:

  1. upper part of the wall. The strip is presented in the form of a decorative cant, which creates a cozy atmosphere in the room.
  2. Perimeter of the ceiling. Here the border is a separator and a zonator.
  3. At the very floor. It is considered an excellent way to hide the flaws of gluing the wallpaper.

Some owners paste a border for wallpaper vertically. So it is possible to separate a certain zone. Sometimes such an application is necessary for framing doors, windows or mirrors.

Curbs for wallpaper: self-adhesive and other types of materials

Today, many manufacturers make a border for wallpaper with identical patterns, but they have differences in size and material.

The following are types of borders for walls, which are divided into:

  1. Fit. The width of the border may vary significantly. It varies from a few cm to a meter. A standard roll holds 5-10 meters of material.
  2. By color. Some products are monophonic, others have drawings.
  3. According to the type of attachment. There are self-adhesive borders - these are special curbs, on which a special adhesive is applied. On such products there is a special protective film, so the material is easy to use even for a beginner. When gluing other models, it is sufficient to moisten the material with water( the glue is applied to them during production).The remaining species must be treated with glue intended for this purpose.
  4. According to the texture. Some products are smooth, while others have a variety of embossing.
  5. On external features. There are simple curbs for wallpaper( a conventional pattern or a holographic pattern), as well as decorative models( lace, or covered with gilding).
  6. By subject. For a certain room( kitchen or nursery) in the house there are the most suitable models, with the corresponding figures.

In addition to the above characteristics, the curbs for wallpaper are different material.


Relate to the budget category, they are easy to use. However, this material is short-lived and can not be washed.

Paper curbs are the simplest, inexpensive and easy to glue Paper borders are the most simple, inexpensive and easy to glue


Are considered more qualitative, which are easily cleaned and glued. Such decorative products will last for many years. This type of baguettes is recommended for use in rooms with increased contamination( kitchen, bathroom or changing room).They have a porous base, which allows the walls to "breathe".


The borders of this material are of high quality and have many positive characteristics. Here, a special acrylic emulsion is applied on the surface of the strip.

How to make a border for wallpaper yourself

Some owners prefer to independently create a curb for the walls. The most common way is to use other wallpapers. It is necessary to mark the line of the desired width in advance and carefully cut out the strip on it.

Interesting!To make an unusual border for wallpaper, you can use a variety of piece materials, as well as decorative plaster.

The easiest way to make a border with your own hands is to use old wallpaper The easiest way to make a border yourself - use old wallpaper

But there is also a more creative approach to the process of making a curb with your own hands. If this product should be small, you can make it with photos. This option will be an excellent solution for decorating a children's room.

The most suitable materials for the self-creation of this part for walls are:

  • Postcards or fragments of cardboard;
  • Textile materials, as well as colored sheets of fluorescent paper;
  • Self-adhesive film.

Modern designers also use old logs, posters, and also covers from old records to create an unusual border for wallpaper. The result will completely depend on the imagination and efforts of the decorator.

How to glue a curb on a wallpaper: features of using

Before gluing a curb, it is recommended to check it for flaws, for this it is better to view the entire tape. After that you need to take care of cleaning the surface of the walls from dust, so the sticker will be more even.

You should not start pasting the border until the wallpaper dries completely. In fact, unlike a dry surface, on a wet material the strip will not hold well.

Before gluing curbs for wallpaper it is recommended to check the entire tape for defects It is recommended to check the entire tape for defects before wallpapering

When choosing an adhesive for this product, it is recommended to give preference to glue made on acrylic base. Because it can be used without dilution with water. Plus with a tube in the kit there is a special applicator-brush and this glue is very resistant.

The whole process of pasting walls with a border for the wallpaper is not difficult. However, it is necessary to take care of perfectly flat surfaces in advance. It is also recommended to use the building level. With the help of a pencil and a level it is necessary to note the height of the fastening of the product. It must necessarily be the same everywhere.

After this, it is necessary to break the roll into pieces of the required length. Then, each part of the product is laid face down to apply glue. To facilitate the process, it is recommended to fold the cloth in the form of an accordion( when there is a side with glue applied on it).

It remains to apply the strip exactly to the wall and smooth it well. When smoothing, it is better to move from the middle of the curb to its edges. It is important to ensure that the canvas is completely glued.

Important!Each strip of curb should be combined with the previous one. In the corners of these products necessarily glued overlap.

Sticker for wallpaper curbs( video)

The wallpaper border has been used for several decades to decorate various rooms. In addition to the fact that this product is used to advantageously emphasize a certain zone in the room, it helps to hide small defects in the walls. When you make an independent curb, you can achieve the most unexpected decor options.

Wallpapers for wallpaper( photos)