Wallpaper paintings on the wall: modular with their own hands, photo in the interior, from the liquid, how to make of the remains

The picture, made of wallpaper, will colorfully decorate the walls of the living space, will be an original decoration of the interior picture made of wallpaper, the walls will allow to draw a colorful living space, will be an original interior decoration not uncommon decorative materials are used as decorative elements to give a room personality, charm, elegance. Therefore, the question of how to create a wallpaper from your wallpaper by yourself, is interesting to modern artists and just people who want to experiment in the interior. Immediately it should be said that all works made independently are not serial, a truly unique work of art is created.

    • Photo Wall Mural - pattern of the wallpaper in the interior
    • material with a pattern: a picture of the remnants of wallpaper with your own hands
    • Step by step instructions
    • Modern modular picture with his own hands from the wallpaper
    • modular pattern of wallpaper on the wallswith his own hands: variations
    • stylish paintings of liquid wallpaper with their hands decorating the walls
    • liquid wallpaper( video)
    • pictures of wallpaper( photos)

photo wall Mural - pattern of the wallpaper in the Instituteerere

Photo Wall Murals are the most suitable for the creation of such a segment of decoration like wallpaper-pattern, as in nature from the outset are finished painting. But this segment requires qualitative refinement, modification, as it is not unique. Not infrequently, the design art instruction recommends the use of wallpaper as a background on which other details will be located. All the additional elements can be made from scraps remaining after the repair of wallpaper. Perfect fit with the rest of the finishing material with other patterns or patterns, combining which you can create the most unusual in form elements. Photo wall can also be used in the manufacture of small paintings.

To do this:

  1. Cut a piece of wallpaper.
  2. Make edging from another material.
  3. Create an interesting frame.

For the production of paintings is best fit wallpaper with a geometric pattern or intricate floral ornament To produce paintings are best suited wallpaper with geometric patterns or intricate floral patterns

This pattern of photo wallpapers looks great and is able to decorate the interior of any stylistic direction.

Material with a pattern: pictures from the remains of wallpaper with their own hands

Almost all the manuals that give recommendations on how to make wallpaper pictures with their own hands are advised in the work to use the material on which there are many patterns, drawings, images, ornaments and various elements. The fact is that all these items will have to be cut out to be used as a work unit in the creation of their unusual picture. Of these, the final drawing will be added. Equally important is the selection of the correct basis for the future picture, which will act as a background.

It is important that the background fits perfectly with the cut out details. In connection with what, designers do not advise to apply wallpaper in one color scheme.

Specialists recommend using the remnants of wallpaper trimming or buying stuff from the store. Also, masters suggest that before starting to collect their work of art, make a drawing, a small plan, which will simply add up the finished picture. This will help to avoid mistakes.

To securely fix the elements on the wall, use the universal PVA adhesive To securely fix the elements on the wall, use the universal PVA adhesive

. If the elements are created directly on the wall, then the pattern must be applied to its surface and only then gradually collected. Step by step instructions

Make wallpaper-picture and everyone can, there is nothing complicated, important not to hurry up and be guided by the rules of the designers:

  1. fixed element to the wall better with glue PVA or the like adhesives. This glue will most securely fix the elements on the wall.
  2. If you plan to place several pictures of your own in the room, you should take care that they are combined with each other, either as a background or as a story.
  3. Place the picture better in front of the entrance to the room. The element should be in the most prominent place.

Taking into account the advice of the masters, you can make the room brighter and more interesting. Special skills for work are not required, but without imagination and imagination create an amazing, unique story will be difficult.

Modern modular paintings with your own hands from

wallpaper Modular paintings are not a novelty of our time. Popularity of this phenomenon was received in the 60's, when in fashion was the style direction of minimalism. This way of decorating has revived again today, at a time when a small amount of furniture is used in decorating a room, and accents are made on special bright elements. What are modular paintings?This is a canvas, divided into several segments, modules, but preserving one storyline.

Creating an original picture of the wallpaper, you need to consider the overall styling of the interior, lighting, room dimensions creating original picture of the wallpaper, you must take into account the overall style of the interior, lighting, room dimensions

One picture is divided into parts, where each element is placed at the same distance from each other, to put it simply.

Modules can have the same and different size. It is not so difficult to create a modular picture yourself. To do this, usually apply wallpaper or reproduction of the finished picture. You can take any photo that you like to print it out and apply it in your work.

Work stages

work is carried out in stages, according to the following instructions:

  1. Depending on the pattern, select the basis for paintings.
  2. With the help of a construction stapler you need to pull on the stretcher.
  3. You can paste photo prints on a flat base of foam.
  4. The parts should be light and have a thickness of not more than 1.5 cm.
  5. The picture should be divided into segments.
  6. Separate parts of the picture must be glued to the base.
  7. Arrange the elements on the wall at a short distance from each other, the main thing is to observe the uniformity of the image.

The layout of the modular paintings on the wall location scheme modular paintings on the wall

Modular paintings have one feature. Each segment must have a certain stock, which will block the drawing. Therefore, you must have not just one printed cloth, but a common cloth, divided into separate elements with a stock. It's easier to make modular paintings from individual pieces of fabric stretched over the frame. It looks stylish and interesting, designers recommend beginners to start with more simple options.

Modular wall paintings on the walls: variations

Modular wallpaper-paintings - this is a whole composition, divided into segments.

There are several variations on the design of this type of pictures, and they are as follows:

  1. may include several paintings to infinity.
  2. The size of the parts can be any.
  3. The elements can be arranged chaotically, or in one level.

Spectacular paintings of liquid wallpaper look very original and always attract the attention of household members and guests Spectacular picture of liquid wallpaper look very original and always attract the attention of the household and guests

This spectacular detail of the interior, which decorates the room, may be a major focus in the room.

Stylish paintings from liquid wallpaper by our own hands

Today a huge amount of finishing materials is used for repair and decoration of premises. Liquid wallpapers are gaining popularity.

Features of this type of material are as follows:

  • No joints are formed on the wall;
  • It is possible to level the walls;
  • The material is eco-friendly, it gives good sound insulation;
  • Wallpaper can be rescheduled and they do not lose their qualities.

Decorating the walls liquid wallpaper( video)

Due liquid wallpaper, you can create pictures, the whole work of art. This is a laborious process, but everyone can cope with it. When creating a masterpiece, you must prepare a wall, apply a pattern or picture on the surface, dissolve the wallpaper and start creating with a spatula of 2 mm. Each fragment must dry separately.

Pictures from the wallpaper( photo)