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Modern wallpaper - it Modern wallpaper is not just a decorative material, thanks to them the room takes on a pronounced style and originality When selecting the most suitable wallpaper for each room, you must always pay attention not only to their quality, but also to the design, becauseThis is the way to achieve an excellent effect. The most usual of all presented wallpaper options are traditional paper wallpaper, which can be single-layer and two-layered. The main advantages of such wallpapers is the ease of finishing, affordable cost, environmental friendliness.

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.The decoration of such wallpaper does not take too long, provided that the walls are prepared beforehand, so they can be changed quite often, and each time you create a unique design.

Modern beautiful wallpaper on the wall in the apartment

Everyone, doing repairs in the apartment, tries to choose beautiful and unusual wallpaper that will be ideally suited for stylistic decision and will help to realize all the creative ideas.

High-quality vinyl wallpaper allows you to create on the walls imitation of wood, tiles or natural stone High-quality vinyl wallpaper allows you to create imitations of wood, tiles or natural stone on walls

Very interesting are non-woven and vinyl wallpapers that differ:

  • Strength;
  • Variety of textures and shades;
  • Longevity.

It's worth noting that compact vinyl wallpapers can mimic decorative stone, plaster and much more. They just look great in the interior and bring in it a special style and really unique elegance. To achieve maximum effect and give the apartment a special style, you can combine the wallpaper, choosing the combined shades. It is very interesting and unusual to blend the wall panel in combination with wallpaper of various colors.

Stylish wallpaper wall decor

Wallpaper wallpaper suggests the possibility of creating a rather unusual visual effect, and also helps to bring harmony to the interior. The originality of the design can be achieved by combining different colors and textures. Combining the wallpaper helps to completely transform the room and properly mask the existing layout problems.

Combining wallpaper in wall decoration helps to zoning, highlight accents, visually expand the room Combining wallpaper for wall decoration helps to zoning, emphasize accents, visually expand the room.

In addition, in this way, you can make the room more spacious and delineate it into separate zones, choosing lighter tones or using a horizontal finish.

Before you start choosing wallpaper, you need to remember that one of the chosen shades must be present in the interior. This can be a sofa upholstery, curtains or textiles.

Very beautiful looks in the interior of the decoration of the wallpaper with inserts, which stand out by the borders. However, these inserts can be done only on monophonic wallpaper.

The most unusual wallpaper for walls

There are simple, familiar for every wallpaper, and very unusual, which are simply amazing and impressive with its design and texture. Quite interesting are the wallpaper puzzles that help not only decorate the room, but also spend time with the benefit of the mind.

Wallpapers with optical illusion and the image of animals will perfectly fit in the interior of the children Wallpapers with optical illusions and images of animals will perfectly fit in the interior of the children's room

In addition, a fairly creative and modern wallpaper with the effect of optical illusion. They help to plunge into a completely different space. However, to create an optical effect, such wallpaper should be properly cut and pasted, which can take a lot of time.

For the children's room is perfect wallpaper coloring, which can for a long time captivate the child and allow him to show creativity.

Exquisite panoramic wallpaper for the walls

Quite an interesting option is a wall-mounted panoramic wallpaper that helps to give the room a completely unusual look and make the wall accented and attracting attention. With such a decor, a superb view will open daily, which truly fascinates and impresses with its originality.

Using panoramic photo wallpapers will transform the room, make it more refined and elegant Using panoramic photo wallpapers will transform the room, make it more refined and elegant.

The subject of panoramic wallpaper is quite diverse. For those who prefer a busy life in a modern city, an image with skyscrapers of New York or Shanghai is perfect.

To create a favorable and soothing atmosphere, you can choose wallpaper with nature, which will favorably affect the mental state. For example, very beautiful in the interior looks like cherry blossoms or the impenetrable jungles of the Amazon.

The high quality of printing on panoramic wallpaper gives a realistic image, so with their help you can quickly and easily transform any room completely, adding to it a special refinement and uniqueness. If you place panoramic wallpaper on the junction of the walls, then the room will get a smooth outline.

High-quality wide wallpaper for walls

The wallpaper is quite popular because they can be pasted much faster and thus the number of seams is reduced significantly. The big advantage of such wallpapers is that it's very easy to glue even an unprepared person, because you do not need to spend a lot of time on aligning a lot of seams.

Pasting wide wallpaper does not take much time and does not require special skills The gluing of wide wallpaper does not take much time and does not require special skills

In addition, thanks to the variety of these finishing materials, it is possible to truly translate all your dreams and creative ideas into reality, creating a unique and unique interiorat home.

To quickly and without special problems to cover the room with wide wallpaper, you must clearly follow the instructions and pre-carefully prepare the wall so that it does not have any irregularities. In addition, you need to remember that the wallpaper must only be pasted on dry walls.

Eco-friendly wallpaper for walls: quality and reliability

When designing an apartment or a house, many people think about the safety of their homes, so eco-friendly wallpapers that are completely free of harmful components and are ideal for any room, From its type.

Simple paper wallpapers are recognized not only the cheapest, but also the most eco-friendly of all available species Simple paper wallpapers are recognized not only the cheapest, but also the most environmentally friendly of all available types.

Especially demanding eco-friendly wallpapers for finishing in the bedroom and nursery.

Paper wallpapers are considered to be the most environmentally friendly and extremely popular because they are made of natural materials, they perfectly pass air and have an acceptable cost.

And thanks to the variety of colors and textures, it is possible to create a unique interior design.

In addition, quite good in terms of environmental friendly textile wallpaper. Such stretch fabrics help to create a unique and unique design, however, one should remember that natural fabrics are subject to burn-out, so in time they may lose their former attractiveness. The most interesting are the velvet canvases, which, among other things, are also very pleasant to the touch.

Bright wallpaper for the walls: decoration of the house

Bright, funny, original interiors decorated with the help of unique wallpaper of saturated colors and shades are a dream of many. To bright wallpaper had a positive effect on the human psyche, you must learn to competently select colors, and combine shades.

When decorating walls in most cases, bright wallpaper is used only to create accents When decorating walls, in most cases, bright wallpaper is used only to create accents.

Wall-papers of bright colors for walls should be used only to highlight special accents and you need to monitor the combination of shades located on one wall. Such a design will help to revitalize the situation, make it more favorable and visually remove the walls. Bright wallpaper copes well with the problem of zoning space. It helps to divide the room into several separate zones and does not require the use of massive partitions.

With the help of bright wallpaper you can create the most unusual combinations on the walls and significantly diversify the space of the house, making it more interesting and unusual. Using bright colors will help make the room warmer and more comfortable.

Functional mirror wallpapers

Mirror wallpaper for the walls appeared relatively recently and have already won a lot of popularity and relevance. They are unique, because they can provide an excellent design of the room and at the same time guarantee additional sound insulation, which is especially important for urban apartments in high-rise buildings.

The design of such mirror wallpapers can be quite diverse, it all depends on your own preferences.

To create a home atmosphere of refinement and special nobility, you need to select a matte wallpaper with a patterned mirror pattern.

Mirror 3D wallpaper is a fashionable trend, rapidly gaining popularity Mirror 3D wallpaper is a fashionable trend that is rapidly gaining popularity

A variety of stylistic and color solutions will allow you to choose the shade most suitable for the design of a room in any style.

No less interesting and attractive look in the interior and glass wallpaper, characterized by a special durability and unique style. A big advantage of such wallpapers is that they go under painting, which allows you to quickly and easily change the interior design without extra time and money.

How to decipher the designation on the wallpaper

Every person who dealt with wallpaper, faced with the fact that the rolls have certain symbols in the form of characters that are completely incomprehensible at first glance. Each such designation serves as a kind of hint, when choosing the right wall material for finishing.

Each roll of wallpaper has a number of symbols indicating the characteristics of the material Each roll of wallpaper has a number of symbols indicating the material characteristics of the

Symbols applied to the wallpaper rolls can be divided into several groups:

  • Feature of sticking;
  • Resistance to burnup;
  • Resistance to external factors;
  • Special feature for removal;
  • Security.

Some wallpapers require a certain adhesive or impregnation. Many options require the selection of a drawing and its proper joining. In addition, when choosing washable wallpaper, you need to pay attention to the level of moisture resistance and the degree of impact of detergents.

The combination of wallpaper in the interior( video)

Regardless of the chosen wallpaper with a well-thought-out stylistic solution, you can significantly transform and diversify the interior of your house, giving it a special refinement and unique style.

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