Wallpaper in the interior: a photo for the walls of the apartment, with circles in the room, with monograms, photoprinting leopard, light green

The wallpaper has firmly entered our life, but a few decades ago they were not so popular Wallpapers have become part of our lives, but a few decades ago, they were not as popular Most likely, not all know that was a time when the wallpaper in the interior is considered bad form. Preference was given to whitewash, while put forward the following reasons: whitewash easily renewed, so to maintain the freshness of the walls of the cellar, and to revive the appearance of the walls, if desired, can be a whitewash to add some color, but the wallpaper - this salvation loafers, not wanting to oftenTo do cosmetic repair of the apartment.

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it should be noted that the wallpaper in those days( and it is - the fifties - sixties of the last century) were very primitive, like a drawing, and the texture bases, they quickly saturatedDyazyu from air, yellowing due to light, moved away from the bladder wall and cracked under the impact of a dried adhesive. So, often, the fresh whitewashing of the walls exceeded the appeal of any wallpaper of that time.

In the middle of the twentieth century, the choice of wallpaper was not very diverse In the mid-twentieth century, the choice of wallpaper is not a great variety

But times change, and with them changes our tastes and preferences, and changing the wallpaper, and it should be noted, for the better. Now the imagination of designers is so sophisticated, and the wide assortment is on offer, so making the choice has become very difficult, it takes a lot of effort and time.

What role do the wallpaper in the interior of the living room

Well, you and decided to repair the apartment. An important task at the moment is the selection of wallpaper. In the interior of the living room, as in other and other rooms, they play a major role. It is necessary to take into account how the room is located relative to the sides of the world.

If the window goes to the south, unnecessarily "funny" wallpaper will bore the eyesight, if to the north, then a calm color scheme will make the living room gloomy, that is, take into account this moment.

Giving preference to a particular material, wallpaper, we must first start with your financial possibilities. For budget versions of wallpaper wallpaper on paper basis.

With the help of wallpaper you can realize any ideas for decorating the living room With wallpaper you can implement any design ideas for living

Advantages of

  1. In appearance they are very attractive;
  2. Relatively inexpensive;
  3. Work on the gluing is not very difficult, if you do not want to dock the catchy pattern.

Their main disadvantage is considered relatively short life, but it can be an advantage over the more expensive, as the same, sooner or later get bored, and you will agree, change the faded wallpaper from a psychological point of view is much more convenient than the boring, but sturdy.

more expensive, but at the same time, more durable and comfortable when glueing, are non-woven wallpaper, among which occupy a worthy place wallpaper Russian manufacturer Loymina.

It is worth mentioning also such manufacturers as AS Creation( Germany, average prices), Blumarin( Italy, wallpapers are quite expensive) and Demoksi( Italy, wallpapers are extremely expensive).

there a way to update the interior room without gluing wallpaper, this feature offer special wallpaper "under painting".The most environmentally friendly include textile, liquid and glass pavement. These wallpapers are very beautiful, they are able to make the living room irresistible. To give the interior of the living room a special solidity will help the lincrusta wallpaper, surpassing in beauty and sophistication, almost all, if not all, of the wallpaper. They are indispensable for the reproduction of luxurious classical interiors.

Currently, you can choose wallpaper for every taste and prosperity Currently, you can choose wallpaper for every taste and wealth

Choose color

Small seating is best for using light colors, bright, they visually increase the volume of the room.

The following colors are best suited:

  • Light green;
  • Pistachio;
  • Terracotta;
  • Coffee with milk;
  • Light olive;
  • Silvery.

Drawings on these wallpapers do not have to be "hard", it is best to monograms or polka dots, it is important that the figure was small, a major figure emphasize small size of the room. To enhance the effect of space and make the room liveliness, use wallpaper with a panoramic view on one wall.

When choosing the color of wallpaper, it is important to consider the compatibility of shades When choosing the color of the wallpaper, it is important to consider the compatibility of the shades

Combination ideas

It is also proposed to use combinations of wallpapers - this is a fairly fashionable and widespread trend. The arrangement of interesting combinations from different wallpapers requires the artist to have a famous taste and skill, but you can use ready-made combinations, so-called wallpaper-partners, which are offered on the market.

as colorful furnish use:

  1. Tiger and Leopard wallpaper, reproducing pattern corresponding animal skin and, to some extent, characterizing landlord addiction;
  2. Tapestry or tapestry wallpaper - elegant wallpaper, simulating tapestries.
  3. Newspaper - wallpaper, imitating fragments of newspapers, pasted on the wall, etc.

Also a rather fashionable variant of gluing is the fragmentary use of a material with a colorful print on a monotone background of the main wallpaper.

Using the method of combining wallpapers, you can select certain areas in a large room or studio apartment, zoning space Using the method of combining the wallpaper, you can select specific sites in a large room or studio apartment zoning space

Wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom

place, where it is convenient and quiet sleep, should contribute to that its not irritating color, Muted lighting and good sound insulation. Here it is convenient to think about the upcoming actions, to seek the solutions of many worldly, and not only everyday, problems. When decorating an interior bedroom almost always use wallpaper.

The use of decorative objects should be minimized, if not completely eliminated.

Wallpapers can solve all the design tasks in the interior of the bedroom. They should be organically combined with the situation in the room( furniture, curtains, lighting devices, etc.).When using wallpaper with ornament, curtains should be monophonic and vice versa. The preference for calm tones, creating an atmosphere of appeasement, is given by most people. If you still want to make to the design of the bedroom some "flavor" - a beautiful stand, or something like that on the wallpaper, then position it is desirable on the wall behind the headboard. But how many people, so many opinions, in this case - tastes. There are fans of the exact opposite of the bedroom interior design proposed above.

To make the bedroom cozy, it is important to choose the right motifs, colors and dimensions of the wallpaper to become a cozy bedroom, it is important to choose the right motives, colors and dimensions of the wallpaper

wallpaper with circles in the interior premises

for a design business geometric shapes, especially circles, took place at the height of fashion. This includes not only drawings on wallpaper, but also on curtains and decorative ornaments. Only it is necessary to make distinctions at registration of premises of different functional orientation.

If this is living, it is not necessary to save on materials, following the adage of "cheap fish", choose the best.

It's good to use dark wallpaper with light circles, the location of which corresponds to a certain rhythm, and they are glued to one of the walls.

There are many options for using interior wallpapers with circles, any of them with skillful design will be a win-win There are many possible uses in interior wallpaper with circles, any of them with skilful design will win-win

fashionable and win-win situation is a combination of dark brown to maroon. Polka dots on the wallpaper - classics of the genre, but it is necessary to adhere to certain rules in the selection of colors in large rooms to be bright polka dots on a dark background, and vice versa small. You can use and photos of cities, looks good and Amsterdam and Paris.

Interior of the room with photo wallpapers

The saying that everything new is a well-forgotten old one, can not be better suited to this case. In its time was, if not a general, then quite an active passion among the fashionable part of the population, photo wallpapers. The possibilities that photo printing provides in the production of photo wallpapers are superior to their needs today, so you can order any photo wallpaper with an exclusive picture or plot, everything is determined by the material capabilities of the customer. The merits of this type of wallpaper include the universality of their application, they are good both at home and for the office, they are relevant in entertainment establishments, and as wall decorations.

Photo walls that increase the room's space( video)

As you can see, the options to give comfort and individuality to your accommodation are a great many, it is important only to find parity between the wild fantasy and desires on the one hand and the sense of style and financial possibilities on the other.

wallpaper in the interior( photo)